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Actors get more followers on Instagram

Updated on February 25, 2017

Social Media you either love it or hate it, but either way you can’t deny it’s essential for building a following and platform to interact with your fans.

Take your pick, what ever you choose just make sure you are using it effectively.

Lets take Instagram for example, you have taken a very cool picture of yourself in your most awesome costume and you look dappers, so what do you do now, how can you make the most of Instagram software?

What I love about Instagram is the ability to quickly create cool photos using their editing tools.

The editing tools are idiot proof simply a case of sliding a bar left or right

Actors on Instagram

How to utilise the power of the #hashtag

Hash tags are used to search for images, for example if I was to upload a photo of a dog, I would tag the image with #dog #cute #puppy…you get the idea, and when people search #dog your image will come up in most recent for that tag, visible to the world.

So what’s the relevance to acting I hear you ask;

when you upload your head shots or action poses etc, you can make your self visible to the relevant people who can further your career within the industry.

A lot of actors/modeling agencies are on Instagram and monitor what people tag them in (for example #elitemodels #curtisbrown)

When hash tagging your photo make sure to #tag some agencies, movie producers or even casting directors as they will see your image and can like, comment, follow or send you a direct message as a result of seeing your image.

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Some people call it showing off, and yes they would be right, but we are in an industry that rely on showing off, you need to have a following a presence online, make yourself be seen hence why it’s called Show business baby!

There are some very popular hash tags which you can add to your photos to gain more likes and followers:

#picoftheday #photooftheday #like #follow #instalike #instagood #love #beautiful

aswell as the generic popular tags make sure to add specific hash tags relevant to the photo:

#headshots #actor #film #movies #periodcostume #(your name) #(your agent)

If you sit in the shadows you will forever be cold, step up and get HOT!


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