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GCB -- Rising To The Occasion

Updated on March 20, 2012

Rip and Carlene face a crisis in their seemingly perfect marriage. Rip can't raise the flagpole to half-staff let alone full-staff. If Carlene knew it was all because of Amanda she would shit her britches. The reason Rip's been so willing to be helpful to Amanda is her dearly departed husband, Bill, stole Rip's money in a Ponzi scheme and Rip wants it back. And it's started to affect his performance in the boudoir.

Meanwhile, Gigi has decided it's time for Amanda to get back into the dating pool. She tries to set her up with two gentlemen to take her to the opera, and she turns him down. Then she gets a blast from the past when she receives a letter from Bill, written to her before he died.

Cricket's also having man problems. Her trainer tells her he can no longer service her needs because he's getting married. Being quite the vindictive little thing, she buys the exercise center he and his future wife are going to work it, planning to close it down and tear it down. So she goes back to her old Tae Kwon Do instructor to service his needs. The problem starts when Carlene goes to Henry and asks for the same treatment that Cricket gets. When he tries to service his need, Carlene gives him a kick in the home team and runs for the nearest exit.

Sharon is still having problems with Zach. She knows he kissed Amanda, but she's afraid to confront him about it. When she finally does, Zach explains it's not even about Amanda. He says he feels like all his glory days are gone. This gets through to Sharon, who stops stuffing her face and vows she's going to go out there and recapture her glory days.

Heather is still straddling Plasticville and Amanda Land. She's got a potential new boyfriend in her site and gets Amanda to go to the church's single night where he's attending. Let's just say it's a nightmare waiting to happen. Carlene and Rip and Cricket and Blake are serving as life coaches. Carlene and Rip gets the group that was previously married, which means Amanda. And Heather gets stuck in Cricket and Blake's group.

Cricket and Blake want to re-virginize the singles. Heather tries to sneak out of the group and into Amanda's where her wannabe boyfriend is. Unfortunately, she gets dragged back to Re-Virgin Land. While Rip uses the occasion to try to see if Amanda knows something about Bill. He gets the people in his group to fill a pinata with notes about their exes to set them free, which he later steals.

Carlene, while trying to be helpful, since she believes Blake isn't satisfying Cricket's needs, gives Blake a bunch of books to help him with his performance in the bedroom. She even tells Blake that Cricket has getting serviced by Victor. Blake confronts Cricket that if anyone starts realizing their marriage isn't all it should be it'll ruin him. Cricket, fed up, tells Blake to go ahead and divorce her on grounds of adultery. They later make-up and even though they don't have a normal sex life, it's obvious real love exists between them.

Amanda comes home from her wild night at the church and tells Gigi she thinks she's ready to start dating again, but become puzzled when she finds out Rip gave her the wrong pinata. Meanwhile, Rip and Carlene are going through all the stuff Amanda wrote about Bill and stuffed inside her pinata. He's finally told Carlene why he's been so interested in Amanda.and as a result his little problem has resolved itself. In short, there's a party in Rip's pant and Carlene's invited to it.

I enjoyed this episode more than last week's. Carlene and Rip are a hoot together and there was a real sweet moment between Cricket and Blake when she laid her head on his chest and they watched TV together. I really haven't warmed to Sharon and Zach much, and Heather needs to choose between which camp she wants to be in: Team Carlene and The Plastics or Team Amanda.

One last thing, there just wasn't enough Gigi in this episode. We need more Gigi.


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