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Gain A Better Rap Flow

Updated on August 11, 2014

Gain A Better Flow

Find A Better Flow

Many rap artists think that they have their own but they actually do not. As a result of constantly listening to other rap artist's music for some inspiration they tend to mimic that rapper's way of rapping in stead of being unique. One of the hardest things for a rapper is to be able to make music and flow in a distinct way so that you are not looked at as a copy cat.

To excel at being a rap star you need to have your own set apart rap flow. The most successful rap artists all have an immediately recognizable musical sound that sets them apart from the competition. I would advise rappers who are struggling in this area to cease to listen to other rapper's music for period of time. Allow their musical style time to exit from your mind. Instead listen to your own music and pick out unique qualities that you hear that can be grafted permanently into your flow. Take note of the tones and gestures you make and consider these as well.


Unique Rap Flow

After you have become more acquainted with your own individuality as a rapper then seek out instrumentals that will complement your new unique rap flow. The outcome of this just might shock you as far as how rewarding it can become. The more you pick beats that parallel your rap flow the easier everything will sync. As a result your music will begin to have the sure fire sounds of a hit in the making.

Acquire about 10 or 20 instrumentals that you believe have the ability to accent your new flow and just listen to the instrumental over and over for a while. Allow the instrumentals to speak to you in a sense and instruct you on what to write. Then write and record lyrics for each of those tracks. Now listen to the completed songs over and over again. Begin to critique every part of them and highlight parts that are unique to you. Get rid of most of the things that sound copied or generic. Save anything that you are not sure about because these things may fit in somewhere down the line but for now stick with what is standing out for you.

Gain A Better Rap Flow

Better Rap Flow

By following this method you can begin to see how you can gain a better rap flow at a rapid pace. If something doesn't gel with the new direction you are going in musically then push it to the side. Don't be afraid to scrap something if it doesn't fit. If an instrumental beat is not doing it for you then don't be afraid to get rid of it or sit it on the back burner for now. Sonic ideas should be what your focus is at this point. The beat will guide you in the direction you need to go. Don't be afraid to try various unique flows until you have narrowed down what works best for you. You may just end up with a couple of new ways to spit your raps.

Make sure that you have a source for quality beats that you can purchase. It is good to have your own producer who knows how to tailor instrumentals to they way that you rap. If you have to buy all new beats it may get expensive but that's just part of the business. Try to work out a deal where you only pay for the beats you actually use that fit with the new rap style that you have developed.

After you have created you new flow hold a small listening party at your home or something. Allow your friends and family to listen and critique what they hear. Ask for pointers on what they thought sounded good and what was not working for them. Remember though that this is your vision and even thought you receive criticism you shouldn't rush to change it completely just to please others. Have fun with it and I am sure you will gain a better rap flow.

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