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Gangnam style - world hit album review

Updated on January 22, 2013

Park Jae-sang (PSY)


Gangnam style is world hit Korean pop album which is released in July 15, 2012. Park Jae-sang and Yoo Gun Hyung (PSY), South Korean singer are the founders of this world hit album. Gangnam Style is one of the most viewed YouTube videos in the world which crossed over 800 million views. Stylish Gagnam style dance makes it more popular album in the world. Gagnam style is famous for its dance moves which is performed all over the world on many occasions like parties, music shows etc. The song and dance is already hit in almost all countries. Gangnam style was written and produced by Park Jae-sang and Yoo Gun Hyung (PSY).Gangnam Style reached number one position in youtube top 100 music videos in August 2012. Almost all dancers in the world will surely perform Gangnam styles moves in stage. "horse-riding-like dance moves" is one of the specialty in Gangnam style. After the release of Gangnam style, PSY made many live performances in televisions and in different countries. Positive reviews and top ratings by different websites and famous musicians make it more popular. We all see and heard about the Gangnam style song but many of them are not aware of Gangnam style meaning. "Gangnam style" is a Korean lifestyle which is mainly seen in the Gangnam District of Seoul.

Gangnam style album details

Gangnam style release date: 15-07-2012

Gangnam style generation: Korean pop album

Album length: 3:39

Writer of Gangnam style: Park Jae-Sang and Yoo Gun Hyung

Producer of Gangnam style: Park Jae-Sang and Yoo Gun Hyung

Most viewed music video on youtube: Gangnam style

Park Jae-sang profile details

Park Jae-sang famous as: singer, writer, dancer and producer

Park Jae-sang Birth date: 31-12-1977

Park Jae-sang Birth place: Gangnem District, South Korea

Park Jae-sang famous album: Gangnam style

Gangnam style live performance


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