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G-force - Movie review

Updated on March 23, 2010

If you liked other animated Disney movies, you will love this one. It is about a specially trained force of three guinea pigs, a mole, and a fly, who undertake secret missions. They call themselves G-Force. To prove themselves they go on a mission to discover what evil plans an appliance maker named Saber has. They find out he wants to destroy the world, but the government secret services do not believe them. They shut the operation down and place the guinea pigs and the mole in a pet store. But with the help of pet store guinea pig Hurley they escape. Now they have to work fast to stop Saber from destroying the world. But the FBI is on their tail as well, and not everything about Sabers plans is what it seems to be.

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The characters are great and funny. There is Darwin, the serious guinea pig. He is always focused on his mission and thinks Hurley just distracts them. There is Blaster, the macho guinea pig, who is great at racing cars. There is Juarez, the only girl in the team. She has both the boys pining after her and that’s the way she likes it. The mole, Speckles, is the computer guy. He knows everything about programs and viruses and coordinates the operations from his hideout. And last but not least, Mooch, the fly who keeps an eye on things from the air.

The bad guy Saber, is played by Bill Nighy the way only he can. The animal voices are done by Sam Rockwell (Darwin), Nicholas Cage (Speckles), Penelope Cruz (Juarez), and Tracy Morgan (who does Blaster). The film is quite unique in the way it combines the animated animals with the real life humans.

The way the G-Force team interacts with each other and the humans is very funny. For little kids it can be a very exciting movie, for adults it is just very funny. But it is definitely a family movie (also great for a date though). So get the dvd G-Force, get the family together, and pop that popcorn!


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