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Garth Brooks At Wynn Las Vegas ~ A Show Always Worth Seeing

Updated on September 2, 2013

The Amazing Garth Brooks Is Always Worth Going To See

The amazingly talented musician and singer, Garth Brooks.
The amazingly talented musician and singer, Garth Brooks. | Source
Garth put on a simple, flawless performance at the Wynn Encore showroom here in Las Vegas.
Garth put on a simple, flawless performance at the Wynn Encore showroom here in Las Vegas. | Source

Our First Time Seeing Garth Brooks!

After seeing Garth Brooks for our first time at the Wynn Hotel Encore showroom here in Las Vegas, I have to say, NOW I understand all the hype that has surrounded Garth Brooks for all these years! He is not only an amazing singer, but he is a real entertainer as well. Being a true entertainer the way that Garth is can be a difficult feat for some artists to accomplish, but Garth looks right at home up on that stage in front of any audience.

Spending an evening with Garth Brooks at the Wynn felt like we were simply a small audience in a living room someplace with a friend, who just happened to be Garth Brooks. He began by telling us about his childhood growing up in small town Oklahoma. He went on to talk about his experiences being the last of six children and about all of his musical influences as a child and as a young man. Then he went into his storied and almost three decade career. And boy does he ever have a collection of interesting stories to tell!

Even though he was retired for about nine years, he announced a few years ago that he was coming out of retirement in 2009 to do shows here in Las Vegas at the Wynn Encore theater. He was signed to do shows here for five years and when we saw him he was in his third year of that contract.

It was interesting to hear all about the musical influences throughout his lifetime and to hear some neat stories about the early influences that he was able to meet and get to know after his career began. He talked about those heroes of his whom he met after he became successful and about some of the heroes that he has been lucky enough to become friends with.

For those who have seen Garth before in concert, this was not your traditional concert experience. It is more intimate and personal, and he intertwined stories from his childhood with the songs from the times that influenced him. This included a very humorous take on the 1960s, a decade when no one could understand the lyrics of songs.

He is such a wonderfully warm, funny and charismatic person. It is little wonder that his fans have fallen in love with the charming entertainment style of Garth. He makes an almost instant connection with people that not all entertainers are able to make. He is like the guy next door who happens to sing.... REALLY well!

He has a captivating and enthralling way of telling a story, and he fills his superb storytelling with so much emotion that you know he has quite a tale to tell. He tells his stories very eagerly and expressively. Now this show was very simple. No fireworks, no flying through the air, no expensive props - two water bottles, a stool... and a couple of guitars that he switched back and forth. He sometimes played while he talked and he sang snippets from the songs of other artists, as well as his own signature songs.

The first half of the show, he didn't do a lot of his material, simply because he was busy relating stories from his childhood and young adulthood. When he talked about influences, he also performed covers of some of the songs that were popular in those eras, and those songs were brilliantly performed by a super talented man.

In fact, when Garth was first introduced and ran out onstage, he got a standing ovation. My husband looked over at me and said "he hasn't even DONE anything yet!" I guess just the mention of his name gets a standing "O".

Backstage With Garth ~

We Weren't Sure What To Expect At This Show!

When we decided to go to this show, we really didn't know what it was going to be like. We had heard all about concerts Garth used to do in the 1990s and early into 2000. We heard stories of high-energy shows with Garth flying through the air hooked onto lift devices.

Those were the shows we remembered hearing about from all the publicity that surrounded them. This was a pleasant surprise for both of us, going into the Encore showroom at the Wynn hotel not knowing what to expect. The atmosphere was pretty much subdued. Garth himself provided all of the excitement necessary to make the show great.

A good friend who had seen the show a while back told me this show is "not a Garth Concert", but a great experience. And she was right. It was a totally different way of seeing Garth, and it was interesting, amusing and fun!

He is a fantastic storyteller, as is evidenced through his unique songs, but he also knows how to really tell a story in an entertaining way with just a microphone and by walking back and forth across the stage. And all the time he was relating to and thoroughly captivating his audience.

One of the highlights of the show happened when he introduced his beautiful and talented wife, Trisha Yearwood. She came out and sang two songs, and she and Garth told the part of the story from when they first met and a little bit about her career. This was our first time seeing Trisha sing live as well, and she is simply amazing. She has the voice of an angel.

The songs she did were "She's In Love With The Boy" and the beautiful "Walkaway Joe." Simply amazing, her voice has a clarity and pureness to it that one never gets tired of hearing. And she is a beautiful lady as well. I guess what I would tell Garth in person if I ever got that chance is "buddy, you definitely married UP"... and you know something, I think he would most likely agree with that statement.

Garth And Trisha, Both Very Talented!

Garth and Trisha from a 2011 appearance.
Garth and Trisha from a 2011 appearance. | Source

Interesting Stories From Garth's Career

Some of the most fascinating moments in this show happened when Garth was talking about various people he has worked with throughout his career, including artists, producers and other interesting show business professionals.

Some of the funniest stories were from meeting his musical and personal heroes. One especially humorous moment was his story of meeting James Taylor for the first time. And another very memorable story came from when he was supposed to sing a Bob Dylan song. Someone had put him up to doing a song by Dylan, but there was just one problem... no one understood a word Bob Dylan SANG in the song. The way Garth relayed this story was hilarious.

The Second Half Of The Show...

In the second half of the show, Garth went on to talk about his early career days and told the audience some of the stories about the influences behind his music. This part was just as fascinating as the stories from his childhood growing up in Oklahoma were.

He touched pretty much on all of his biggest hits. Since he has such a HUGE catalog of songs, I know that from what he performed that it must have been pretty difficult to narrow his set list down to the songs that he DID do in this show. I'm sure there were those who left the show thinking "but he didn't sing__________ (insert name of song here). For him to sing everything that he has made so tremendously popular, he would have been there for hours.

As it was, the show lasted for two hours and the time went so fast it was amazing. That is the hallmark of a really great performer, when they can make time go by so fast you have no idea where it went, and you know that you were totally entertained.

One of the neat things about this show actually happened after the show was over. Garth came back out onstage to thunderous applause and did an encore, ending the show with perhaps his best known anthem "Friends In Low Places." And the audience was of course singing along... loudly.

After the show was over and when we left the theater, the audience was walking down a corridor leading to the casino and they spontaneously broke out into the song "Friends In Low Places." This was the first time I had ever experienced a response like this from an audience! Usually when you leave a show, everyone is talking amongst themselves about the show, about where they are going next, about lots of things.

But for most of the audience to break into a song spontaneously... I would probably attribute that to the *** Magic*** of a true entertainer, Mr. Garth Brooks.

Of course, Garth finished his Las Vegas run in November of 2012 at the Wynn Hotel. He is expected to return to the Wynn one more time to tape a special that I'm sure will eventually be available in DVD form for his fans. He and Trisha both had a fantastic run here in Las Vegas, and we wish all the best to Garth as he embarks on his new world tour which begins in the Spring of 2014.


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    • KathyH profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Waukesha, Wisconsin

      He really is, shining! :) He is like the energizer bunny... he keeps going and going and going! :) Thanks for stopping by! :)

    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 

      6 years ago from Upstate, New York

      I've never been blessed to see him in person but he is one of my favorite human beings. It sounds like he is many shows within a show.

    • KathyH profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Waukesha, Wisconsin

      Thanks so much, angel4967! I appreciate that! :) It really was an excellent show, Garth is SO talented! :)

    • angel4967 profile image

      Cindy Pierre 

      6 years ago from Nevada

      Excellent review!


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