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GMan Project

Updated on April 7, 2013


GMan Trailer 1

How did it begin?

I remember sitting at work one day doodling away, when some people came into the office. for a laugh I quickly put together something non specific to see what kind of reaction I received.

What I created was the 1st GMan trailer. Nothing particularly pleasing, it took about 10 minutes to put together. But it planted the idea in a few peoples heads that I could do something a little grander than the previous 10 second projects.

Me too, while I was still working on projects like Break Back Office I created a number of short films that in a sense were all part of the creating of GMan.

Finding out better frame rates, better ways of forming story lines, better ways of doodling mass numbers of frames.

So I have a number of silly little uploads in the initial 50 that for me were part of a larger project.

GMan Trailer 2

So did the film get made?

So for some reason I'd committed myself to a project, which had no story or thought process behind it whatsoever. I just started doing the sensible thing.

I spent days talking to myself. I am certain that I looked crazier than usual. I found myself just happily drawing frame after frame and then deleting it all due to the fact that I had no place to use any of the content. So what I ended up doing was creating a 2nd trailer.

Strange I know, still advertising a film that has no plot, no idea, isn't in production seemed normal. Because, in those 20 second trailers I managed to decide, "Right! I need to get him from here to here" from trailer 1 to trailer 2. They've been uploaded, announced, they are definite so I just need to bridge the gap. Sumo Films was going to have "a film!"

But I was trying to come up with any kind of plot that would create a film longer than 20 seconds and more like 2 minutes, but once I got started it ended up being a little bit longer.

GMan Trailer 3

Getting an idea for a story now

Funnily once I had done that I was able to go from a few frames a day to rather a few frames a day.

Then disaster struck, my computer suffered major faults and I had to replace the motherboard and hard disk. Luckily I was able to recover the images but during the upgrade from XP to Vista I just had to go back over them and reassemble the movie "phew".

Due to having no direction to take the story between points A and B the plot was changed a lot. You see parts in the film and see no relevance what so ever. I obviously just changed my mind or tried to work it in having put the effort in to create it or I found that if I could doodle for a solid few days then the story line flowed, if I had to leave it for a week and go back, then I would have new ideas and things would change a little bit.

Even a director’s cut if you like was done as I went back once it was finished and added more to it to make it better in places.

Then came the announcement. It will be available at a certain time, certain date, join me online for the upload and watch it 1st. Unfortunately I was used to uploading little 20 second things that take no time at all to upload, so when the advertised time came and went and because the file was still uploading it was a bit of an anti-climax.

I shall learn from that mistake for future large releases.


Where is he now?

So after the project was completed, I was so used to drawing the guy that I had a special place for him and didn't want to forget him.

So he can often be seen popping up as a character in projects like Bridezilla or Hammy's Revenge or as a picture on a back wall. Just some decoration here and there depending on the scene I'm creating. But he'll keep occasionally popping up.

Maybe one day a sequel :)


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