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Gangster Squad (2013) Review

Updated on October 19, 2012
gangster squad poster
gangster squad poster | Source
gangster squad poster
gangster squad poster | Source
gangster squad poster
gangster squad poster | Source
Ryan Gosling to continues his on-stage chemistry with Emma Stone.
Ryan Gosling to continues his on-stage chemistry with Emma Stone. | Source
gangster squad poster
gangster squad poster
gangster squad poster
gangster squad poster

Gangster Squad (2013)

“Gangster Squad” is a crime movie that is set to be released by Warner Bros. Pictures in January 11, 2012. This film is based on a true story and is directed by Reuben Fleischer who is a well-known American film director. The screenplay is written by Will Beal. It stars well-known actors like Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Nick Nolte, Emma Stone and Sean Penn.

Reuben Fleischer is known for directing the very popular post-apocalyptic movie entitled “Zombieland” which is his first feature film. The second movie he directed was “30 Minutes or Less” which is a comedy film. “Gangster Squad” is his third. He is also an advertisement writer and a music video director. The humorous and interesting touch that was present in his first movie is an indicator that his third movie will be just as good or even better.

Many famous actors are also part of this film. Josh Brolin, who recently played as the young Agent K in “Men in Black 3,” will be playing the role of Sergeant John O’Mara. Canadian actor Ryan Gosling will be acting as Sergeant Jerry Wooters. Emma Stone, who won numerous awards, will be appearing in the movie as Grace Faraday. Many people think that this is a good opportunity for Ryan Gosling to continue his on-stage chemistry with Emma Stone. They were the stars in the romantic comedy-drama film “Crazy Stupid Love” which was directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Frequa. American actor Nick Nolte will be acting as Chief Bill Parker. Sean Penn will be playing the role of a famous Los Angeles gangster named Mickey Cohen.

The combination of actors is definitely an assurance the movie will be great. Most of these actors have long careers and a lot of experience. Many of them also had been in blockbuster movies and have won various TV and movie awards.

“Gangster Squad” is set sometime between the 1940s and the 1950s. It is about LAPD detectives who are fighting against a large Mafia organization in the East Coast that is led by Mickey Cohen. During this time, crime is widespread and gangs were in control of the streets. A small group of detectives led by Sergeant John O’Mara and Jerry Wooters were tasked to clean the streets of Los Angeles and regain control over the city.

The shooting for this film began on September 6, 2011 and ended on December 15, 2011. The movie was planned to be released on September 7, 2012. However, because of the 2012 Aurora shooting, the release date was moved.

The 2012 Aurora shooting is a mass shooting that happened in July 20, 2012 in Aurora, Colorado where a gunman set off tear gas and fired at the audience during the midnight screening of the film “The Dark Knight Rises.” Reports say that 12 were killed and 58 injured. The trailer of “Gangster Squad” had a scene where gangsters were shooting at people going to the movies. Because of the similarities it had with the incident in Aurora, Colorado, this particular trailer was stopped from being played before films. This scene was also an important part of the movie and had to be removed. This required re-shooting several scenes which then led to the release date being pushed back.

The movie’s trailer gives a good glimpse of many aspects of the movie. There are several versions of the trailer that are available. The longest one is featured in the movie’s official webpage.

The trailer begins with the portrayal of the violence that was widespread during that time. The costumes accurately illustrates the time between the 1940s and 1950s. The props and setup gives the right mood to describe dark times when mobs, instead of the government, were in control of a city. The trailer then moved on to the detectives who will then be fighting against the gang led by Mickey Cohen. There were only a few of these detectives going against an entire mob. The few-against-many type of story that is used in this movie adds to the suspense. There were also parts of the trailer that showed encounters between the detectives and the gang. The stunts, acting, and the special effects are also great. These clearly tell that this is a great action movie.

“Gangster Squad” is definitely a movie to watch in 2013. Action and crime movie fans will surely be delighted with this movie. The trailers have impressed many people and the line-up of actors, actresses, and the direction of Reuben Fleischer gives an assurance that this movie will satisfy the expectations of viewers.


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