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George Lucas getting married

Updated on January 5, 2013

Marriage may have been a little taboo in his films (poor Anakin and Padme), but Star Wars creator, director and head honcho George Lucas is showing no real-life reticence to the idea after his engagement to long-time romantic partner Mellody Hobson.

Linked together since 2006, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Lucas and Hobson reportedly got engaged sometime during the holiday season. There are no details regarding the nature of the proposal, nor when or where the wedding may take place. The chances of Jedi lining the aisle with lightsabers upraised is high. (No jokes about stormtroopers and the Imperial March, please.)

Hardly a small name herself, Hobson is the president of Ariel Investments, LLC and the chairman of DreamWorks Animation. She also makes regular appearances on television offering financial advice. The pair met at a business conference - possibly the only place a filmmaker and a financial businesswoman could meet, says Lucas.

The announcement comes on the coattails of Disney's multi-billion-dollar purchase of Lucasfilm, a massive amalgamation that also saw the announcement of new Star Wars films in the future. Lucas will reportedly put most of the money earned from the purchase into charitable causes. Good on you, George.


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