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G. I. Joe - Retaliation - The Movie Sneak Peek Review

Updated on July 6, 2012

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G.I. Joe Retaliation (The Sequel movie)

Let me start off by saying I have love G. I. Joe from as far back as I can remeber at a little kid. I loved the Saturday morning cartoons´╗┐, the animated movie from 1989, But then the stories changed and started to spiral downward with G.I. Joe sigma 6. Then I thought "awesome" They are finally making a live action movie in 2009. I was all excited to see them bring back my heros from the past, and "the Rise of Corba" was just horrible... I may be harsh by saying that, but its true. Where did they come up with th idea of the "super-suits"? The original point of G.I. Joe was they were all just the best of the best, the elite fighting force. The never needed special suits to save the world. However on June 29th 2012, G. I. Joe Retalition is being released for th big screen. This movie has so much potentional as being what I remeber what G. I. Joe was all about as a kid. There are no super humans, special suits, just a few elite military members trying to save the world. Dwayne johnson "the rock" and Bruce willis has starring roles. The movies promises to have an action packed back to 1986 reminicant of the cartoon. This should have been the first true live action G.I. Joe movie.

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    • wynnestudios profile image

      wynnestudios 5 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      Looking forward to seeing this movie!