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Game of Thrones Season 4 Finale Thoughts

Updated on June 16, 2014

Game of Thrones Season 4 Finale

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Game of Thrones, Spoilers Ahead!

The much awaited season finale of Game of Thrones aired tonight at 9pm to conclude season 4 and the third book A Storm of Swords from the Game of Thrones series.

I will talk about the main points from the episode purely from the standpoint of a person that has not read the books at all. I did attempt to but I couldn't get into them.

Jon Snow and Castle Black

  • Him burying/burning Ygritte the way she deserved, I thought was very nice, no matter how hard it was for him.

The Lannisters

  • I honestly can't believe that Cersei confessed to her father that all of the rumors of what's been going on between Jaime and her for years is true.
  • I really feel like Jaime's character has come a long way from the cocky and douchey guy he was in previous seasons as to where he is now when it concerns Tyrion.
  • I had read ahead on a wiki page for the book that Tyrion was going to find Shae in his father's bed, but I had forgotten he killed her.
  • When Tyrion let the arrow fly into Tywin the first time, I knew that season 5 was going to be insane for his storyline. When the second arrow flew into him, and then The Rains of Castamere starting playing, well I felt it just went full circle with things.

Daenerys aka Khalessi

  • It was really heartbreaking to see that the one dragon that is supposed to represent her husband is the one that is out of control. The poor little girl that stood no chance against him and the other two dragons that she chained up in the catacombs. Sad Face.

Bran Stark, Hodor and Them

  • OMG those freaky skeleton things. I had no idea that they would be a thing and they were so scary! I'm sad that Jojen didn't make it.
  • To be honest Hodor is a bit useless unless Bran is controlling him lol.

Podrick, Brienne, The Hound and Ayra

  • The whole confrontation, so intense! I literally thought after Brienne kicked him over the ledge he was going down for good, not just to tumble down the hill side.
  • Ayra has matured so much through this whole thing and I really feel like she's partially dead inside at this point. It really showed when she just walked away from The Hound instead of doing a mercy killing.
  • DID ANYONE ELSE GET GOOSEBUMPS WHEN ARYA PULLED OUT THE IRON COIN AND SAID "Valar Morghulis"?!?! I did! haha I honestly am totally blanking on what's in Braavos but I know it'll be something good.

Final Thoughts

Well I did like the finale, I thought it could have been better even though there are still a few loose ends for the ones that aren't reading the books. They didn't touch on Theon/Reek, Ramsay, Sansa, Petyr, and all of the Tyrells.

I really wanna know what has happened to Gendry Baratheon =( I love the actor Joe Dempsie from watching him in Skins UK and I loved his character and I'm just really anxious to know his character fairs throughout the rest of the series.

My little brother that's read the books hasn't watched the episode yet and wants to discuss the episode after he's watched it so I can add more thoughts once he and I have that talk.


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