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Updated on September 19, 2015


Wood Sisters sang in many big bands during their hay day.
Wood Sisters sang in many big bands during their hay day. | Source




Siegel sat for a photo and if you look to the right lower corner you see an image of what looks like a woman. It's her.
Siegel sat for a photo and if you look to the right lower corner you see an image of what looks like a woman. It's her. | Source


Donna Wood died April 8th, 1947. My husband's birthday is April 8th and we were marrie don April 8th. It all connects me with Donna Wood!
Donna Wood died April 8th, 1947. My husband's birthday is April 8th and we were marrie don April 8th. It all connects me with Donna Wood! | Source

Gloria Wood looks back in the Lense from The OTHER SIDE!

There is something ghostly in these photos. I know it's not really a GHOST, but more of a figment. It's amazing.
There is something ghostly in these photos. I know it's not really a GHOST, but more of a figment. It's amazing. | Source


Yes, yes I know what you are thinking. BELIEVE!
Yes, yes I know what you are thinking. BELIEVE! | Source
She died so young at the height of her career with the Horace Heidt band. Sad that she was only 29.
She died so young at the height of her career with the Horace Heidt band. Sad that she was only 29. | Source

Donna * Gloria Wood Could Sing Any Tune!

What a Bunch of Bands had in Donna & Gloria was Flair!


Ghost Photos of Dead Big Band Singers Stirs Up Some Controversy, are they real, especially when talking about them still floating around as figments. Can anyone say " in white suits and nets coming for author 10 times fast," But seriously folks, not to sound dated.

Treasure Hunter of Valley Village Leslie Siegel has first hand knowledge of ghost hunting and belongs to The Int'l Ghost Hunters Society. "I have been tracking two sisters from the 1940's, Donna & Gloria Wood for almost 10 years. I have photos of their spirits (figments) and many interesting facts about strange things that have happened to since I came in contact with these very little known sisters who sang in Horace Heidt’s band during the 1940’s," says the awestruck Siegel. "It seems like yesterday that I answered the phone at a newspaper I worked for and on the other end was a frail sounding voice of Lee McGeorge who married Gloria Wood long after her career ended, although Gloria is known for many of her voice over talents.

"The first time I ever encountered the ghosts of Donna and Gloria, I was awestruck and scared and excited all at the same time, and my boyfriend at the time was right there with me and he felt it too. The Wood Sister in Siegel's opinion seem like real real figments that never finished what they intended. "I wrote a novel about them called WHERE THE WOODS WERE. As the years passed they still stayed with me and I wondered if I was destined to spend my entire lifetime mooning over dead people, dead memories, dead folks I’d never met in life! I kept asking myself!" Siegel admits. But it did pay off in the end. People were buying the book, but most importantly they inspired me to create other mediums and actually made a small margin of profit for me in those early days.

But Leslie still wrestled with herself about the whole thing, as if they were dumped in her lap by the cosmic forces that bring things and people together. "Is this how it was going to be? Indulging my graveyard quick fix? Sometimes, especially lately, I began secretly resenting the new sensations and intuitions I was receiving from the Wood Sisters. It was no longer simple gestures and actions people did, says the Treasure Hunter of Valley Village CA, now retired.

She adds, "Now it encompassed the gestures and actions behind the gestures and actions people did -- What did it mean subconsciously? A simple phrase in a sentence said a certain way was revealing all sorts of things about the Woods in my mind of communication from Donna & Gloria Wood."

These girls were good, since they were children. Miss Siegel even wrote a novel based on the sisters called "Where The Woods Were where" about a writer (Siegel) who discovers the sisters and brings them into the spotlight while traveling back in time where she meets them and an old true lover named Brad St. John.

Through the kindness and trusting Lee McGeorge, Leslie was able to obtain legally the sisters things from their baby photos on up through their careers and wind down, even Donna Wood's funeral and photos are there. And Mr. McGeorge himself, at that time, 1995, was very ill; actually he was dying and by chance called a newspaper Siegel worked for back then and from there he became a good friend to her and her boyfriend at that time (1995) Philip Hinman, musician, whom Leslie was living with.

They drove over to this old man's house in Beverly Hills, CA, and the man gave them 5 boxes of things from Donna and Gloria Wood. The rest you could say is ONLINE HISTORY, first blogged, posted, pinned, paragraphed, novelized, researched, spreading out, viraled in video and audio, and finally Miss Siegel can say she immortalized them on the net, which was her intention.

If you Google Leslie Siegel you will get LESLIE SIEGEL, she has done everything from novel writing, web builder, blogger, artist, writer, musician, songwriter, storyteller, historical treasure hunter and more all on the net when everyone else was trying to figure out what "Syntax Error" meant. She was first on the net in 1984 when a friend who lived next door to her at that time was on for his job with the Los Angeles Air Quality Control Management, Jorge was a chemist and had turned Leslie on to the net back then, they did videos when MTV wasn't even that popular or as widespread as it was in the mid Nineties and now.

So Donna & Gloria Wood have become Internet legacies now that Leslie Siegel has made them known. She's dubbed Donna as " guardian angel!" There is little Leslie does not know about the Wood Sisters. She was in touch with Virginia Wood Atchison, a first cousin, and a singer with the sister's "GLO VIR DON" band. "VIR" is Virginia. Their mother (Virginia's aunt) managed the trio.

Leslie has calmed down quite a bit since her hay days with the Wood Sisters in so many forms. She went too far in some instances, like by chance checking an insurance database at some temp job she was working at in Westwood CA for a big Insurance Company Grosslight Insurance as an appointment setter, and a darn good one, but she got bored and would always look for "the Woods" anywhere, like a treasure sniffer. She put the Wood Sister's brother "Chandler E. Wood" into the insurance database and up came one Chandler E. Wood and she called his job the "Pacific Theater Group" in Beverly Hills, CA, and he took the call and seemed upset. He later called her back and asked what she had in mind for his aunts. He was not happy.

But Leslie went on, ignoring the fact that Chandler E. Wood didn't care if she cared IF he cared, so she wrote a 400 page novel and put it online with the permission of Virginia Wood to do it. And Lee McGeorge (Gloria's husband) signed an agreement over it. The book was released 10 years ago online and had a nice run, but now it's all over the net for free. But the main thing she was trying to achieve was to get her precious Woods online and known.

So we come to now and Siegel is satisfied. "Yes, I got them resurrected. Think of it this way," says Siegel, "...I saw the death of them, so I made them rise out of the ashes, and now they live on! Just look at the photos. They just never finished what they were supposed to do once Donna Wood died at age 29, killed by her pharmacist Harry Skeptner who did 1 year in jail and paid a fine, then settled down and began again, and died in 1974. He gave her high blood pressure meds on April 6, 1947 via Hypo needle, and she died soon after. Snuffed out like a bug.

She is buried with her sister, mother and father at Forest Lawn (yes, that Micheal Jackson one) in Glendale, CA on Arlington & Sunrise, a bit hard to find, 11 rows down by the twisted tree split in three parts. Siegel has left all sorts of things buried around their grave stones. Marbles, little prizes, shells, little rings, crystals, you name it. And on occasion when she goes to put new ones in after a 15 year run doing it, she finds old ones still embedded in there.

She is the only one that goes, no one visits. Leslie gets her husband, Theater director Lewis Hauser, whom drives her up and puts up with her weird indulging of this Wood visit, to women she'd never heard of, nor knew. But in spirit they are her and she is him, so her husband seems to understand, and he's been around so much, having directed "1940 Radio Murders" about 5 times, plus other mysteries and dark plays around North Hollywood, The Palisades, Hollywood and even as far away as Santa Paula.

Lewis Hauser has even had an original play of his own come from the cobwebs and shadows as the Wood Sisters were risen up by his wife Leslie Siegel Hauser, but in a parallel way, not ghostly. His play is a musical called "POOF" about a magician's hat. It's close, but not quite, and even Hauser would slightly scoff at his wife's connecting the dots, and as Leslie's best friend Blue said, "Leslie, you are talking about 'apples and oranges" and he was right.

So Leslie has the Wood Sisters in heart and has done her share of videos, novels, tv ideas, plays, musicals, and Youtube madness, and weaved them in her life, and all her jobs. Once she heard a faint "Leslie, Leslie..." and saw a cute black man running like a fullback at her on Sunset Blvd. He was out of breath when he caught up. It was an old manager she'd worked with 7 years earlier at LEXI, a interactive media company pushing Net ads. But the man's first words out of his mouth were: "How is Donna Wood?"


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