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Gang Related “Malandros” Finale August 14th, 2014

Updated on October 20, 2016

Who Murdered Jessica Chapel?

Satan had better lock the gates to Hell, because Sam Chapel is out for the blood of the ones who killed his daughter Jessica.

Since leaving their calling card “M” carved on Jessica’s chest--- we assume it was the Metas.

If it was the Metas ( malandros) thugs accompanied by Matias with his Sledgehammer. He had better dig a deep hole in Mexico and stay hidden.

What Jessica must have suffered before she died is in-comprehensive to the human mind.

Jessica Chapel
Jessica Chapel

Mexico---Hunting Killers

Sam Chapel is after not just Matias, but the top man who gave the order to kill his daughter. And, we know it was El Mozo who sits in a prison cell and gives orders to Matias for his outside gang members to carry out.

El Mozo runs his big fish scale operation; using migrants to make and package his drugs.

Assuming the Metas are the ones who killed Jessica.

I am thinking it may be the Los Angelicos that got to her first since Javier just finished a conversation with the crooked D.A. Ellis; who told Javier to handle the issue of Jessica.

And, we know it is because she did not want Jessica exposing anything harmful to damage her political career.

The bottom line---Jessica had two contracts out on her---at the same time.

Jessica Trusted the Corrupt D.A. Ellis

Poor Jessica trusted the wrong person when she spoke to D.A. Ellis. After Jessica’s death I am sure the grateful D.A. will let Javier out of prison. See how one’s evil hand washes the stink off the other evil one.

Maybe the Los Angelicos arrived before the Metas to Jessica’s home and made it appear it was the Metas who did the killing. Therefore, Sam Chapel should be occupied in Mexico for a while; killing Javier’s enemy for him and his family.

Because two issues---Javier did not have money enough for another payment to them and by now El Mozo knew ir was Javier who killed Salazar and his men. This plan is Javier’s, because he has a brilliant evil mind, and we know when he becomes quiet watch out.

When and if he gets out of prison and is a free man the D.A. Ellis had better get some body guards---because when Javier no longer needs a person they become expendable.

In Mexico searching for Jessica's killers.
In Mexico searching for Jessica's killers.

Gang Task Force

In the meantime undercurrent of non-trust is flowing through The Gang Task Force. Tae Kim is a great task force member and he is also a brother to a very ill sister. The institution where his sister is being cared for has a greedy woman in charge and she is asking for a lot more money for her care.

Tae Kim was pushed into a corner as he told the woman he should have the money tonight. While at the Metas drug bust an opportunity arises and Tae took a stack of money from the money table. The room is full of drug money---so Tae was probably thinking---why not use it for something good.

This might be fine, but his partner Vee saw him take it---so now what should she do? Should she confront him or wait until he trusts her enough to confide in her.

Back at home Daniel is getting married and everyone is there including Javier. This is a happy time for all of the families who are attending the event.

However, should business be done on this day of “I dos” or should Daniel and his bride be honored and given a wonderful wedding day.

Will this be a great opportunity for Javier and Lavar Quintel (Ray Campbell) to complete a deal? Or should Javier let the occasion slip through his greedy fingers?

Javier should pray very hard and often that Ryan never thinks he put a contract on Jessica. Because Ryan really loved Jessica, and he might just forget about a badge and the law if he ever suspects Javier.

Ryan in Gang Related Season 1 Episode 12
Ryan in Gang Related Season 1 Episode 12

Ryan's Betrayal Puts a Target on His Back

Ryan made a damaging decision when he arrested Javier Acosta. If Ryan is smart he will pack his motorcycle with money; then run and hide as fast and as far away as possible.

Ryan had the lame idea for Javier to overthrow the top cartel leader El Mozo (Emiliano Diez) who is in prison and his intentions are for Javier to use this as a goal to be accomplished. What kind of bull is this Ryan is shoveling? How could Ryan do this to Javier the man who took him in and raised him like a son?

Javier is alone in prison and El Mozo has men working for him who will hurt or even kill Javier. Javier needs protection and if Daniel is in charge of the Los Angelicos---then he needs to act quickly to save his father.

Carlos is in Jeopardy

Carlos feels Ryan betrayed his father and that puts a big red target on his back. Daniel still wants to talk to Ryan for an explanation of his actions.

Carlos had better watch his own back because Matias (Amaury Nolasco) is after him. Carlos was identified as the last person seen with his missing girlfriend coming out of the church. Carlos had her killed because she saw what happened to Salazar and his crew when Javier killed them.

When Matias confronts Carlos he will have his hands full; because in a wheelchair or not he is just as deadly now as before his accident.

My opinion of Ryan is extremely low after what he did to the Acosta family, he hurt them all when he had Javier arrested. After making their monthly payment to the cartel---the money will not be there for legal fees for Javier.

Jessica Chapel and Ryan Lopez---Their Future Looks Dim

Jessica knows about Ryan’s connection to the Acosta’s and that he is the mole her father and the D.A. are searching for through the department. Ryan tried to explain to Jessica, but she would not listen. Instead, she told him where is future home would be---in prison.

She had better watch herself because the Los Angelicos will kidnap her to exchange for the return of their leader---Javier. Action and mayhem will ride the crime wave that will inundate the city and blood of the innocent as well as the evil will flow in the streets.

I might need a glass of wine with this episode---it will be explosive with its twists and turns in the maze of the crime families.

Gang Related Season 1 Episode 11 La Luz Verde--The Green Light
Gang Related Season 1 Episode 11 La Luz Verde--The Green Light

Javier Acosta

Javier was shocked at Ryan’s actions because he arrested him and did not protect him by leading the Gang Task Force away from him so he could get free. And, now Javier is in jail waiting for his trial. Will Ryan speak out against Javier so he will not get out on bail?

Javier did not say one word during Ryan’s betrayal. I assume it felt like a knife in his heart;--- after all he loved him like a son.

Ryan Lopez

Ryan protected himself because he knew who occupied the surveillance vehicle. And, he knew Jessica would prove his innocence.

Evidently, Ryan chose “La Luz Verde” (The Green Light) for himself and led the Gang Task Force to stop Javier in his tracks.

I do not believe that Ryan can talk himself out of this one with Javier. And, if I know Carlos he will be after Ryan; and Daniel will hate him for his betrayal. Ryan is on his own for now at least.

Sam Chapel

Ryan’s arrest of Javier made Sam Chapel happy, but for how long. I believe the Gang Task Force will find out about Ryan. When it happens and it will--- who will be Ryan’s friend(s) on the GTF?

What part will Jessica play in exposing Ryan? And, by now others probably suspect him too.

I empathize with the father side of Javier concerning Ryan’s betrayal. Javier did expected total loyalty from him. He took Ryan in and raised him like a son. Ryan and Daniel were like brothers, and Javier loved and protected them all.

Javier's Revenge
Javier's Revenge

The Ox and the Scorpion

Javier Acosta is not a man to be threatened especially his family. I am sure Salazar wherever his spirit is now---wished he had thought before he threatened Javier’s family.

Never mistake a quiet man for being a coward as I assume Salazar did in reference to Javier. Javier did not become the leader of Los Angelicos by being a weak man. Any of his men or family members can verify that he can take care of business.

Javier is going after one of the most notorious gangs in Mexico—a drug cartel. A drug cartel is a well-developed criminal organization that supports and controls drug trafficking maneuvers.

Since the original large cartel was broken up, the name is still used in many countries for any organization trafficking drugs. And, Mexico still has a few cartels.

And, don't forget the Russian Mafia;s part in all of this mayhem and drugs selling and buying. They are very scary and seem to not care about any pain they caused.

Drug Lords of Mexico

The Mexican and United States governments have captured or killed 29 of the 37 of Mexico’s drug lords; leaving 8 to apprehend.

Ryan warned Javier against going after the cartel, but he would not listen. Is Javier after the ones who wanted Tio Gordo turned over to Salazar to murder in front of Javier?

During the war between gangs there will be killings on both sides, including possibly members of the GTF. We will see on Thursday night what happened in all the action and mayhem. And, maybe the truth about Javier’s mole in the Gang Task Force is discovered.

Sam Chapel vs Javier Acosta

Will Sam Chapel and Javier Acosta have a Mexican standoff before this is over? Has Ryan already chosen the GTF as his true family and will Javier save him from being exposed?

What part will Daniel and Carlos take in Javier's revenge? Will Daniel try to show he is as brave as Ryan? Or, will he even care about his father's rage against the drug cartel.

Jessica Chapel
Jessica Chapel

All Saints Day

Sam Chapel has not given up searching for the mole in the gang task force. I cannot envision what will happen when Ryan is discovered. I feel they will not fully understand his situation; and who could--- when he has put everyone’s life in jeopardy.

I know he did everything humanly possible to protect his Acosta family and his gang task force family. He is in a precarious place because there are so many variables just waiting to happen.

At the moment Daniel has a big chip on his shoulder because of feeling inept after his kidnapping and being teased by the leader about his manicured hands and not being brave enough to fight back. And, Ryan saved him and his father praised Ryan for his courage and plan in bringing his son back to him.

Daniel felt gratitude towards Ryan for being saved---and thanked Ryan, but he knew he could not have saved Ryan had he been the one kidnapped. And, then he finds out Silvia went to see Ryan, and this is the first time Daniel has felt any jealousy towards Ryan. Will Daniel remain with brotherly love in his heart? Or, will he sell Ryan out to expose his double life?

Will Carlos Ever Grow Up?

We know Carlos is not overly enthused with Ryan always being in his father’s good graces.

We also know that Carlos still wants to take over his father’s business. Carlos could never replace Javier Acosta in anything---and that is my opinion.

Javier made preparations to celebrate Dia de Todos los Santos, which is All Saints Day.

He enjoys helping his neighbors and friends have a good time. But the happy time is interrupted by a gang war, and innocent people are hurt and killed.


The Clock is Ticking Fast for Ryan

Ryan’s time is fast running out and I am afraid he will be exposed in a bad way.

When he was a little boy Javier Acosta made him a part of his family. The only family he has known since he lost his parents.

Pop your corn and be ready for Thursday night to see how many are for and against Ryan in his fight to protect both families.

‘Three Strikes Law’. Proposition 36

The Gang Task Force will be sorely tested as hundreds of inmates are released from prison because of the change in California’s ‘Strike Three Law.’

Quote: The New Prop 36 is an amendment to the ‘Three Strikes Law’. Proposition 36:

  • Revises the three strikes law to impose life sentence only when the new felony conviction is "serious or violent."
  • Authorizes re-sentencing for offenders currently serving life sentences if their third strike conviction was not serious or violent and if the judge determines that the re-sentence does not pose unreasonable risk to public safety.


After many inmates’ gang members received their freedom again---they began creating mayhem as a mob in the city---and caused harm to the citizens. The Gang Task Force will have their hands full until order is brought back to the city.

Many were given their freedom will be sent back with no hope of returning. Others will be killed by law enforcement, after causing turmoil and harm to citizens.

Did a gang member's bullet hit Sam Chapel? Is Sam in the hospital? This will put the stream in the GTF to get rid of the chaos that might take Sam out of the TGF for a while.

Jessica's Green-Eyed Monster

Will Jessica let her jealousy of seeing Silvia and Daniel in his doorway become the fuse that blows his cover?

Silvia has caused a lot of trouble for Ryan, and I hope Daniel thinks she is worth it.

I am not sure she really loves Daniel like she did Ryan long ago.

All Saints Day has turned into murder and mayhem.

Now all can be done is find the gang that started this and I hope Carlos was not behind it.

The Fox And The Hen

Ryan solved the issue of Daniel’s kidnapping without any of the Gang Task Force being killed. He came through for the Acosta family and saved Daniel’s life. And, he made sure his Gang Task Force Officers were safe and no life was taken.

I will not judge Ryan; because I was not the one with his orphaned background taken in by Javier Acosta to be raised with his sons. I like Javier for his gentle kind ways, but I am reluctant to make excuses for his inhuman actions against any who are a threat to him and his family.

However, I might change my mind about Miguel Salazar. Miguel Salazar is still not finished being a sadistic power abuser when it comes to Javier Acosta. Javier showed Salazar when he came through the crisis of delivering the Fish Scales for the release of Daniel, that he was a man of his word.

Javier Acosta is not a man to be threatened by anyone about his family or business. He will retaliate by choosing the best time to do it. Being a leader of a famous gang like the Los Angelicos for many years did not happen without the flow of blood from others. Javier can be just as cruel and inhuman as any other when lives are in jeopardy.

Carlos Acosta

Is Carlos still planning to take over as leader of the Los Angelicos Gang? He wants the power so badly, but cannot make a simple decision to secure the gang or extend their plan of becoming legitimate.

He has brought shame on the family by acting foolish before resulting---as the reason a soldier of Javier’s killed for his part in helping Carlos. Carlos’ stupidity and big ego will get him killed if he is a threat to the family.

Sam Chapel--The Fox and the Hen
Sam Chapel--The Fox and the Hen

Daniel Acosta

Is Ryan being pulled into the middle of Daniel and Silvia’s issue?

Daniel did not tell her what happened to him. Daniel was taunted by one of the kidnappers that he was not a man---his hands were soft and his nails showed he received manicures.

This bothered Daniel and he feels inadequate as a man who could not free himself---but Ryan was a man enough to do it.

Daniel and Ryan love each other like brothers---Ryan risked his life and career to save Daniel.

Daniel feels he would not be able to do the same for Ryan. Therefore, Daniel is depressed---and we all know depression itself is deadly.

Pop your corn and be ready for Thursday night to watch "El Zorro Y El Gallinero"---- "The Fox And The Hen."

"Regreso del Infierno" Means Back from Hell
"Regreso del Infierno" Means Back from Hell

Daniel Acosta

Javier Acosta’s son Daniel has been kidnapped and held hostage by a nemesis gang that does not play around when an issue or anyone has interfered in their business. And, not receiving their supply of “Fish Scale” to be resold by their gang members has bitten into their profits. Javier knew something would happen; and now the worse has happened to Ryan’s best friend Daniel Acosta. Javier tried to instill in his sons how dangerous it might become---but Javier had no control now over what---did happen to Daniel.

Daniel had foolishly invested millions in a hedge fund and needed his investment back; however, he will pay a penalty of 70% if withdrawn before 30 days, as per the conditions on the contract. This leaves Daniel perplexed; but he is in a bigger predicament now that he is kidnapped.

Sam Chapel
Sam Chapel

Sam Chapel

Sam Chapel, head of the LAPD Gang Task Force had begun to suspect an informant; in the Law Enforcement Family. One who is paid by Javier Acosta. Every time Sam received information from one of his CI’s in the Acosta Gang “Los Angelicos” his task force comes up dry when the location is raided.

He is keeping any information close and does not share it until the last minute; therefore, it is difficult for Ryan to help Javier. And, now to complicate matters Daniel’s kidnappers would be demanding a ransom. Which will probably be the cocaine seized by the Task Force.

Tae Kim
Tae Kim

Tae Kim

Tae Kim who is on loan from the FBI does not revel in all the accomplishments of Ryan’s. Tae feels Ryan’s schemes are risky and extravagant. He watches quietly, and is always close behind Ryan in their raids. Since Sam confiscated the cell phones in the Task Force; Ryan cannot warn Javier Acosta about any last minute raids.

Ryan's Plan Might Backfire

Ryan plans to steal the cocaine to exchange for Daniel Acosta’s life. What Daniel’s family is going through must be torment, especially for his parents.

One could almost feel sorry for the Acosta family for what they are enduring; never knowing if Daniel will be back or if they will have to plan their son’s funeral.

And, I am sure if Daniel returns---he will feel like he is “Back from Hell.”

Ryan's Helps His Partner

Ryan has proven he can make the right choice and stand up to Javier Acosta when it is necessary; and still remain loyal to him and his family.

Ryan is also very loyal to his Gang Task Force Team and has everyone’s back. We know he is the reason his partner Cassius Green was reinstated when the lawsuit against him and the department vanished. The father who filed the lawsuit against Cassius did it for money; not for the love of his son.

But what does manipulating loyalty do to a good man’s mind; like Ryan?

Carlos Acosta

What does hate and jealous do to a man like Carlos?

Because of Carlos Acosta’s unwise deal he made to poison another gang’s “Butter” his father showed him what happens to anyone who goes against him. By having Jesus Pinzeta (Hector Atreyu Ruiz) who helped Carlos--- killed in front of him. Do you think this touched Carlos a little or is he untouchable?

Javier gave a big piece of his heart when he sold the land he bought to honor his parents who died there in a fire while working in an unsafe factory.

Did Javier want to put his hands around his son Carlos’ neck and slowly squeeze the life out of him; for being a part of the reason he had to sacrifice his dream and sell the land he swore he would never sell?

Between Two Lands

Entre Dos Tierras mean Between Two Lands---Javier Acosta’s parents lived their lives between two lands. The country they came from had their hearts and the land in American had their beloved son Javier. Their love was divided between two lands.

Why is Daniel making an unwise decision to invest millions in a Hedge fund with his friend Jason Manning (Noah Bean) who is one of his college friends? And, where will Daniel get his funds? Will he ask his father? Javier has money issues of his own.

Pop your corn and get ready for another action, surprise episode “Entre Dos Tierras” on Gang Related---I am ready as this has become one of my weekly favorites.

Episode 5---Informant for the Task Force is High Risk

The Gang Task Force needs someone to work undercover for them to get inside the Los Angelicos Gang. It seems an impossible task, but whom better to use than someone on the inside already to be an informant. Then, later maybe an undercover person will be used.

So, since Acosta has currently made deals with the Skins and the Dokkaebis Gangs; then someone from one of these gangs would be the prime candidate. So it was suggested that Eddy Lin be used.

Eddy is currently associated with the new drug called “Butter” because the high is so fabulous it melts one’s mind---therefore it was named butter. And, since he is known by Tae Kim as three strike Eddy; Tae will be in charge of securing Eddy as an informer for the Task Force..

Fish Scale is Controlled by Los Angelicos

The drug Fish Scale in Los Angeles is now controlled by Los Angelicos. With major gang players that purchases Fish Scale from Javier Acosta and then sells on the streets at their price.

This is the ongoing plan that Javier Acosta since he decided to make this deal for his family so they can become legalized. However, he made the deal with Miguel Salazar. Salazar is a man whose associates are scary people---they will not only kill you they will kill your family too. So now nothing can go wrong for Javier because he has given his word to Salazar.

Carlos' Agenda Backfires for the Acosta Family

Carlos has his own agenda which will cause Javier and the Acosta family big issues. So how will Javier handle his own son Carlos since he has become a liability? Does Javier ever think that Carlos is beyond serving any good for the family? This will become a painful and dangerous issue because Carlos does not care---he is reacting like a wounded-rabid animal.

Episode 4---Perros

The Task Force discovery will cause great concerns with Ryan’s loyalty to Javier; because they uncovered a sex-trafficking ring operated by a Russian gangsters.

Ryan wants to arrest the Russian gang leader and keep him in prison for a very long time. However, loyalty has reared its head again to send him on a guilt-trip because he might endanger the Acosta family business of becoming legal.

How will Ryan be able to do his job in a professional and legal manner if he second guesses each action constantly? Would Javier Acosta consider him first if the tables were turned?

What will happen to shine light in the darkest corners of Ryan’s confusion? Will he witness something or someone who has suffered greatly from being in the sex-trafficking ring? Or will anything touch his heart enough to wake him up?

What is going to happen with him in the romance department? Will it bring more misunderstanding in his life that already exists? How much will be enough for Ryan before he decides to choose his loyalty to his career and team?

Carlos and His Therapist

Carlos acts like a wounded animal as he sits and sulks in his wheelchair and reacts like a savage beast when it comes to someone helping him. There are no apologies that will take away the pain Carlos caused the therapist with a bat when he was there to help.

Carlos and his madness will not stop here---as he has much to prove---mainly for any praise from his father he like crumbs from a Tres Leches Cake (Three Milks Cake). His madness demands attention and he has no remorse about any hurt or pain he causes others.

Pecados del Padre---Sins of the Father--Episode 3

Diego Diaz (Gonzalo Menendez) was the coordinator of DEA attacks and worked for Miguel Salazar (Carlos Gomez) but now he is a Columbian informer and will testify in Federal court. The Gang Task Force is sent to his home to take him and his family to a Safe House.

The Diaz family goes from the safety of their home to a van on their way to a safe place when suddenly the van is hit in the side--- over turning with the GTF and the Diaz family inside. And, who could have known and who really did this?

Future of the Acosta Family?

Was it the Javier Acosta and his men, and if that is true who tipped them off about the van and who would be inside?

Javier wanted the last big deal so the family can see their dream of legitimacy come true. What part is Ryan playing in the future of the Acosta family? Surely he has not revealed the location of the Safe House where the Diaz family will be staying?

What Kind of Monster Could Hurt Children?

What kind of monsters could hurt women and children? Who is the monster? I cannot believe that Ryan would have any part of children being killed. We will see on Thursday night June 5th and I will be there with my popcorn drizzled with chocolate.

The Gang Task Force Team is Ready---Episode 2
The Gang Task Force Team is Ready---Episode 2
Gang Related--Sangre Por Sangre---Blood for Blood
Gang Related--Sangre Por Sangre---Blood for Blood

Episode 2---Blood for Blood

"Sangre Por Sangre" means Blood for Blood, and that is what happens when gangs members kill each other.

There is a high degree of retaliation---it becomes payback time and it is not a pretty sight.

Most gangs have tunnel-vision until they feel their dead member(s) have been honored by the flowing blood of whoever killed them.

Loyalty Haunts Detective Ryan Lopez

Detective Ryan Lopez is a very twist and divided man when it comes to loyalty. And, since we know about his childhood and maybe understand how as a little boy--- he would substitute Javier Acosta as his father---because his was dead.


A true honorable man walks with lightness and darkness; both necessary to protect his family. And, this concluded does not mean I understand divided loyalty; when Ryan’s team is left in the dark and he stays one step ahead of them to protect his Los Angelicos family. He will need to decide very soon which side he will choose before another member of the team is killed.

Gang Task Force Helps Ryan Clean Up His Chaos

Ryan will need to track down the gang members he texted to eliminate Carlos Acosta since he was a threat to his own safety and secret connections to Javier and Daniel Acosta. If he does not arrest them there will be a gang war in their city of Los Angeles.

What a tangled web he has woven to live in. An intertwined world of covering-up his years of loyalty to Javier Acosta; while maintaining his loyalty to his law enforcement members. I am not sure Javier would do the same for Ryan, and this is a big issue of a dark cloud that hovers above him.

Jessica Chapel
Jessica Chapel

Romance is in Ryan's Future

Romance might be in the air for Ryan and Jessica Chapel, (Shantel VanSanten) daughter of his boss Sam Chapel. And, will this be another secret he will need to keep from everyone; including her boss, and her father? Can someone keep so many secrets and still maintain a sane life?

Pop your corn next Thursday night for this action-packed balancing of allegiances, which Ryan will need to maintain for his own safety. See you at Fox on Thursday night---I might need my glass of wine for this one.

Gang Related---Pilot
Gang Related---Pilot
Javier Acosta
Javier Acosta

Javier Acosta and the Los Angelicos Gang

It is a true fact that one’s youthful experiences are with us for our lifetime; and especially when you are a little boy who lost his parents and was taken into the home of Javier Acosta and raised as one of his own sons. There is great love for the family in Ryan's heart.This was the beginning of Detective Ryan Lopez’s (Ramon Rodriguez) relationship with his best friend Daniel Acosta’s (Jay Hernandez) father---Javier Acosta (Cliff Curtis).

Ryan’s father figure was not an ordinary man because Javier Acosta was the leader of an influential Latino gang in Los Angeles called “Los Angelicos.” Although Javier was always good to his family, a very kind and thoughtful family man---he was a criminal---who could be vicious without remorse.

Daniel Acosta
Daniel Acosta

Ryan and Daniel Acosta Best Boyhood Friends

In the sunny state of California-- Daniel and Ryan grew up together and Javier was almost like---a Godfather to Ryan.

Similar to all young boys he tried to make his only father figure proud because this was now his extended family.

And, either Javier really cared for Ryan or he was using him for his own agenda. He was the instigator in getting Ryan into law enforcement as his benefactor.

And, Javier never missed an opportunity to remind Ryan how good he and his family had been to him, and that one always protects their family.

Vee, Tae, Sam, and Ryan
Vee, Tae, Sam, and Ryan

Detective Ryan Lopez

Ryan a detective in the best “Gang Task Force” in Los Angeles worked with Sam Chapel (Terry O’Quinn) as his boss. He is revered by his team members---Tae Kim (Sung Kang), Veronica “Vee” Dotsen (Inbar Lavi), Cassius Green (Robert Fitzgerald Diggs) aka RZA..

Ryan’s partner and good friend James Tanner (Ross Thomas) was killed by Carlos Acosta (Reynaldo Gallegos) his best friend Daniel Acosta’s criminal brother.

What would Ryan do now when confronted with the decision of either arresting Carlos or letting him go because he promised to protect the Acosta family.

In his youth Ryan swore his allegiance to Javier Acosta and the gang Los Angelicos. However, as an adult his loyalty is torn between Sam Chapel his boss and the LAPD Gang Task Force and Javier Acosta and the Los Angelicos.

Ryan has successfully concealed his connection to the gang and its members, but it is becoming increasingly harder not to feel the pull in favor of his job as a detective.

Cassius Green
Cassius Green

Ryan's New Partner

When Ryan finally makes the decision to place his loyalty with his job and lives up to his badge; he will feel the pull of commitment for his team.

Cassius Green will be Ryan's new partner after the death of James Tanner his first partner. Cassius has experience and savvy and will be an excellent partner to Ryan.

Pop your corn and be ready for an action thriller blasting away crime with plenty of drama each week as the Gang Task Force makes a difference in Los Angeles.

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this article and if copied anywhere else on the Internet or printed in magazines or books it was taken without written consent and is strictly prohibited.

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    Michelle Scoggins 

    4 years ago from Fresno, CA

    Hi Bobbi, this was a great pilot show. I can only hope that they bring it back for a second season. You did a fabulous job of laying out all the pieces to the puzzle. Of course I think that Javier ordered the hit in the name of the Metas so that Chapel will go after them and leave his family alone for the moment. We will sit on the edge of our seats until next season :)

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    Hi ImKarn23,

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    Very interesting and exciting review. Even though I do not watch or have time to watch all these. I simply watch 2 or 3 my local language (ie. Telugu) serials on Gemini TV which do with human values and morals in friendships and society ideals. Your style of presenting is fantastic and I appreciate it a lot. I do reviews of the serials I watch. But they are more like retelling the story which I post on my own blog at

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    Hi Nell Rose,

    It is great to have you visit. And, this show has some of my favorite actors in it. Sing Kang was in the Fast and Furious series and was in FF's Tokyo Drift. Then the handsome Terry O'Quinn---last played in Hawaii 50 and was in the Lost series. Also, some new actors, which this is my first time seeing.

    Take Care,

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    Nell Rose 

    4 years ago from England

    Hi Bobbi, I have never watched these either, not sure if its aired over here, I will have to watch out for it, it sounds fascinating! I do like this sort of thing, so thanks for the great review!

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  • joedolphin88 profile image


    4 years ago from north miami FL

    Awesome review make me want to check this out.

  • PurvisBobbi44 profile imageAUTHOR


    4 years ago from Florida

    Hi vkwok,

    Thanks for the nice comment. I think it will be a good weekly show to watch.

    Have a great day.

    Bobbi Purvis

  • vkwok profile image

    Victor W. Kwok 

    4 years ago from Hawaii

    This is a great review. Makes me want to check it out.

  • PurvisBobbi44 profile imageAUTHOR


    4 years ago from Florida

    Hi billybuc,

    You are so special to visit and comment when you do not watch TV. I thank you for always being such a good supportive friend to all of us.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday night.

    Bobbi Purvis

  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 

    4 years ago from Olympia, WA

    Well my friend, I don't watch television, but if I did, I would check this out based on the review. Nicely done, Bobbi!


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