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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4: Part 2 of 2 Analysis & Predictions

Updated on July 6, 2018
Season 7 Episode 4: Field of Fire
Season 7 Episode 4: Field of Fire | Source

Prelude to Death

The Lannister army at the command of Jaime, and with help from the Tarly army, were scrounging up the remainder of the harvest in the very fertile Reach lands by demanding that farmers hand it over, in the name of Queen Cersei, because, the girl got mouths to feed & bills to pay, mmkay? For reals y’all. Anyhow, The Iron Bank of Braavos is live and in person waiting to collect on overdue charges, courtesy of Petyr Baelish. As former master of coin, Baelish probably just kept encouraging King Robert to keep spending, knowing it was digging them into a hole, and the chaos would be his ladder.

Game of Thrones Season 3
Game of Thrones Season 3

Bronn was too busy complaining about his paycheck to realize he’s fightin’ for the wrong queen. Anyway, how much should a knight typically get paid? 1 burlap sack full o’ gold, two? four or more? Exactly how much would be enough to buy a modest castle, and one without a dreaded Moondoor? Didn’t he give up his chance at a castle when he left Lollys of Castle Stokeworth? Only the gods know who is currently residing at castle Storm’s End, maybe Brienne’s father gave it a go?

Anyway, Randyll Tarly informed us that all the gold from the reach made it safely to King’s Landing, which means Cersei will be able to rent the Golden Company: the most renown independent group of mercenaries in the known world. Sooo, "Haa haa!" If you thought this was the end of her rule…puh-lease.

Drogon's Big Day
Drogon's Big Day | Source

a Rain of Fire

Jaime & Bronn thought it was just time to pack up and go home after a quick cash grab, but alas! their day was far from over. Before they can utter the word "Hodor", out of the sky a humongous lizard rained a tower of flame onto their Sunday afternoon parade. What followed was chaos and carnage on a grand scale.

It was rather epic to say the least, with fire all around and soldiers wailing in horror.The Lannister army was completely taken by surprise. Then the Dothraki rode in on horseback and ripped them asunder. Seeing the Dothraki rise up while charging on their horses and pin point target the enemy with arrows,was sensational. I wonder what the Lannister to Dothraki ratio is when comparing troop prowess. I’ll give ya 8 Lannies per 1 Dothraki bloodrider. What does that make the Vegas stakes?

Drogon really lit the stage on fire,setting a blaze an entire trail of wagons for over 150 feet of special effect explosions. So much for the caravan. So we have to consider, that Dany lost more than a few good men in that action but the real loss was all that delicious golden grain, as well as, wheat, barley, and whatever else they might’ve had in store. Such precious commodities will be sorely missed in the upcoming long, long, very long winter. As the Dothraki army drew in close and overwhelmed the Lannisters, it seemed like justice had been served.

yet, in the midst of all the fending for your life, Bronn unveiled the trump card: a"scorpion" crossbow ballista; and proceeded let’er rip. Drogon might be rather agile and observant, but his large body makes him a somewhat easy target. So, taking a page right out of "the Hobbit", Bronn inevitably launched a bolt directly into Drogon. Hitting the beast was no doubt a moral victory for Bronn, but a heart breaking event for Dany, who endears the dragons as her very children.

However, the blow was not enough to prevent the Dragon from igniting the wooden machinery. I would be a miss if I didn’t deduce that there is probably another one of those back at KL, as I seem to recall Qyburn saying it was a (functional) prototype. Whose to say they don’t just build a couple more of those by the time Dany arrives? Might we be seeing 3 ballistas for 3 dragons?

never the less, the bolt must have missed any vital organs, as Drogon only seemed to be injured rather than mortally wounded.

Bronn "Smile you sonofa..."
Bronn "Smile you sonofa..."

a Daring Risk

Dany decides to descend and tend to the creature, while disregarding her own safety, perhaps assuming that no one would dare approach her in such close proximity to the dragon. Yea though, she would be wrong as that is exactly what Jaime decides to do.

Whidst Dany extracted that bolt from her precious sweetling, Jaime proceeded to try and do either the most reckless move of all time or the most unselfish; by doing what he does best, that is driving a lance at full speed on a horse. Some may say stupid, but in actuality it was rather brilliant considering that if you have a once in a lifetime shot at winning a war in 1 fell swoop...go for it? Imagine in that moment how huge killing Dany would have been. I'd venture to say that would pretty much be a game, set, match for Cersei. Nevermind that the end result was, well...Jaime taking the deep dive. If he had won the war and solidified his family name as the ruliership from hence forth, wouldn't that have been a legacy he's been dreaming of? but I digress, because Drogo had the wherewithal to try and scorch Jaime before his blade could reach.

The CG in this moment is a little sketchy and we are unable to tell exactly who saved Jaime from the blaze before crashing into the...deceivingly deep puddle (head scratch), but his real dilemma lies ahead: sink or swim Jaime.

Visual Effect: Drogon
Visual Effect: Drogon | Source
5 stars for Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4: Field of Fire

Aftermath and Predictions

So who made the save? My guess; the brave Dickon Tarly to the rescue, making a new and much better name for himself. No, No that would be far too clever for the showrunners. It was probably Bronn hoping to cash in on yet another "saved yer life" moment.

Finally, the big question, is IF Jaime makes it out of that sink hole, will he be able to flee from Dany’s forces? Seems very unlikely that Tyrion, having seen this folly, would just leave him to drown, or sneak away. No, no Tyrion would much rather scoop him up and try to persuade him to join the rebel alliance. However, it will take an awful lot of un-brain washing to steer him away from emperor Cersei and her iron grip on his jewels. I ‘m also pretty sure that Dany will need some thorough convincing to even keep him alive.

And how about Bronn for that matter? After fishing Jaime out of the ocean and nearly killing Dany’s most prized possession, I highly doubt he will be shown any mercy, no matter how much Tyrion begs & pleads. Tyrion is already on the wrong side of her favor. It’s probably going to be nothing but sad news for Tyrion’s old drinking buddy, lest Tyrion pulls a fast 1 and slips them out the backdoor when no ones lookin, kinda like the way Jaime did form him, and the way Davos did for Gendry.

Speaking of which, it’s about time we saw that boy,where could he be? I think he has learned to steer clear of red priests no matter how amazing their cleavage might be. With all the reunions lately, I bet we see him by the end of the season.

So Dany now has direct control of the Reach, hopefully the farmers will be more willing to share their crops with her than with Cersei, but then again Dothraki are rather frowned upon within Westeros. I would leave it for Tyrion, Varys and Davos to persuade them, given that Tyrion & Varys arranged agreements with the Queen of Thorns in the past. Dany might even give her some farewell tribute to gain favor with the remaining Reach lords.

Next step will be meeting up with her Unsullied army, before inevitably blocking the gates of KL, or meeting the Golden Company head on in battle, but in order to efficiently block KL from receiving supplies, they would need a superior fleet, which is where Davos might call in yet another favor from infamous pirate, Salladhor Saan. Still, as long as Euron’s fleet sails the sea, no route is safe. So it’s going to be totally up to the odd couple (Theon & Jon) aka the Bastard King and the Kraken Prince to save the day. But will the dynamic duo make it in time?

Check back on my profile page in a few days for my in depth analysis of episode 5 and lovely screen shots straight from the episode.

Thanks for reading. As always feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, questions and more in the comments. Let me know what you think will happen to Bronn.

D. Weiss and D Benioff star in Dumb & Dumber 3 : the Renaissance Men
D. Weiss and D Benioff star in Dumb & Dumber 3 : the Renaissance Men


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