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Future Diary: Top 12 Future Diaries

Updated on July 5, 2017
Protagonists Yukiteru and Yuno
Protagonists Yukiteru and Yuno

Future Diary Basics

In this ominous amine, twelve future-predicting "Future Diaries" are used by participants of a deadly survival game, where the winner supposedly obtains the power of a god. Most diaries take the form of cell phones, but some adopt other aesthetics. Diary owners most protect their diary at all costs, as they cease to exist if their diary is destroyed.

Today, we'll take a quick look at each of the diaries, review their strengths and weaknesses, and rank their overall power. Don't worry about ruining the series for yourself, as no spoilers are ahead.

The Yukiteru Diary
The Yukiteru Diary

12. The Yukiteru Diary

Form: Cell phone

First up, a Future Diary that will only provide information about the future of Yukiteru Amano. So, if you're not him (and considering he's fictional, you probably aren't), this diary wouldn't be of much help to you. Surprisingly, it's not actually Yukiteru's diary!

The Criminal Investigation Diary
The Criminal Investigation Diary

11. The Criminal Investigation Diary

Form: Cell phone

Next, a Future Diary that gives information about criminals. Many of the participants in the survival game tend to break the law, which adds power to this device; however, it's almost useless against law-abiding participants. Interestingly, this diary can predict illegal activities within 90 days, so it does at least have an added benefit of scoping out the past/future.

The Hyper Vision Diary (and some puppets)
The Hyper Vision Diary (and some puppets)

10. The Hyper Vision Diary

Form: Coloring book

At first glance, our next entry may seem like the worst diary. It's less compact than the cell phones, and it can only give three entries a day - one for morning, afternoon, and evening. However, it provides very accurate entries, and allows additional time to plan your attacks. The entries also come with pictures, offering extra information. If used well, this diary is much more dangerous than it seems.

The Breeder Diary
The Breeder Diary

9. The Breeder Diary

Form: Cell phone

Ninth place goes to the formidable Breeder Diary. It allows you to control multiple sets of dogs, and read the futures of them and anyone you send them to attack. This unit has amazing offensive potential, but it doesn't talk about its owner's future, giving them a weakness. Additionally, the more dogs being controlled, the longer it takes to keep track of each of their movements and futures. Finally, anyone - diary owner or not - who sees the groups of dogs acting oddly may become suspicious and investigate.

The Escape DIary
The Escape DIary

8. The Escape Diary

Form: Cell phone

Perhaps the most defensive Future Diary, this yellow-orange cell phone provides detailed entries for how to avoid danger. It can display whether any escape routes are available, and if so, how to reach them, how long you need to stay in them, etc. If given this diary in a survival game, it would be wise to let the others eliminate each other while using this unit's powers to stay out of trouble.

The Murder Diary
The Murder Diary

7. The Murder Diary

Form: Cellphone

In contrast to our last entry, the Murder Diary focuses on offense. It gives many details for how to best kill your next victim. The phone will tell where to find them, how to corner them, etc. It can also keep track of multiple targets at once. Body armor or a bulletproof vest would help ensure that this diary's owner lives long enough to make use of its fearsome powers.

The Clairvoyance Diary (rolled)
The Clairvoyance Diary (rolled)

6. The Clairvoyance Diary

Form: Scroll

Next, the largest Future Diary - the Clairvoyance Diary. This scroll allows you to predict the future and read the surroundings of multiple allies at once. Employ bodyguards when using it, and you'll have multiple readings to help you plan the optimal strategies. A powerful effect; to compensate, the diary is large and unwieldy, prone to destruction. Also, it'll take time to read through the multiple entries.

The Random Diary
The Random Diary

5. The Random Diary

Form: Cellphone

Also known as the Radar Diary. A useful device that provides a plethora of information about its owner's surroundings, making it more versatile than most diaries. Its weaknesses are that it doesn't give information about its owner themself, and it won't display much information in enclosed spaces.

One of the Exchange Diaries
One of the Exchange Diaries

4. The Exchange Diaries

Form: Two cellphones

Next, the unique Exchange Diaries. These twin cell phones, each of which belongs to a different individual, constantly provide information about the other's owner. As long as the two owners stay together and cooperate, they can help each other plan for the future. These diaries require trust to effectively function, but having a partner in the survival game makes things far easier. Plus, the risk of betrayal is low; your partner needs you as much as you need them. Also, it's stated if you two made it to the end, you would both become a god; there'd be no need to kill one another.

The Justice Diary
The Justice Diary

3. The Justice Diary

Form: Recording device

Our next entry is unique in that you have to listen to the information it provides, which might take a little more time than simply reading the information. However, it's got some definite advantages. It's been shown to trump the Escape Diary, foiling seemingly foolproof escape routes. Even more amazing, this device allows a small degree of hypnotic powers, enabling control over the weak-minded and allowing its user to cause hallucinations in others.

The Blog Diary
The Blog Diary

2. The Blog Diary

Form: Laptop

Also called the Server Diary. A bit larger and harder to conceal than the other devices, this portable computer doesn't predict one's future; rather, it enables the creation of any number of "apprentice diary" owners. These owners aren't part of the survival game, but they receive their own unique diaries with unique abilities (in the form of cell phones). Thus, as long as the Blog Diary's owner knows some trustworthy allies, they could potentially create an army of apprentice diary owners to help them win the contest.

The Watcher
The Watcher

1. The Watcher

Form: You guessed it, a cell phone

The ultimate Diary, hands-down. What can The Watcher do? It allows its user to read and record the entries of all other diaries; any information the other owners possess, you have. Truly a fearsome device in the survival game.

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Hopefully you've enjoyed exploring these mystical creations. If you're looking for a dark anime with blends action, romance, and horror, I'd highly recommend Future Diary.

Feel free to share which diary you'd prefer, and I'll see you in our next countdown!


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