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Film Review 'Gangs of Wasseypur' an India Mafia -Gangster Film

Updated on December 24, 2017

A Film on the Gangland War in Eastern India

I rarely venture to the cinema hall or multiplex to see a movie which is advertised with a poster of a man holding a gun. I don’t like violence and I felt after seeing the advertised hoardings of ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ that it would be a film with mindless violence and very little storyline. My girlfriend a comely lass, however, was insistent that I see the movie with her on a date and so it was. I entered the hall with some apprehension but came out a very satisfied man. Yes! There were violence and killings, but all these were beautifully integrated by the director in one hell of a story that did keep me spellbound for most of the time.

The Film

The film is directed by Anurag Kashyapa. Who is Anurag Kashyap? He is the man who earlier gave the hits Dev D and Gulaal. He is a sensitive director who is also in the news for having divorced his wife and a daughter to marry Kalki Koechlin.

‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ is however not a love story. It is a film with a message and concerns the coal belt of Bihar and Jharkhand. The director makes a point that a lot of the coal miner has not improved even with the advent of Independence. The film traces a storyline from the days of British rule to the modern era. It is thus almost a history of the coal mining industry in the eastern provinces of India. The film also brings out the class contradictions and religious rivalry between Muslims and Muslims in the form of the Pathans war with the Kassai’s (Butchers), both Muslim.

The Dons are Portrayed

The undercurrent of the movie is the gang war of the Don’s who control the mining industry. This was so during the days of the Raj and it continues today. The story revolves around a Pathan played by Manoj Bajpai who seeks revenge for the murder of his father. It’s a unique revenge as he does not wish to kill his enemy, but make him suffer.

The direction is taut and the acting superb, with a standout performance by Manoj Bajpai. There is also plenty of integrated sex with some lovely acting by Rheema Sen and Richa Chaddha. Both look lovely and add to the interest of the film. The director highlights that under the bed sheet of society in the coal belt morals take a hit.


The music of the film is Bihari folklore and integrates with the movie. There is plenty of action and one sits on the edge throughout. Certainly recommended for mature audiences.

Manoj Bajpai in the film
Manoj Bajpai in the film


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    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 5 years ago from Virginia

      I enjoyed reading your review of Gangs of Wasseypur...a movie I was not familiar with before reading your hub. I will have to check the movie in the future as you have so highly recommend it. Voted up and useful.