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Geek self-evaluation guide

Updated on June 14, 2010

Think positive, the title for this post is "Geek self-evaluation guide" but as it's only related with computers it also could be "Computer addict self evaluation guide". But as I will try to highlight computer skills/habits let's say geek instead of computer addict. I do most of the things I'm going to explain here but I don't consider me a geek, I don't think that only your opinion would be enough to consider yourself a geek. And more, I don't think that you can consider yourself a geek. Your friends, colleagues, workmates and family have to do this job for you. If they are calling you geek maybe it's time to follow this guide. This is the reason why this ¿self? evaluation guide does not make much sense but hope that, at least, you will find it amusing.

Let's spread geek love

Try to answer this questions, and feel free to let us know more about you by answering them on a comment.

Is your computer 24 hours per day turned on?
If you have answered no, Is turning on your computer the first thing you do when you wake up?
If you work with computers, Is turning on your computer the first thing you do when you arrive from the office?
Is your computer your main hobby? Do you spend more hours per day on your computer than any other thing: watching TV, reading, ...?
Do you prefer staying at home in front of your computer instead of meeting with your friends?
Do you prefer talking programming languages than just only English?
Do you laugh when somebody tells you that has discovered Facebook too late? Assuming you have a Facebook account for long time.
Do you spend long time on computer just for fun, without expecting nothing else?
Do you have more than one computer only for you: Your own desktop computer? Another one working as your server? A laptop for using when you are away from home? A smartphone?
Do you have a mobile Internet connection for using it when you are away from home?
Do you take your laptop with you when you are on holidays?
Do you feel nervous or upset when your computer or your Internet connection is broken or they don't work as expected?
Do you love beta versions? Do you prefer new cool features instead of a stable software?
Do you crash your computer often just because you can't stop testing new things?

There are many more questions out there but I still think that's enough to check your computer "geekism" level. If you answered yes to most of this questions maybe your friends are already calling you geek.
Maybe most of your answers are just: No! That's not my way of life.

Please notice that most geeks are tech-passionate but you can also be a whatever-geek. As you can see, here you have the anatomy of a star-wars geek.

Images from Geek & Tonic.

You can read a Spanish translation of this post on my site: "Guía de autoevaluación Geek"


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