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George Bush Muse behind Avatar

Updated on February 4, 2012

I recently read a quote by director James Cameron with regard to his movie Avatar. It confirmed something I suspected long before reading his quote.

The following was found on a Podcast radio ad: The most successful film of all time—Avatar—was inspired by George W. Bush. “I was writing the film in early ’05,” director James Cameron tells us. “We were at the peak of the fighting in the Iraq War. I was reacting to the fact that I was infuriated by us going into Iraq in the first place.”

He was not infuriated by the fact that Saddam Hussein told the world and the world believed (including the UN and almost every single member of the U.S. Congress as well as the Senate at the time), that he had weapons of mass destruction. Weapons he had every intent upon using against the United States. Added to the fact, Saddam openly supported, by harboring and abetting terrorists, those who wished to repeat events like 9-11.

In the wake of 9-11, was he not to be taken seriously? According to James Cameron (and others of his ilk), we were the evil ones. Not those intent upon destroying Americans and the American way of life. More explicitly, George W. Bush was the enemy. Vicious murderous dictators like Saddam Hussein and his sons are A-OK with Jim. HUssein and sons used women in unspeakable torture chambers for their sick sexual perversions. A leader who slaughtered 40,000 Kurds, his own citizens, dumping their bodies in mass graves. Try to imagine 40,000 people in a crowd, no less snuffed out sometime. The mind can’t wrap itself around such evil. I only touch upon a few "highlights" of his reign of terror.

When my husband served in Iraq, he was stationed at a headquarters in one of Saddam's old palaces. He took photos of one of the places Saddam used to torture his victims. It was an emptied swimming pool. Blood stained the walls and the ladder that was once used to exit the pool. It is impossible to imagine what this man did to his so-called "enemies."

Yet George Bush is the man Cameron got his shorts all twisted about. Yep, one thing you can say about James, he sure has his priorities straight! What a piece of work this “great” director is…

There are none so blind (and utterly devoid of intelligence) as those of a liberal mind-set who will not see.

I have said on my Hubs before, I can’t possibly boycott everything. I can’t stop buying goods and services of every suspected enemy of our country. I refer here to the enemies from within – mainly Democrats and liberals.

However, I can give it a good shot. That is why I knew not to pay one dime to see “Avatar” even though I’m a movie buff. I knew Cameron was a “screamer” – and just a dab of internet research revealed that although Cameron wouldn’t speak then of it publicly, the movie he made was anti-Bush. The rumors were rife with suspicions. A glance at the plot and it wasn't difficult to figure out.

I’m not only a movie buff, but other than the news (I confess, I am a news junkie), it’s my main T.V. enjoyment these days.

So it was tempting for me to throw caution to the wind and just go see that movie as it was over-the-top hyped. People talked about it. It was all over the place even before it hit the theaters. It was a hot, hot topic for quite a long time. Before, during and then after it’s release especially with regard to the assured Oscar statues it would earn.

But I wouldn’t succumb. I’m glad I didn’t. Cameron – a coward to say the kindest thing I can say about him – never even alluded (publicly) to his specific hateful, political intent with his movie prior and during its release. Also, he never mentioned it afterwards when there was Oscar talk.

If he was truly a man of conviction, he would have shouted his message from the rooftops and not have concerned himself with an Oscar nod (or lack thereof).

If he was an honest man of righteousness beyond his riches (which he seems to use as his personal subjective method to redemption) he would have made his hatred of George W. Bush abundantly clear from the onset especially with regard to why he made this movie.

However, he did not. What a hero. NOW he talks openly and publicly about his political intent with Avatar . Obviously, he remained silent at first for self-serving reasons.

I finally did see Avatar. It was during an extended free use of HBO. So I really didn’t pay to see it and I’m satisfied that while it was a visually captivating movie, it didn’t live up to the tremendous hype.

It was the best selling movie of all time taking in over 1 billion dollars. But we all know the saying, “Money isn’t everything.”

I must confess, I was deeply satisfied that Cameron’s movie didn’t win the Oscars he so smugly anticipated. The movie won only three technical awards – a snub by the coveted Holy Grail of Hollywood and all things cinema. I revel in that snub. He got what he deserved. Technically, the movie was stunning. Story wise? It was merely a much-overused liberal retread.

Big bad corporate take-over of land (think rain forest destruction much decried by liberals for decades), greedy corporate heads destroying things just to make money. Bad, evil military bent on callously murdering innocent people and the liberal “do-gooders” winning in the end.

Unique? Hardly. Script genius? I’ve heard better dialogue from a Saturday cartoon my granddaughter watches.

Directing cudos? What or who was there to direct? It was more of an editing and special effects digital creation and manipulation which is where the Oscars focused.

I don’t say this lightly. I really tried to step back and see it merely as an avid movie-lover. There is no doubt it had brilliant, cutting edge special effects and visuals.

The rest was simply average, to include the over-acting by the digital as well as the real actors.

I’m glad the Oscar committee got something right for a change and Cameron discovered, he really isn’t the king of the world after all...


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    • cjv123 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Michigan

      You've got that right Tim! Thanks for the comment.


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Carol -

      I still haven't seen Avatar and it sounds like I'm not missing much. Just more brain washing.

      All the Best,


    • cjv123 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Michigan

      I think anyone who has the powers of observation and some sense would know of the hate campaign against anything or anyone who upholds conservative, Judeo/Christian, Republican or pro-American views. It's still amazing to me how the media gets away with it!

      Thanks for leaving your thoughts Michael

    • Michael Adams1959 profile image

      Isaiah Michael 

      7 years ago from Wherever God leads us.

      I did not see the movie ( guess only one not to see it) so I was unaware of the hidden views in the movie, I do agree with Willstar about the media and the hate scheme they have and had over Bush.

    • eovery profile image


      7 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      Yeah, I saw the anti corporation and war theme of the show. It bothered me at the time.

      Keep on hubbing!

    • cjv123 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Michigan

      Nicomp - I had forgotten that! Thank you! Very important fact as well!


    • cjv123 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Michigan

      WIll - you yourself made some important points. The irrational hatred of George Bush was perpetuated by a complicit media.

      Thanks for adding in a positive way to this discussion.


    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 

      7 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Great points.

      Nor was JC (James Cameron) infuriated with the repeated violations of the no-fly zone by Hussein's Air Force.

    • WillStarr profile image


      7 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      The demonizing of George W. Bush and the war in Iraq by the left wing medai is ongoing simply because it's such a great success. Due to the media demonizing, most Americans opposed both Bush and the war, although hindsight is now kicking in and that view is slowly changing.

      We have to remember that the same media that so opposed to invading Iraq to put a halt to the ongoing genocide, was at the same time demanding that we go to Darfur to put a halt to the ongoing genocide.

      Excellent points as always. Voted up and useful.


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