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Further Hope For 'The Office' US Revival Series

Updated on January 9, 2018

Is The Office (US) Really Coming Back?

All around the globe, fans of the long-loved chaotic, and yet hilarious, work environment of ‘The Office’ (US) have been gripping at rumours of the series possibly making a return for a revival series. Along with members of the original cast making some subtle social media posts, there’s not much doubt that the members of the television show would happily jump on board if the rumours were to hold any truth.

This has further been consolidated as Jenna Fischer - who is known as the show’s character Pam Beasley Halpert - was recently questioned about whether she would return to her role as the once-was office receptionist. In reply, she stated: ‘I think that’s for the networks to figure out if I were to be asked. I haven’t been approached about it, but I love Pam!’

'I haven’t been approached about it, but I love Pam!'

Despite not confirming any rumours regarding the revival of the series or giving any further indication of the original cast members’ involvement, this does indeed give fans the incentive to hold onto hope that perhaps we will be seeing that hectic office bunch once again, and perhaps sooner than we think.

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