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Game of Thrones: Mother's Mercy Review

Updated on June 15, 2015

Valar Morghulis

The phrase Valar Morghulis simply means that all men must die. Many did die in this episode, but not all were as expected as others. Let’s start with the Mercy that was given to Queen Mother Cersei during the episode before moving on to the deaths. Cersei Lannister is no longer the high and mighty lioness that she once was. She confesses to her crime of adultery, but only gives her cousin away as the person she slept with. She denies any involvement with her brother Jaime. She is told that the mother is merciful and she will be able to go home to the Red Keep. Before she is able to return, she must do a walk of atonement. Her hair is cut short and her clothing is stripped from her. She is forced to walk naked to the Red Keep with a nun following her chanting “Shame”. Throughout the journey, Cersei is pelted with food, spit upon, and brought low with mockery. When she enters the keep, Qyburn greets her and introduces her to the new member of the King’s guard. The zombie-like eyes and the height of this person reveal that he is a reanimated Gregor Clegane.

Kiss of Death

Staying with the Lannister family, we travel to Dorn, where Jaime and Bronn have been arranging to take Myrcella home to her mother. As they say their goodbyes, Ellaria makes it a point to let Myrcella know how much she will be missed as she gives her a nice long kiss goodbye. Has no one ever heard of the kiss of death? It was pretty obvious that the attempts on her life were still in play. Once they are on the boat, Myrcella informs Jaime that she knows he is her father and as she is giving him a loving embrace, blood starts flowing from her nose. The poison is taking effect, and without the antidote that Ellaria takes, Myrcella does not have a very good chance for survival.

Revenge for Arya

Meryn Trant has been on the top of Arya’s list for a long time. His arrival in Bravos did not go unnoticed, and Arya found a way to get alone with him to take her revenge. She stabbed both of his eyes out, stabbed him several times in the chest, and then took it upon herself to slit his throat. Jaqen H’ghar informs Arya once again that she is not ready. He takes a poison from his pocket, and as we are all in fear for Ayra’s life he drinks it himself. She begins peeling away the faces of the dead man in front of her until she comes across her own. Her vision suddenly begins to fail her, making her an unimportant scared teenage child. I wonder where they are going to go with this next season. Will she become no one?


Sansa is finally given the opportunity to leave her quarters and try and light a candle in the tallest tower to get help. As Stannis advanced on Winterfell, she is stopped by Miranda and Reek. Miranda tells Sansa that she is only alive to give Ramsay a few heirs so he can keep Winterfell as his own. As she aims to shoot Sansa, Theon finally stands up for his sister and pushes Miranda over the wall. Then the siblings join hands and make a jump into a pile of snow outside the walls of Winterfell. They have finally escaped the horror that is Ramsay Bolton. It's too bad that the two of them did not team up long ago.

Stannis Stands Alone

Last episode, we watched Stannis take the life of his daughter so that he could prevail in the upcoming war. His decision was not taken well amongst his men. By the time dawn came, half of his army was gone, and his wife had hung herself from a tree. In fact, Melisandre even seems to abandon him. He pushes on the attack with half of his army and it is a mistake they all pay for with their lives. We then see Brienne taking it upon herself to avenge Renly by taking the life of his brother.

I feel that Stannis is a horrible person. He got exactly what he deserved. Ramsay may be a horrible person, but he does not consider who he is hurting and why, he is just a mindless monster. Stannis considered every move that he is taking and decided that killing those close to him was the best option.

Betrayal of the Watch

Some members of the night’s watch have been frustrated with the recent actions of Jon Snow. His attempt to ally with the wildlings took the rage of his brothers over the line. As soon as Sam and Gilly leave the wall, their betrayal begins. As Jon is stabbed repeatedly by several of his brothers, nothing hits you harder than Ollie coming up to him and taking part in the assassination. The last person's face that Jon Snow saw betraying him was the young child who he saved. Brutal.

Mother of Dragons

Dany is far away from her home in Slaver’s Bay after Drogon’s rescue last week. He is tired and refuses to take her home, so she decides to walk and runs right into a Dothraki Khalasar. She knows that she is in danger as they begin circling her. Jorah and Daario are searching for their queen, so hopefully they can find the ring she dropped to the ground and find her before she is brutalized, raped, or worse.

Final Thoughts

The episode ends with Jon's lifeless body lying on the snow, which is the exact same scene that we are left with at the end of the most current book. Jon Snow's Death was a huge surprise to anyone who did not read the books, but the question remains the same for us all. Is he really dead? No one knows what is going to happen next season, as the series has caught up to the books, but I look forward to seeing more. I was not prepared for this epic finale, but I was glad to be on the edge of my seat leaving all fear of disappointment behind. If I were to rate the episode on a scale of one to ten, it would rank at an exceptional 9. What was your favorite part of the finale?


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