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GLOW - The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Updated on June 5, 2017
GLOW wrestling cast
GLOW wrestling cast

The 1980s Wrestling TV Show, The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling aka GLOW

GLOW...The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.
How can you even begin to explain the "cultiness" of this show?
You either really loved it or really hated it.
I really don't think there was an in-between.
The weird thing is, that you would figure guys would be the die-hard GLOW fans, but a lot of women liked the show as well, and I have heard several female pro wrestlers today say that GLOW inspired them to become wrestlers.

And now GLOW is coming to Netflix in a way.....

Hollywood and Vine
Hollywood and Vine

In case you don't know what GLOW is (was), it was a female wrestling (and I'm using the term VERY loosely) promotion that was created by David B. McLane in the mid 1980s.
McLane himself is kind of a puzzle.
Most bios you see about him just look like press releases.
(You gotta wonder about the similarity in the names David B. McLane and Vincent K. McMahon...)
He is a native of Indianapolis, a graduate of Indiana University and is said to have grown up watching wrestling.
McLane started a fan club for the famous wrestler Dick the Bruiser as a teenager and wound up working for the Bruiser's wrestling promotion.

Some GLOW wrestlers
Some GLOW wrestlers

McLane linked up with Jackie Stallone (yes, that would be Sly Stallone's mother) who at the time ran a women's only gym called Barbarella's.
I guess he had the marketing and she had the women.
Jackie and McLane both helped bring in the girls and promote them, while Mando Guerrero (yes, the brother of WWF/WWE legend Eddie Guerrero) trained them.
Cynthia L. Peretti who wrestled under the name "Princess Jasmine" was also a trainer.
Interestingly enough, Cynthia was trained in pro wrestling by Dick the Bruiser.

GLOW - The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
GLOW - The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

How do you describe GLOW?
Hee-Haw with headlocks?
It was a bizarre combination of sexy women, skimpy costumes, bad comedy sketches, wrestling and...rap.
Yes rap.
Thought rap fans might wanna shoot me for even calling what they did rap.
The Chicago Bears' "Super Bowl Shuffle" was pretty popular around this time, so the rap "Introductions" were obviously inspired by that.

Americana and Spanish Red
Americana and Spanish Red

The show's pilot was shot in December of 1985, and it hit the syndicated air-waves in 1986.
While most of the GLOW wrestlers were actresses, models, dancers and stunt women...some did go on to achieve a measure of fame both in and outside of wrestling.

The woman that made the biggest impact in wrestling outside of GLOW was Lisa Moretti who played Tina Ferrari.
(She also wrestled as Nina and Tina Moretti in McLane's project after GLOW, the Powerful Women of Wrestling (POWW).
Lisa went on to wrestle for the WWF/WWE as Ivory and hold the WWF Women's Championship three times.

Ericka Marr who played one of my favorites "Spanish Red" (remember her pinning move "The Spanish Press"? Of course you do.) appeared in a couple of movies, The Big Bet and Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling.

Jeanne Basone (Hollywood)
Jeanne Basone (Hollywood)

Jeanne Basone (Hollywood) is still very popular on the Net, though "Hollywood" is far behind her.
Besides her "Underground" wrestling career, Jeanne appeared on "JAG", "In Living Color" , Me, Myself & Irene and an episode of "Married with Children" where she appeared with some other GLOW/POWW wrestlers and the legendary "Judo" Gene LeBell.

Emily Dole (Mountain Fiji) appeared on Son in Law (1993), "Hard Time on Planet Earth" (1989) and "Mama's Family"( 1987) and was a national champion in Shot Put before GLOW in 1972.

Dee Booher (Matilda the Hun) still has a big internet following like Jeanne. Dee also appeared in a ton of TV shows and movies.

Sandra Margot who played Tiffany Mellon went on to do a lot of movies that I can't mention here.

Janeen Jewett who played another of my favorites Palestina, went on to become a singer in the UK.

Cheryl Rusa (Lightning) went on to continue wrestling like Hollywood and has done stunt work. She is still pretty popular on the internet.

Beckie Mullen, the original Farmer's Daughter, Sally, did a lot of TV and film appearances, including having a pillow fight with Pamela Anderson on an episode of "Married With Children".

GLOW - The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling at Amazon

Ericka Marr - Spanish Red
Ericka Marr - Spanish Red

Trudy Adams (Amy The Farmer's Daughter who replaced Sally in season 2) went on to wrestle as Brandi Mae in the American Wrestling Association (AWA). She did a few TV appearances and movies, including 2009's Space Girls in Beverly Hills.

Noel Tyler (Major Tanya) went on to become a successful photographer.

Laurie Thompson played Susie Spirit and did a couple of movies. She was a Dance Champion on "Star Search" (1984-1985).
If you watched GLOW, you'll remember the incident where Susie injured her arm during a match.

Cindy Maranne (Americana) did a few films including Slash Dance (with Dee Booher) and "RollerJam".

And we had Lori Weathers as the Russian heel Colonel Ninotchka.
Lori went on to AWA and competed as Lori Lynn.
Canadian Janet Bowers as Hollywood's partner Vine.

Jane Hamlin as the California Doll.
Jane also appeared in POWW: Powerful Women of Wrestling and the wrestling film American Angels: Baptism of Blood as Malibu.
Lillian Weaver Crabtree as one of the Corporal Kellys

Lynn Braxton as Big Bad Mama
Lynn also appeared on Married with Children and the TV show Amen.

Deborah Choctoot as Cheyenne Cher.

Heavy Metal Sisters-Spike and Chainsaw
Heavy Metal Sisters-Spike and Chainsaw

Michelle Damon as the first Dementia (Nancy Daley was the second).
She also went on to work in POWW.

Colleen Favare as Beastie.

Dana Felton as Thunderbolt (Lightning's partner).
Dana went on to do some work as a stuntwoman.

Jody Haselbarth as Tulsa.
Jody went on to do a LOT of stuntwork.

Ursula Hayden as Babe The Farmer's Daughter (another variation of the Farmer's Daughter character).
Ursula was also in the Married with Children episode and appeared on the TV show Hard Time on Planet Earth.

Helena LaCount as Daisy
Helena also appeared on Hard Time on Planet Earth.

Eileen O'Hara as MTV (Melody Trouble Vixen, sometime partner of Hollywood and Vine).

Dawn Rice     as Godiva.

Noel Tyler as Major Tanya.

Olympia Hartauer (Olympia Hightower) was another Corporal Kelly.
She left GLOW and went on to wrestler for the WWF and the AWA.
Tracey Phelps as Roxy Astor

Another GLOW cast
Another GLOW cast

Since GLOW went off the air, David B. McLane runs his own production company David McLane Enterprises Inc., where he works with music, sports, entertainment and nutraceutical industries.
Jackie Stallone did a stint as an astrologer, actually as of 2002 she was still doing it.

Another shot of Hollywood and Vine
Another shot of Hollywood and Vine

GLOW Wrestling - MAJOR update

GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, will be released this year.
It will include footage from the show plus interviews with the wrestlers!
This is from the press release:
"From the initial open-call auditions, to the grueling training with wrestling legend Mando Guerrero, to over-night success and global recognition, to the shows sudden and unexpected cancellation in 1990, the GLOW girls recall their time on the show with a mixture of heartfelt nostalgia and tearful regret over injuries and the loss of friends. For some, the show was a brief foray into acting and a short-lived adventure on the way to a normal life. For others, that brief time in GLOW would impact and influence their lives for years to follow. For all of the women, working on GLOW was a unique and exciting experience that will bond them forever. Starring over 30 original GLOW girls!"

You can check out the movie's website here:

On July 1st, 2012, the documentary was featured on the website, The Daily What.

Lisa Moretti aka Tina Ferrari aka WWE Diva Ivory
Lisa Moretti aka Tina Ferrari aka WWE Diva Ivory
Janeen Jewett - Palestina
Janeen Jewett - Palestina

GLOW Intro Season 1

Americana vs. Royal Hawaiian (GLOW Crown Match)

California Doll and Americana vs Spanish Red and the Royal Hawaiian

Sugar & California Doll vs. Hollywood & Vine

Tina vs. Spanish Red (Part 1 of 2)

Tina vs. Palestina (Part 1 of 2)

Tina & Ashley vs Hollywood & Vine

Colonel Ninotchka - It's as easy as KGB
Colonel Ninotchka - It's as easy as KGB
The Netflix GLOW series
The Netflix GLOW series

You can expect GLOW to get a lot more popular soon.
Netflix has given a ten episode order to G.L.O.W., a comedy-series.
The series executive producer is Orange Is the New Black's creator and executive producer Jenji Kohan and also Orange co-executive producer Tara Herrmann.
If this hits like "Orange"....GLOW will be pretty popular again.
So "Netflix and chill" may be replaced with "Netflix and wrestle".

So far the cast is....

Alison Brie as Ruth
Betty Gilpin as Debbie Eagan
Marc Maron as Sam Sylvia
Britney Young as Carmen Wade
Sydelle Noel as Cherry Bang

I have also heard that Chavo Guerrero Jr. will be the technical advisor (wrestling coordinator), which is appropriate since Mando Guerrero, Chavo's uncle, was the wrestling trainer for GLOW’s original run.

Mt. Fiji and Americana
Mt. Fiji and Americana
Hollywood and Tara
Hollywood and Tara
Tina Ferrari, Americana and Debbie Debutante
Tina Ferrari, Americana and Debbie Debutante
Both of the Farmer's Daughters from GLOW - Female Wrestling
Both of the Farmer's Daughters from GLOW - Female Wrestling
Godiva, Melody Trouble Vixen (MTV) and Hollywood - Glow Wrestling
Godiva, Melody Trouble Vixen (MTV) and Hollywood - Glow Wrestling

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling Comments

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  • profile image

    The Canadian Pro Wrestling Fan 

    5 years ago

    When G.L.O.W. when it made its appearance in Canada when it first came out only a few of the "wrestlers" stood out and held my interest as a wrestling fan, they were Daisy (Helena LaCount), Cheyenne Cher (Dee Chocktoot) and Palle' Ela'za'ar/Palestina (Janeen Jewitt), they could have had an impact in the WWE, NWA or anywhere else if they were given the opportunity and some decent wrestling training, Daisy should have been a dominant world champion, Cheyenne Cher and Janeen Jewitt should have been some form of champion, would of...should of and could of....

  • sabrebIade profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Pennsylvania

    Usually I dont allow hyperlinks, but in this case, to quote Oz...."I'll allow it!"

    I hope this is a great success!

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Hey guys! If you are or were a fan of the hit 80's show GLOW Wrestling, You should check this out! In addition to the ALL STAR show, they are also having a meet and greet!!! Tickets are very limited but thought you guys might want to check it out. This will be a chance to meet them and get breaking new for GLOWs all new Season 5! See ya there!

    10 Original Girls battling it out in a Legends Battle Royal for a contract on the 5th season. and the Main Event Deathray w/Stu Stone V Robyn the Supergirl w/Thunderbolt. Brittany Astor will be in action as well as LiL FiGi - Donna Dead - and THUNDERDOME plus more matches and don't miss the LAST chance to see the originals and get a sneak peak at 5th season...TICKETS ON SALE NOW at Brown Paper Ticket. Visa/MC and Amex excepted...Excuses to miss this wont be. Free meet and greet at 6pm with prepaid ticket.

  • sabrebIade profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Pennsylvania

    And a severe lack of a sense of humor.

  • profile image

    gulam mustafa85 

    9 years ago

    keep this up and many more men and women will have a lot of explaining to do when they stand in judgement as we all will someday. staged or not, it only shows the lack of respect women have for men and what little or no self respect men have.

  • Zubyre profile image

    Zubyre Parvez 

    10 years ago from East London

    How sexy is this? Is this heaven? lol

  • mosaicman profile image


    10 years ago from Tampa Bay, Fl

    I remember when I thought GLOW was risque'. Now they seem like PG rated wrestlers. Anyways thanks for bringing up great memory from the past.

  • optimus grimlock profile image

    optimus grimlock 

    10 years ago

    You forgot the most important glow star, big bad mama!! she was on an episode of married with children and a few other shows!

  • Springboard profile image


    10 years ago from Wisconsin

    Strange I had never heard of this show. Course, I was around 13, so that would have been around the time my father got restationed from San Diego to a small town in Illinois—we lived in a private lake subdivision and althogh we had cable in San Diego, we didn't get cable into Holiday Shores into a couple years after we moved there.

    Funny seeing these clips. I think I'm sorry I missed. lol

  • sabrebIade profile imageAUTHOR


    10 years ago from Pennsylvania

    GLOW was really more of a T&A show than anything else.

    Like that's a bad thing...LOL

    I have higher hopes for Wrestlicious.

  • Cheeky Girl profile image

    Cassandra Mantis 

    10 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

    As usual, you make a facinating subject just facinating, sabreblade! I enjoy watching this sport! Just weird the kind of things they do there!


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