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GCB -- It's A BBQ Baste-Off

Updated on May 1, 2012

The annual barbecue becomes a battle of the sexes

What would a show about Texas be without barbecue? There's an annual barbecue contest and Rip is in charge of the Braise The Lord team. When Amanda's daughter, Laura, asks to join, she's told she can't because she's a girl. It seems in Texas girls don't barbecue. This provokes Amanda to start her own all-girl barbecue team called Spicy Racks.

At first, the only one who is on her team is her daughter, Laura, but Gigi agrees to join the ranks, as well. Amanda tries to get Heather to join, but she turns her down. She eventually joins, not because of the cause like the other women who join do, but because some man will be there that she's interested in.

Of all the characters on GCB, Heather's the one who I'd probably label the worst. At first, she appeared to be breaking ranks with The Plastics, and then she went back and sucked up to them. You really can't get a beat on this character, because she's all over the place. She really has become my least favorite character on the show.

Being Rip's good little woman, Carlene does everything she can to sabotage Amanda's efforts. She holds an all-day spa day for the women the same time as the BBQ Face-off. She buys up all the meat. She even breaks into Gigi's house, via the doggie door, to destroy Amanda's brisket so she'll lose the contest.

However, Carlene has a change of heart when she hears Amanda talking to Gigi about why she's doing the BBQ contest with the men and it strikes a chord with Carlene. Carlene wants to build her Condos for Christian Living on Indian land in Oklahoma, but Rip puts his foot down, and demands it stay down in Juarez, Mexico. She feels like he's not supporting her, while she's doing everything she can to support him.

While Carlene is trying to sabotage Amanda's brisket, Gigi's dogs come after her and get in a tug-of-war over the meat. Carlene tells Amanda she'll get her a replacement brisket and even joins Team Spicy Rack.

Sharon also joins Amanda's team, but it's more for monetary reasons than supporting the cause. Zach donates one of his cars as a prize for the winner of the BBQ Baste-Off and they can ill afford it. So Sharon agrees to be on Team Spicy Rack if she can have the car if they win. She even comes up with a special basting sauce that's sure to give them an edge over the men.

Zach is feeling like his manhood is being threatened since he's being pushed in the background while Sharon is front-and-center because of her Jesus Meals. He even feels more so when he punches a guy harassing Sharon at the BBQ Baste-Off and Sharon ends up helping him beat the guy up. However, she makes him understand that they're a team and it seems to mollify him, especially when a man comes up to him and wants him to supply him with a whole fleet of cars, which may get Zach's car dealership out of the red and back in the black.

Cricket also lets Amanda use some wood from her daddy's pecan tree, since Amanda's father believed it was this wood that gave the meat it's winning flavor. Gigi doesn't tell Amanda the wood is on Cricket's property and they sneak on her property and get caught by Cricket who shoots a limb down for them. Cricket knows better than anyone what it's like to be kept down by men. Her father wanted a boy rather than a girl and she faces it with the men she does business with every day.

Blake's away at the ranch getting his Brokeback Mountain on, and is unaware a major threat to his and Cricket's marriage has appeared on the horizon. Cricket wants to breed her mare, Cleopatra with Mason Massey's stud, Caesar. Unfortunately, Mason would also like to breed, himself, with Cricket, and she almost gives into him. The two have some incredibly good chemistry together and the attraction is palatable, but Cricket ultimately resists it and stays true to Blake, but it isn't easy.

I loved Grant Bowler as Conner on Ugly Betty. And I loved him with Wilhemena. He was also great as Mason with Cricket. But what wasn't great was hearing that divine Australian accent trying to do a Texas twang. It just didn't sound good.

The women win the contest. Amanda calls Luke to apologize because she got a bit snippy with him when he was trying to tell her how to run the barbecue. What she isn't aware of that Luke is lying to her about what he's doing. He's keeping his eye on some woman down in Mexico. Meanwhile Rip tells Carlene The Lord spoke to him and told him that he didn't want Carlene's Condos For Christian Living built in Oklahoma, but down in Mexico. I'm like rolling my eyes that Carlene is buying this and asks him how The Lord sounded. That woman is so gullible, especially when it comes to The Lord.

So there seems to be some big mystery going down in Juarez. A big question is Luke really interested in Amanda or has he only been getting close to her because Rip asked him to? And is it possible Amanda's ex-BFF who was giving Amanda's husband, Bill, a blow-job at the time of the accident, could be the woman Luke is watching down in Juarez? That she didn't really die in the car accident?


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