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Geetu Mohandas - Malayalm Actress

Updated on June 16, 2011

Geetu Mohandas is another actress who is much popular in Malayaml cinema .she started he film career as child artist and she did her first film at the age of five. Her first film “onnu Mudhal Poojayam Vare” is a super hit and she got so many critics for the performance which she mode on this film. After that film she acted so many films in Malayalam and Tamil language. She is much famous as south Indian cinema star and won several state and regional award for her performance. She is really talented and wonderful Malayalam actress who has much potential in performance arts and dancing’s too.

Nala Damayanthi, Kannaki, Ullam , Life is beautiful , Seetha Kalayanam and Akshay Gopuram are the most hit and memorable films which she acted on her past years. Most of Geetu mohoandas performance is based on Malayalam cinema and she manages to build good reputation in Malayalam industry. She is very active and attractive actress in Malayalam cinema. She got married in year of 2009 to cinematographer Rajiv Ravi. She is much popular film actress in Malayalam cinema and has great talent and potential on performing arts. She also did some minor and supportive roles in films which she acted and most of her performances are focused to improve the glamour in the screen.

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