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GCB -- Of Havelinas and Foxes

Updated on March 12, 2012

I didn't really enjoy this episode as much as I did the previous week. One scene really grossed me out. It was when Sharon put some kind of fried food between her breasts. No wonder Zach ran for the door. I had to turn my head away. Eeew!

When Amanda was in high school, she created a system to label someone either a havelina or a fox. She labelled The Plastics havelinas. Now Amanda's daughter is in danger of being labelled a hog to pay for her mother's sins. Something Carlene encourages. What you sow so shall ye reap.

Speaking of the Big C, she's taken to her bed in shame over being outted for owning Booty-Licious. However, when she can't get any of her fellow Plastics to skip church and come to visit her and when Cricket says she'll be happy to sing Carlene's solo, "Praise, Jesus, it's a miracle," and Carlene jumps up like she just got shot in the butt by a divine lightning bolt from the holy father, himself. She comes to church and sings, "Jesus, take the wheel," which Amanda thinks is insensitive, considering her husband died in a car accident. But the Plastics get in some digs about how Amanda should take the wheel of her car and leave town.

Heather seems to be trying to play both sides of the fence. While she's trying to be friends with Amanda, she's also trying to keep her foot in the world of The Plastics. Seems while Amanda was gone Heather became a surrogate daughter for Gigi. Didn't think much of Heather not warning Gigi or telling her The Plastics were causing people to cancel the party Gigi was planning to throw for Amanda. As a result Gigi had to deal with person after person cancelling without knowing why.

I have to say Sharon is just plain gross. I mean, she licked her husband's tie to taste what kind of stain he had on it to figure out if he'd been at Booty-Delicious. Then I think she stuck, it may have been, a Buffalo wing between her ample bosom and wanted Zach to eat it out of her breasts. No wonder he ran for the hills saying he was giving up fried food. Who wouldn't after that. And no wonder he's looking to eat elsewhere. Hard to get turned on by someone who grosses you out.

Cricket is a pretty nasty heifer herself. She encourages her daughter, who from Carlene's comment as she was feeling up her boobs, has already had a boob job, to label Amanda's daughter a Havelina and treat her the way Amanda treated her. IE that means flings mud on her to welcome her to her new status. I was curious if Cricket knew she had a Brokeback Mountain marriage and she does. I guess Blake managed to cowboy up at least once to get Cricket knocked up or perhaps Alexandra isn't Blake's real daughter. Blake and Cricket have some problems when Cricket wants Blake to attend their daughter's school function and Booth wants Blake to celebrate their third anniversary. Blake decides to do both, thankfully missing when Alex pops her top in front of the whole school when she's wearing too small of a cheerleading outfit to accommodate her new boobies.. Because of that Booth decides he can quit Blake and now Blake needs a new lover.

Cricket and Blake's bed is this huge wide super deluxe king size bed and just as it looks as he might indulge in a little comfort sex with Cricket, he rolls over to his side of the bed, which is like sleeping in a different room. Seeing Blake hop into the sack and roll over to his side of the bed was one of the two best scenes of the night. The other was Gigi and her guns. She let Amanda borrow a purse and it had a gun in it and she had another gun in the drawer, and when Amanda asked what she was afraid of, Gigi went over the closet to get a rifle and cock it and reply, "Not a damn thing."

Carlene's way of rehabilitating her rep is to make the Booby-Licious girls dress in red outfits that looks like Mrs. Claus would wear. As a result, it's killing business. So Amanda goes to Rip to get him to change things back to the way they were. She also takes on Carlene when she learns her daughter has been labelled a Havelina. Carlene invites her to lunch out in the boonies and then strands her there. Amanda has to get back to town riding in the back of a pig truck hoping to stop her daughter from being pelted by mud, only to discover Laura is pelted in glitter and been labelled a fox.

Carlene's a bit disappointed by that since she was looking forward to Amanda having to watch her own daughter be treated the same way Amanda treated her and the other Plastics. Cricket explains she got Alex to make Laura a fox so they can use Alex to keep an eye on just what Amanda is up to.

Carlene is not thrilled when Rip has the Booty-Licious girls back in their scantily-clad outfits. He won't explain to her why he's siding with Amanda over his life. He just says he has his reasons.

I know I'm supposed to be rooting for Amanda, but it's hard, when she has no empathy for her own mother. She couldn't show any sympathy for her mother having everyone cancel on her party because of what she's doing for a living and because these of the horrible way she treated people as a teen they're still trying to get back at her and hurting her mother in the process. No, all Amanda could do was feel sorry for herself and throw in Gigi's face that when her mother learned she was pregnant, she wanted her to get an abortion. If Amanda expects everyone else to get over the vile ways she treated them, maybe she should start by forgiving her mother. Frankly, Amanda and her self-righteousness and this air of I'm better than everyone else attitude makes her just as unlikable as The Plastics.

Gigi is the bright spot in the show. I wish the entire show was built around Gigi and her antics. Gigi ultimately had her party; she brought the girls to Booty-Licious, showing she isn't ashamed what her daughter is doing for a living, and had the party there.

Gigi was the bright spot of the show, but as I said, didn't really like this episode as much as last week's. The writers really need to take the stick out of Amanda's butt, because if she's supposed to be the protagonist we're all supposed to feel sorry for, her attitude is fast losing her sympathy points.


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