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"Gemini Man" Movie Review

Updated on December 17, 2021
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Nathan is a film critic and aspiring author with a true passion for the film industry who hopes his writings will help launch his career.

Where's the boundary between science and playing God? What's truly ethical? These are the types of questions that Gemini Man asks, if you're willing to listen. Where some may see a standard action film, I see a philosophical "what if" film that speaks volumes on the principle that just because we can doesn't mean we should.

The film follows Henry Brogan, the world's top sniper who is ready to finally retire. After what he thinks is his last mission, he receives intel that the man he just killed wasn't a terrorist but was instead a scientist who had done nothing wrong. When Henry began asking questions, the government pushed back. Now, Henry's on the run from his clone and his own government and must figure out who's been making these clones and why the info on the hits had been falsified.

Wow, technology has truly advanced. Comparing young Will Smith to de-aged Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy, it's amazing how far we've come. It won't be long before the de-aging process will be a thing of the past. What more could they possibly do? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

There wasn't a whole lot of action, and what there was was pretty normal, but I have to give a big thumbs up for both director Ang Lee and Will Smith for the motorcycle sequence. That whole scene was remarkably well-done and absolutely mind-blowing.

The philosophical questions the film presented were important and relevant, especially in today's world. I honestly am surprised we haven't heard of anyone trying to use clones for warfare. However interesting, the film did not present anything new. There's been different phases of warnings on humans being replaced for many years. Robots, drones, and clones have been the big three for decades. While Ang Lee had good intentions, the film felt like treading water in a lot of ways.

The big negative of the film was a giant plothole that was never really answered. There was an attempt at an answer, but that just raised more questions. Maybe that was the point, but it could have been approached in a better way.

In conclusion, I did enjoy the film. It was a good way to relax for the evening and enjoy a good story. I can't help but wonder, though, if the film could have actually been great had there been more effort applied. I give the film a 2.5 out of 4.

© 2019 Nathan Jasper


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