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Furious Rhymes

Updated on September 20, 2017

Fast and Furious 1-2

Best Friends

In the docks outside of L.A
A semi-truck was on its way
To deliver some electronics
But was met by a gang and they took it.
The next day Brian O'Conner.
Was in pursuit to find them but went undercover.
Walked into an auto body shop.
They did not even know that he was a cop.
They hired him. But he wanted the racing scene.
Pursuing the coordinator of the robbery.
Brian attended one and started racing.
But calling out one that was known as the king.
Dominic Toretto. Well-known for his racing.
Dominic won but the police started chasing.
They caught up with Toretto and harassed him.
Before Brian arrives and saves him.
Toretto than told him of his rival.
That was the start of Brians denial.
They went to the shop of Johnny Tran.
Brian saw electronics and thought he had his man.
He informed the LAPD.
They arrested the men but they later released.
Later released them because they bought it.
Brian was forced to believe Toretto stole it.
Brian blew his cover. He was no longer undercover.
Toretto figured out who he was really after.
But still, in the end, Toretto didn't show.
That's because Brian let him go.

Turned him in

Dominic Toretto is now in hiding.
Brian O'Connor has moved to Miami.
Where he participates in illegal street races.
He enters one but the police ended it.
He fleed but was captured by U.S agents.
The FBI came to him with a proposition.
To erase his criminal background.
In exchange for him to help take down.
A huge drug lord in Argentina.
They knew where he was but needed him.
On American Soil to apprehend him.
and they wanted Brian to go get him.
But brian only agreed because he chose his partner.
Roman Pearce would not blow his cover.
The duo was hired by Verone.
To help him launder his money to his home.
He was laundering his money from Miami.
The FBI was on to what he was doing.
On the day of the mission. U. S Customs surrounded.
Verones private Jet but Verone changed his location.
He was at a boatyard preparing to escape.
Brian and Roman caught him before it was too late

Fast and Furious 3-4

Drift King

No Brian, No Toretto but a kid named Sean.
No roman, No Tej but a guy named Han
Sean is introduced to drift racing in Japan
Before he does anything he meets the man.
Takeshi. He was known as the drift king.
Sean races him and ends up totaling.
Totaling his car because he could not drift.
He drives fast but does not know how to shift.
Han is a drift racer. Sean wants to become one.
Han shows him how it is really done.
Takeshi is aware of Sean's progress.

Arturo Braga

Dominic and his crew were wanted.
So Dominic made a suggestion.
For his crew to all separate.
He left behind Letty and moved out of state.
He moved to Panama City.
He got a phone call about Letty.
She was killed in an in a collision.
He went home on a mission.
To find Letty's killer. To bring him to justice.
He found a man that really knew nothing.
But he did not know. He pushed forward anyway.
Then an old friend comes to save the day.
Brian O'Conner of the LAPD.
He was also searching.
Searching for Arturo Braga.
A drug lord. He took part in Letty's murder.
After saving the man Toretto thought did it.
He made that man an FBI Informant.
Dominic then figured out why.
Brian saved the guy.
Then figured out later.
That the man he looked for was Arturo Braga.

Fast 5-6

The empire

The authorities catch up with Torretto.
They sentenced him to serve time but he escapes.
He escapes with the help of his crew.
And immediately goes to pursue.
To pursue another mission.
To hijack a train transporting.
Three cars to Rio, Brazil.
They do the job but are captured still.
They were to reveal the location.
Interrogated Hernan Reyes.
In Rio, Reyes was a star.
But he wanted one special car.
Dominic and Brian escape.
They then investigate.
The car that Reyes wanted.
They found a chip that included.
Included details of a criminal empire.
Included locations to $100 million dollars

The Crew

With their successful heist in Brazil.
They had enough money to live.
To live lavishly. They got nice cars.
They had enough money to live like stars.
But a mission arose that they could not refuse.
If they complete the mission they will have moved.
Their criminal past but it was also personal.
When Agent Hobbs showed them a photo.
The Photo was of Letty.
Letty was dead supposedly.
She had amnesia so joined Shaw's crew.
But by the end of the film, she was back with the crew.

Fast 7-8

Clean slate

They took down Shaw. Their records were cleared.
There was no need to live their lives in fear.
Brian was a father and had another on the way.
But a package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ruined the day.
It was a bomb that blew.
Toretto got a call that told the truth.
The truth about who it was behind it.
It was shaw's big brother that sent it.
He was hunting the team. He wanted them all.
He killed one, but the rest stood tall.
Dominic went after him. Shaw was like a ghost.
He then met Frank Petty who showed him hope.
Hope to find shaw with an all-seeing eye.
A simple but needed tool they called GOD's eye.
Petty Needed it, Dominic needed it.
They traveled the country and got it.
With a professional hacker.
They went back to L.A and Shaw was captured.

Happily Ever After

Brian leaves the crew to be with his family.
Shaw is in custody. Toretto gets married.
They go to Cuba for their honeymoon.
He gets an offer that he can't refuse.
It was a cyberterrorist that was called Cipher.
That knew he'd accept when she showed him the picture.
The picture was his ex in custody.
She was locked in a room with his unknown baby.
She told him that she will suffice.
If he was to retrieve a device.
A device from the military.
A device that his crew was pursuing already.
It seems that the terrorist knew.
That Toretto will forsake his crew.
Toretto helps them but drives Hobbs off the road.
Gets the EMP device before he goes Rogue.
Frank Petty steps and reveals that the terrorist.
Recruited a new member and his name was Dominic.
Frank Petty offered to help them capture.
Dominic Toretto and the Cipher.
They find Toretto in New York.
On a mission to retrieve a nuclear force.
He retrieves it and meets his old gang.
They fought but nothing much changed.
The battle moves to Russia.
Where Toretto turns on Cipher.
They save the world. They save his kid.
He rejoins his crew and they all live.

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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