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GCB -- My Brother's Keeper

Updated on April 3, 2012

Amanda can't seem to avoid being connected to Carlene in some way. She gets a job at the booby bar that Rip and Carlene own. Now she meets a hot guy that lights her fire and it turns out he's Carlene's little brother, Luke.

Amanda is rushing on her way to Bitsy's funeral when she has a rear-ender with Luke. When he gets out of his car he's not wearing pants or any underwear so I guess Amanda got a pretty good view of his family jewels. He claims he spilled coffee on his pants so he was letting them dry as he drove bottomless. Considering how Amanda's husband Bill died getting a blow-job from his girlfriend, you really have to wonder what he was really doing driving commando.

At the funeral, Carlene is not happy when Cricket comes out singing Amazing Grace. The actress who plays Cricket has a good voice, but could have done without her making the song her own. Cricket was Blakeless this week because he was out at the ranch with his new ranch hand. I don't think any of us need a drawing to know exactly what Blake is up to at the ranch with his new ranch hand.

Cricket is a bit put-out when Pastor Tudor calls Heather a financial whiz. She gets so put-out she challenges Heather to be in charge of the church fundraiser. Which ends up costing both Carlene and Cricket the opportunity to perform at the fundraiser when Heather uses new boyfriend Andrew's connections to book Sheryl Crow and raise the money she said she would. However, there's a high price to pay for her success. She got into a contest to show up Carlene and Cricket which totally turns Andrew off of her and feels she's only using him the way his ex did, so while Heather may have won the battle she lost the war.

Carlene has more to worry about than Amanda in regards to her menfolk. Seems Carlene's Uncle Berle is not exactly a grieving widower. In fact, he seems more like a bird let out of a cage, as he puts the moves on Gigi and tells her he always wanted her. The feelings are mutual on Gigi's side of the fence, but she worried what will happen if people find out. Bitsy isn't even cold in her grave, yet. Gigi nixes going off to Paris with Berle, so she invites him to dinner under the cover of darkness.

It's just Gigi's bad luck to plan the dinner the same night Amanda is going out to dinner with Luke and Carlene's on high alert. There should really be something in the bible about not spying on your neighbor, because Carlene's at it when she spots Berle and Gigi going at it in the bushes and thinks it's Amanda and Luke. So she calls the cops to turn them in and put a stop to it, only for Berle and Gigi to come climbing out of the bushes.

Carlene, never to let a good opportunity to blackmail someone slip by, uses the unfortunate incident with Berle and Gigi to blackmail Amanda into not seeing Luke anymore. Amanda dumps Luke wanting her mother to have this chance at happiness. When Gigi finds out, she takes Berle on stage at the church fundraiser and kissing him for all to see. It looks like a close thing, but Luke agrees to give Amanda another shot, insisting he wants someone who will stand up to his sister, not cave into her.

Meanwhile, Sharon is sticking to Pastor Tudor like flypaper and he can't shake her off of him. She wants to be with him every minute of the day doing for him, which isn't sitting well with Zach. So he brings their son, Bozman home, to lure Sharon back home where she belongs. It isn't long before Bozman is getting into trouble with Cricket's daughter, Alexandra. When Zach acts all manly and strong, however, it does the trick and Sharon happy to return home and to Zach's bed.


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