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Gaga Does Medley Of Bowie Hits.

Updated on February 17, 2016
David Bowie.
David Bowie. | Source
Son:  Duncan Jones.
Son: Duncan Jones. | Source
Lady Gaga Performed Bowie Songs At The Grammys.
Lady Gaga Performed Bowie Songs At The Grammys. | Source

Jones Reaction To Gaga.

Lady Gaga could be considered today just as controversial as David Bowie was back in his day whether it was as Ziggy Stardust, The Thin White Duke or Major Tom. Like Bowie Lady Gaga always seems to be pushing the envelope to see how far she can push things with music and her bizarre appearances.

Gaga is a talented musician and singer and her style of clothing does not stand still even the bizarre meat dress she wore,

Madonna is one artist that inspires Gaga but the other is David Bowie which when you think about it is no surprise at all.

Bowie lost his fight against cancer dying at the age of 69 and so at the Grammys Lady Gaga came on stage her hair dyed red in honour of Bowie around his Ziggy Stardust time and performed a medley of Bowie's hits.

The songs she covered were 'Lets Dance', 'Space Oddity', 'Heros' and so on and was considered by some to be the highlight of the evening. However Bowie's son film director Duncan Jones soon to be a father himself watched Gaga's performance and later on Twitter he tweeted to his 277,000 followers.

He seemed to go through the dictionary term of what gaga mean't in his message on Twitter with words like over - excited, infatuated, mentally unstable. His reaction to Gaga's tribute to his father seemed a little ambiguous and this view was attacked by many.

However others jumped to Jones's defence saying as the son of the late David Bowie he had every right to his opinion of Gaga covering his father's songs.

If anyone in my opinion has the right to be ambiguous, enjoy or even criticise other artists performing David Bowie songs it is only right it should be Bowie's son Duncan Jones. After all Bowie's blood lives on in his son and if anyone has the right to judge his father's legacy and those who perform his songs it should be his son Duncan or daughter Lexi.


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