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Updated on December 24, 2011


This is photo of Donna & Gloria Wood Big Band Singers from 1940's. I went to their homes in present day and snapped shots of their ghosts and went to where they are laid to rest and snapped a few ghost shots.
This is photo of Donna & Gloria Wood Big Band Singers from 1940's. I went to their homes in present day and snapped shots of their ghosts and went to where they are laid to rest and snapped a few ghost shots. | Source




In the early 1980's, I lived in Hollywood at this old big apartment building called the Havenhurst. It was very creepy in parts. And the elevator was a box that barely moved. There was a courtyard in the middle of the building and all the older people who had lived there for many years sat outside playing with and feeding the cats that wandered in.

There were a lot of wild cats that would meander in and became fixtures that I can recall to this day. The names of each feline, how it acted, the distinctive mewing of each of the wonderful cats, and so on.

Many times, I was outside alone in the early morning alone sunning myself. A few times, I noticed I a man singing opera in the garage! I would get up and go to the fence and all that was there were cats meowing, but no man singing. It didn't sound like a real guy singing, it sounded like an echo after someone yelled or sang. It sounded far off in my mind as my eyes were closed and the sun was beating down on me. I could hear the man singing opera among all the cat fights and meowing and purring, but the man's voice was an echo.

I opened my eyes and for the first time noticed the little carvings on the stone wall by the little fountain that had long since dried up. It was LIONS, roaring lion's standing around on two legs surrounding the empty pool. I had not noticed. So I think this building in Hollywood is haunted by a singing man.

I found out later that there was indeed a man who lived on the first floor many years before who used to go to the garage and sing opera tunes! He was big on the Vaudeville Circuit and the opera houses of the 1930's! He died a few years before we arrived there, but my boyfriend at the time was pals with this singing man's son, a weird red headed dude in a band at that time called the Mou-Mous. Almost sounds like "The Meow Meows....cats! Cats have always been the theme there too and to this day I even felt the spirits of long passed away cats that still sat in the garden at The Havenhurst..

I'd done some research and spoke with many of the older tenants who said that 'back in the 1920's when it was built, people and crew that worked for Charlie Chaplin at his studio on La Brea which was a stone's throw from there actually were housed by Chaplin at The Havenhurst.

Charlie himself used to stage actual rehearsals in the building's once sizable mini ballroom. When I lived at The Havenhurst, there were 3 gay guys living in the ballroom. They were adding on a loft, a kicthen, and a nice design, but not covering up what it once was.

The building had the old MURPHY beds, the ones that came down from a closet like an ironing board. Sometimes when I was watching tv on the couch I would hear that bed creak like someone in it. I always spooked myself. And it wasn't just settling. It was a creaking sound. I was a little scared. I said out loud, "Who ever you are, give me a sign you are a ghost" I kept saying it over and over and then listened. I heard a sharp click above the murphy bed and I just ran out of the place, in the street via the creaky staircase, the hallways, through many fire doors, and finally into the lobby, out the doors and running down Whitley toward Hollywood Blvd.

Once a depressed man on the fourth floor, his balcony facing the Cat's Garden, jumped to his death when his gay lover left him! The poor black man landed head first right on the courtyard steps. He died there. They took him away and the neighbors wrote messages to him and left flowers. A few days later I went to the fourth floor to see the band Poison with Bret Michaels, who were always borrowing my car, using my phone, and eating my wonderful breakfast on Sundays. No one really knew the band like today. That's why The Havenhurst was so cozy and warm, tenants sharing freely with advice, comfort and friendship, and many of those that helped me, gave me comfort, and visa verse did go on to become somebodies like Bret Michaels of Poison!

Everyone there, at the Poison apartment, all 7 of them felt badly about the situation, but they still had the water balloons ready to throw on the many limos heading to the Chinese Mann Theater lit up in the distance, to the Purple Rain premiere back then. Prince's movie was a smash hit, but on that night Poison and myself included, threw water balloons all night until the street glowed with water splotches and the police came.

A few months ago I went back there to the Havenhurst in Hollywood to see it again. I got in the building fine. But when I went out in the cat courtyard, I could not get the door open to get back in and they had extended the wall to the street. I was yelling and screaming for help. And there were still cats there. I could smell them. The door had was locked from the inside! All the old timers that were there 28 years ago when I lived there had long since died. The fountain with the lions on it was working and re painted. There was a sign on the door that said, DO NOT FEED ANY OF THE CATS!

Finally a man saw me who was on the same balcony as the guy that committed suicide years before. He saw me and came down and let me out of the courtyard. Turns out he is a magician for the Magic Castle. We spoke about the courtyard and he agreed that the Havenhurst did have a haunting feeling and could not get over that I remembered the man who used to live in his place and that the building is haunted by cats and a singing guy. I asked the magician if he'd ever heard a man singing opera. He looked at me like I was crazy and shook his head NO! When I left The Havenhurst for the last time, I knew I'd never return there, it was of my past muses, and I'd use it to write stories and relay info.


I've had good experiences with talking to the dead through the tv set. The other day I was posting something on Facebook about children, talking about child abuse. All of a sudden the tv characters start saying the things I am writing on the post to Facebook. I wrote "It is indeed sad about these kids," then the lady on tv said almost th same, "It's sad about the kids!" I wrote another post a few mins. later and was watching some movie on Lifetime. I typed in "Did you see that on the kids?" and at the same time, this man on the news in the movie said, "If you have seen this kid," call this number!"

It was odd. One I was talking to my husband while watching a Joseph Cotton movie. Joseph Cotton was an old time actor who was very handsome and is a dead ringer for my old boyfriend PJ who is still very good looking and could pass for Joseph Cotton. PJ used to work for Patricia Madina had a crush on him. She was married to JOSEPH COTTON's for years. I looked up and we talked about it. Then I turned to my husband and said, "Honey, I think you need a shave!" All of a sudden the movie ends with the wife in the movie saying to Joseph Cotton's character "Honey, you need a shave!" Blew my mind.

These, I feel are not happenstance. It's real There is an electro magnetic thing about the tv and communicating with ghosts. I once picked the lotto numbers and won like 100 bucks because I asked the tv spirits if they could give me the nubmer. "Tell me the number of the lotto" I screamed over and over. Every time I heard a number said by any one on tv, i would write it on paper until I had about 12 numbers. Took those and broke them down, and bought a ticket. WOW. 3 numbers and mega number showed up correct! What was that? Luck?


There was a lady who lived in my condo. She was very weird, and used to tape up all door cracks and windows. She was known as a crazy person in this building, very manic. I was told she was an actress from the 1950's, just a nobody, never made it big, went nuts. She passed away years ago. She came to me in what I call figment form, her spiritual essence... I was half asleep, and she came like I was dreaming, but I wasn't asleep 100 percent. Just this skinny, red haired, wild-eyed loud, fast talking lady suddenly appeared in front of the television. I turned toward the TV and there she was looking like she was dressed for church. She was dressed in a pink and white skirt outfit. She even wore a pink pretty little hat. She was babbling at first. Then she walks over to the TV set and says very loudly and obsessively "CAN I BORROW YOUR TV, CAN I WATCH YOUR TV!" Then she was gone.

But she's still there... When I am in the kitchen cooking for cutting up food, I usually end up cutting myself!. I have been very careful, but recently I was cooking, and it actually felt like a hand pushed my arm toward a hot pan and now I have a big burn. Also, lots of little cuts from the knife. I am not doing myself. I am aware of a magnetic pull, an electromagnetic pull toward her. Her spirit is restless and scared. There was also a fire in this condo, and that may have something to do with it's weird. I've never been depressed like I have in the mornings. And I am happily married, have a life, love living, and if I am down, I come out of it fast, but lately being here, I feel it heavy. I have to do so much to feel better.

Could she be throwing out her ghostly essence? I think it is her! The condo is the smallest and shabbiest unit in the building, and NO ONE talks to us, hardly ever. Eveyrone lives in 300K condos, and our condo is like King Tut's tomb without the dust and mummies. I wake like someone has put a death shawl over my face. But once I am up, I am fine. When I leave I feel great. When I am at other houses with freinds, I am fine. I wonder why this woman haunts us or maybe it's a bit of both dude, you know my manic nature and her old neg vibes. How can you make it stop? Call a priest. So I live with it. I don't know if your a Star Trek fan, but I remember one particular episode where the Klingons and Capt. Kirk's men are fighting for no apparent reason on the ship and they find out that their mingled hatered and anger for each other is like making this alien energy thrive so they stop and the energy goes away. I wish I could stop it... you know how humans are?


I have been figment dreaming. Meaning that I am half asleep and ghosts seem to contact me that way in the "figment dream" more so now than ever, since moving in this building almost 10 years ago! Also, sometimes I hear a relative who is dying of cancer calling out "What are you doing to me?" Then that reative calls me like that afternoon. The figment dreams are real. The voices I hear in them are real. I tried an experiment. I had a figment dream about Lucille Ball, but tried to dream lucid by thinking of her before I did fall to a light sleep. She appeared in the figment dream and said to me "What do you want of me?" Then faded. It ,was n't exactly her, but it was.

I also tried it with David Carradine. Then I hear a knock at the door and in he walks. But he looks different, but is the actor David Caraqdine who died last year.! HE SAID, "Get the hell away from me!" I am talking to you the tv sound is off, but it's about a kid that afixiates himself by accident which is how carradine died! Unreal. See what I mean.

Also, if I didn't mention this: I had colonsocy about 5 moanths ago they ut me on mj juice and instead of counting backwards I said my first lover's name BRAD BOYERS, BRAD BOYERS, over and over. He showed up and asked in this huge cavern "Who are you?" I think I may get to a point where I can conjure up any dead person I want and figment dream about them! It's really a very realaxing way to communicate with the dead and dying. I've heard my brother yelling "What are you doing to me!" and I later found out he was very sick in hospital.


There have been 4 deaths in this building in the last 2 years. First was this girl named Tina who everyone disliked in the building. One day she came to us and knocked on door out of the blue. We didn't like her very much, she was very crabby and always drunk and mean. But this time she had made us a nice dinner and had it in pots and pans. She came in and was so nice. We were perplexed. We ate the dinner with her, then she left. the next day she died in a motorcycle accident nearby.

After she died I took photos near her door and have some photos fo a woman's back and buttocks going out a window by her door. The window she used to slam shut and had broken many times, and also almost sliced her pointer finger off, I had to help with that one. It was weird. Then this woman Isabella, who helped me many times when i got locked out of my condo. She said to me, "Well, I don't have much more time!" I was like, you look okay. Two days later she was found on the toilet dead. Tina used to help this woman a lot.

Then about 6 months later this strange lady who had lived here 22 years just dropped dead in her apartment for no apparant reason. She was not old. She was Bipolar, but not old. One day about 2 days before she died in her condo, she knocked on my door and said, "You know I feel weird, I can't explain it, I just don't feel right!" Then I didn't see her for 4 days until I heard sirens. I looked and they stopped here. Then went to her condo and opened the door. She was dead on the living room floor but she died in a wierd position with her buttocks high in the air as if she was walking and then suddely crumpled up into a ball, but her backside was in the air. It looked so weird. Now this building has a eerie smell and feel to it like restless souls wandering the hallways.

Ghosts do have a rank smell, and I know they maintain this condo complex fine. But on occasion I smell some weird odor. Maybe they buried all the bodies under the complex, hey...ha ha just kidding.


Actually, my hubby is right here. He used to be a director of the dinner theater on the QUEEN MARY, and it's weird because tonight is his birthday April 8, and remember when I told you about those two sisters from the 1940's, Donna and Gloria Wood? This is what I am talking about. Two things. First off, my hubby used to be the in house director for The Queen Mary. He said on occasion he would gain access to certain places on the ship seeing as he'd worked there over a year. He can tell you himself that he's had some ghostly visits and encounters on that famous ship. He remembers THE POOL, where he went, others didn't have access to it.

I wanted to tell you how connected we are with the ghostly world! Gloria wood who is the sister of Donna Wood whom I told you died mysteriously in 1947! Her sister was Gloria Wood. I was pals with Gloria's old man husband long after Gloria died. Septmeber 8th was their anniversary and his birthday, just like Lew and I!!!! Gloria's husband's name was LEE, so was Donna Wood's husband, His name is LEE. I married LEW on April 8th, which is Donna Wood's death and my husband's birth! It figures in to all this ghostly connections.


Before my dad committed suicide in 1978, I wanted these shades that were a bit expensive. He didn't want me to have them. But my mom won out and got them anyway. He was very angry at me about it. Then two days later he died by his own hand. After they took the body, and then we had the funeral 2 days after, I was laying in bed thinking of my dad, when all of a suddenly the middle shade for NO REASON roughly shot up and did what shades do when someone pulls hard. It went , Swish, rat tat tat tat tat tat tat. and I ran out of there so fast.

Also, things in my father's den started to be moved around slightly. We thought it was a joke, that maybe my sister was doing it. But she swore she wasn't. We think it was dad. Because when he preapr3ed to die by his own hand, he took something each of us had made for him and other photos of us and surrounded it on his night table, then dressed in a tuxedo, crushed Phenobarbital into vodka, wrote goodbye notes to all of us and laid on bed and went to sleep. When we found him hours later, his fingernail were blue and he was dead and cold. I've only had maybe 2 dreams of him. He is ashamed of what he did now that he is a spirit and hides most of the time.


I went to summer camp in Maine. They talked of a ghost named Sarah Hayden. Lots of campers saw her. She was an old woman roaming around in the lodge kitchen.One night around midnight we raided the kitchen, something all bunks did. As we were raiding it, I looked up toward the open cellar door to see an outline of a woman in a shroud looking outfit. she stared at me disapprovingly I could see her face. Red lipstck, wearing lots of makeup. I turned to tell my counselor and when I turned back, Sara was gone. As we made our way back to our bunk across the campus, all of a sudden out of no where, some of the counselors were running around like they were on LSD. It was a full moon. Some wore funny masks and I saw a tennis counselor this guy Donnie Blatt grab the mask and ripped it off the woman's face (as I typed woman, the man on tv said, "what about that woman"...

I know the tv is tied in with electromagnetic energy that figments, ghosts, siritis thrive off of. We are made of energy and cause any energy around to expand as we expand our energy and emotions. Stirring up the kettle!


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