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GCSE Music Analysis - Rag Desh - Performed by Chiranji Lal Tanwar

Updated on May 9, 2012

General Points

- This version of Rag Desh is a Bhajan (a Hindu devotional song).
- It is performed by Indian Singer Chiranji Lal Tanwar.
- It was released in 2004.


Chiranji Lal Tanwar is accompanied by:
1) A Sarod - A plucked string instrument.
2) A Sarangi - A bowed string instrument.
3) A Pakhawaj - A long drum with a head at both ends.
4) A Tabla - A pair of drums, the right drum being smaller and made of wood, the left being larger and made of metal.
5) A pair of Cymbals.


The piece uses an 8 beat tal called the Keherwa Tal (2 + 2 + 2 + 2).

A Sarangi.
A Sarangi.


- The Sarangi and then the voice introduce the notes of the rag.
- The tempo is slow and there is no regular beat or pulse.

- The Tabla comes in and plays the Keherwa Tal (2 + 2 + 2 + 2).
- There is then a sung verse.
- Following the sung verse are short solos for the Sarangi and the Sarod.
- Chiranji Lal Tanwar decorates the important words of the piece with ornaments and mellisma.


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      Jacob 3 years ago

      Ta very much

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      Anthropophobia 4 years ago

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      Bob 4 years ago

      really helpful for GCSE coursework. Thanks!