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GCB -- Dress As Your Favorite Texan

Updated on March 26, 2012

The funniest moment in this episode and perhaps the entire series was Carlene smuggling Amanda's computer out of Gigi's house pressed between her legs and then coming home and finding her son pleasuring himself in front of his lap top and losing her grip on Amanda's laptop and he falling out between her legs. I must say, walking the distance she walked with that laptop stuck between her legs, the woman must have super strong upper thigh muscles.

Carlene's Uncle Berle comes to visit with his wife, Bitsy. Bitsy is jealous of the relationship Berle and Gigi share. Berle tells Gigi he's got something badly wrong with his heart and doesn't have much time left. He asks her to bury the hatchet with Bitsy. Gigi gives it the old college try when she throws a Dress As Your Favorite Texan party and Bitsy wants Gigi to dress as drab as dishwater Laura Bush. When Bitsy sees Berle kissing Gigi on the cheek when she's crying over him, things hit a critical mass between Bitsy and Gigi. When Bitsy declares she's going to get Berle to go on a trip that could bring on an early death for him, Gigi ditches the Laura Bush garb and dresses as her favorite Texan, herself.

Heather is desperate to keep her potential new boyfriend, Andrew, in town. He's looking for property and Heather hears Uncle Berle is about to leave a big track to Carlene, who wants to build a Christian-only housing complex. Heather convinces Berle that such a complex would be in trouble for discriminating against non-Christians, and gets him to let her find a buyer for the land: Andrew.

Zach and Sharon are still having problems over last week's to-do over Zach feeling like his glory days are over. Their pastor suggests they trade roles to get a better understanding of each other's problems. So Zach becomes a house-husband and Sharon [who doesn't think she can do anything but be a wife] goes to work for the pastor. She feels really great about herself when she can actually assemble a bookshelf, which shows her if she really tries, she can be a lot more than a housewife. Unfortunately, when Zach tells her he can't wait for her to get back and start cooking, she sees that's all he sees her as and she's not happy about it.

Blake wants to relaunch his Westward Ho jeans line and asks Amanda to work with him. He's a little taken aback when he realizes Amanda knows he's gay. Amanda's surprised when Cricket claims to not have a problem with it. Amanda helps Blake to redesign the jeans and even gets the Booby-Licious Girls to pose in them. Trouble arises when some Christian blogger complains about the brand. Amanda is shocked when Cricket supports her. And Amanda comes up with a plan to turns things around. Cricket, however is not amused, when she sees Blake hugging on Amanda. Eventually, Amanda discovers it was Cricket who was the Christian causing problems with the brand.

Amanda talks to Gigi, who explains that while Cricket and Blake don't have a normal marriage, Blake is Cricket's best friend, and she's afraid Amanda might replace her as Blake's BFF by the closeness she sees between them. Amanda decides to keep the peace by quitting the company. Cricket is relieved when she does.

I really thought Carlene was the Christian behind the jeans boycott. It's right up her alley to use the Lord to do her dirty work. I should have known it was Cricket after the stunt she pulled on her personal trainer when he quit her, last week.

Rip stills wants to know what Amanda knows about her not-so-dearly departed husband Bill. He wants Carlene to steal Amanda's laptop. Carlene is against that, because the Lord says it's wrong to steal. Rip pulls the old the husband is her master and she has to obey him. This works and Carlene steals the laptop, but when she comes home to catch her son pleasuring himself, she feels the Lord is sending her a message not to do it and returns the laptop. When Rip tries to pull the whole husband is the master of the wife, Carlene tells him she has a master who takes precedence over him: the Lord and sets to praying.

Carlene actually learns that Bill is not only really dead but most sincerely dead when Amanda talks about having to identify his body and that he had an open-casket funeral.

As for Bitsy she ends up biting off more than she can chew when she chokes on a spare rib and no one notices her choking. Blake and Cricket find her body.

You know, seeing the outfit Amanda wore to Gigi's party, I can understand why the girls feel she's some man-trap after their men. She came to the party as Farrah and was the only one strutting around in a swimsuit. Are you telling me she couldn't come as Farrah in a dress?

I think of all the women, Sharon has the most realistic story. She doesn't know how to do anything but being a housewife and she's begun to let herself go and has put on weight. It's almost like in her marriage she lost all identity of who she used to be. She seems to be on a road to finding out who she is. You could really feel how proud she was of herself when she managed to put that bookshelf together and how bad she felt when Zach started talking about her cooking, as if that's the only thing she was really good for.


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