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GCB -- ??? Is Divine

Updated on April 12, 2012

Pastor Tudor has a challenge for his parishioners this week. Until next Sunday he wants them all to have sex at least once a day. Carlene, however, has abstinence of her mind when she sees her son getting a little too friendly with Amanda's daughter.

The Plastics aren't too happy when they learn the Pastor also hired Amanda as his new secretary. They're used to having free access to the pastor and are not amused. Amanda isn't amused over Carlene trying to get all the teens to agree to a purity pledge.

Meanwhile Blake and Cricket are working on Operation: Baby. They interview a potential womb-for-hire, but when she mentions she worked for the Obama election campaign, that doesn't fly with them. They live in Bush country and no Democrat is going to carry their progeny. That's when Blake suggests they do it the old-fashioned way. It's been a long time since Cricket made love with Blake and she's game.

Their first attempt doesn't go so well when every time Blake tries to put the moves on Cricket she starts laughing. Not to mention Blake isn't exactly rising to the occasion. The next attempt happens when Blake comes home with some pills that should get them in the mood. It's gets them hot, all right. It makes them sweat like pigs and Cricket doesn't want Blake to touch her. The only thing she desires is mass quantities of water.

This story is kind of a fresh spin on the TV couples having trouble getting pregnant. It's a whole other kettle of fish when one member of the couple is gay. Laughter and pills that make you feel like you're burning alive. Well, on the bright side, Blake will now know what he feels to have a hot flash.

As Cricket and Blake are later laying in bed together watching Spartacus and reciting the lines to the movie as two men are taking a bath together, Blake finally makes wood and he and Cricket get to this baby making business. For both their sakes, let's hope it worked the first time.

Sharon and Zach have taken Pastor Tudor's task to heart as they get right to it having sex. It's having a weird affect on Zach. He wants to talk after sex. Sharon doesn't mind hearing Zach likes to watch dirty movies at works and has fun having him playing some dirty movie moves on her, but when he admits the business is going under, she kind of wishes he'd shut his mouth. However, Zach thinks they can market Sharon's Jesus Meals as a good way to eat healthy and lose weight, as Zach's taken off a few pounds eating them, and so has Sharon who has been able to wear an old pair of jeans she hasn't been able to fit into forever.

The actress who plays Sharon looks like she's taken off some weight. I wonder if she just gained weight for the part of Sharon and Sharon's storyline is about her slowly taking off the weight and regaining her old beauty queen figure.

Pastor Tudor is appalled when he sees the type of Purity Day Carlene has put together at the church. He says it looks like something out of Sodom and Gomorrah. Amanda comes in to break-up all of Carlene's little tableaus of the consequence of having sex. However, when she and Carlene catch Landry and Laura going at it while she's dressed up like a pregnant teen, the rivals decide to team up to scare their kids straight.

Carlene tells Laura she was a loosey-goosey in high school because she was looking for love in all the wrong places. She also got a bad rep and bad girl name at school. Meanwhile Amanda, with shot gun in her hand, tells about how she got knocked up by her husband Bill as a teen and who they had to get married. Then Bill cheated on her and got his junk cut off as her BFF was servicing him and they got in a car accident and Bill died. When the mothers are through with their tales of terror, Laura and Landry don't even want to shake each other's hands.

Amanda meets Luke at an out-of-town motel, so Carlene can't spy on them, and tells him she's not sure if she's ready to have sex with him, yet. She explains Bill was the only man she's ever been with. But at the last minute she realizes she is ready and jumps his bones.

Meanwhile, Berle is back and wants to buy a house, he also asks Gigi to marry him, but she turns him down. She just wants to have fun. When she semi flashes Berle a look at her boobies he gives into his sinful desires for her, only just as he's about to pounce he grabs his chest and is rushed to the hospital. Luckily, he just needed his pacemaker fine tuned. It causes Gigi to rethink her earlier refusal of his marriage proposal and to tell him she accepts. However, Berle feels she's only doing it out of pity and says thanks but no thanks. Eventually, Gigi has a open and frank conversation with Berle about how she feels about him and they finally agree to get married.

Cricket and Blake really stole this episode with their bedroom antics. The two actors who play Cricket and Blake just play wonderfully off of each other.


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