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GCB -- Welcome Home, Amanda

Updated on March 5, 2012

When Amanda Vaughn was a teenager, she was the town mean girl. Then she married Bill and moved away. She had two children. Bill stole all their money and ran off with her best friend. While making their escape, Amanda's BFF started giving Bill a blow-job and Bill crashed the car killing them both. All of this caused Amanda to change. She's no longer a mean girl, but the girls whose life she made miserable don't believe that when Amanda is forced to come home.

Amanda's mother, Gigi is quite a character. Amanda makes it clear to Gigi they'll be living with her temporarily, but Gigi tells her housekeeper to throw all the boxes away, planning to make sure it becomes a permanent living situation. Gigi puts Amanda's son Will to work making her drinks and does an Extreme Makeover on Amanda's daughter.

When Amanda left town, Carlene [Amanda's former victim] filled her role as mean girl and she's still relishing that role. Spying on Amanda moving into Gigi's she calls up her own version of The Plastics.: Cricket, Heather and Sharon to tell them about whose come back. Needless to say none of them are thrilled, since they were all victimized by Amanda.

Amanda is reunited with all her old friends when Gigi insists she go to church with her. Carlene is head of the church choir and takes the opportunity to publicly humiliate Amanda while giving a prayer that digs Amanda about her husband cheating on her and getting killed while running away.

Amanda is shocked when the four girls she knew in high school are pretty catty to her and haven't changed from the girls they were in high school. She has a warmer welcome from the girls' husbands, much to the ladies' chagrin.

The next day Amanda finds a new car waiting in her mother's driveway from her secret admirer. Carlene is watching from behind the curtains across the street and alerts the girls. Later, she's at the local car dealership getting a bible verse put on the back of her car when she sees Amanda arriving to see Sharon's husband, Zach. When pressing her ear to the door gets her no intel, Carlene casually drives her car by Zach's window and see Zach and Amanda kissing.

Zach claimed he could tell Amanda who sent the car, but he just wanted an opportunity to make a pass at Amanda, who fights him off and leaves. When Amanda gets home she finds Gigi has dyed her daughter's hair blonde and gotten her in a wonder bra that displays mucho cleavage and in an outfit that has her all sexed-up, so she calls up real estate agent, Heather, to show her houses. She's getting out of mama's house, pronto. Only Heather shows her the very worst properties she knows of.

Next day Amanda's secret admirer sends her a new wardrobe from Neiman-Marcus that Amanda sends back. Carlene, is of course, watching from across the way and sets Sharon on to finding out who is sending Amanda all this stuff, after she visits Amanda and steals the Neiman-Marcus gift card Amanda was given.

Meanwhile, Amanda has no luck while job hunting thanks to Cricket whose puts the word out for no one to hire her. When Amanda takes refuge in a bar called Boob-A-Licious, Dallas' version of Hooters, she takes a job there learning the pay is good. She also does some research of her own on real estate and finds a lot of good places she could possibly afford. She confronts Heather about it and it seems like Heather is ready to give Amanda another chance when Carlene, Cricket and Sharon arrive for a surprise Hen Night that Amanda ends early when things start getting a little too catty for her. She tells Carlene she has nothing to worry about. She can keep her position as Queen Mean Girl. Amanda doesn't want it back.

Amanda, also has a run-in with Cricket's husband on her own. It's a lot less amorous as he offers to buy her a drink. While sitting together, his ranch hand, Booth shows up and Amanda sees Booth and Blake holding hands under the table, while Booth invites her to an annual dance. Realizing she's in the presence of her own Brokeback Mountain, Amanda makes her excuse to leave, but agrees to go to the dance with Booth.

Amanda is also surprised to learn that it's her mother who is her secret admirer and has been sending her all those gifts. I think the reason Carlene is so curious about all the gifts is she's worried who was sending them to Amanda. Maybe Carlene was even worried it could be coming from her own rich husband.

Later, as Amanda looks at the letterhead on her first paycheck she realizes the high-and-mighty Carlene owns the bar she works in. Wanting to give Carlene a little payback, Amanda goes to church, and while standing up and giving a prayer, outs Carlene to the entire congregation for owning Boob-A-Licious.

As she and Gigi are leaving the church service a new message being put on the church marquee seems to be a warning to Amanda that Carlene is about to throw down. It says, "Hell hath no fury..." as a woman scorned.

I really like this show. It's an hour of fresh fun to watch. It also answers the question of what happens to high school mean girls when they get older: they either grow-up and change their ways or just become older mean girls.


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