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George Street, Newfoundland's Favorite Party Spot!

Updated on August 17, 2009

George Street is located in downtown St. John's, Newfoundland. It is the number one party spot and consists of the most bars per square foot in all of North America. If you are ever planning a trip to Newfoundland, you should plan it around the 'George Street Festival', a party you will never remember but won't forget (I'll let you think about that lol). The festival lands on the last Thursday of July and ends the following Tuesday night. Another great time to visit George Street is 'Mardi Gras Festival' (Halloween Weekend). Friday Night of Mardi Gras is the Bead Competition and Saturday Night is the Costume Competition. Both of these festivals cost 15 dollars a night and has outdoor live entertainment until 11ish. The street is closed off for people 19+ during the festivals and allow you to drink on the street until 2am (outdoors! in public! ...great isn't it lol) PLUS the 15 dollars you pay gets you into every bar on the street without paying individual cover. Are you intrigued yet? You should be :)

Main Clubs,Pubs, and Dance Bars on George Street.

  • The Sundance
  • Club One
  • The Beer Market
  • Dusk UltraLounge
  • GreenSleeves
  • Karaoke Kops
  • Konfusion
  • Rob Roys
  • The Rockhouse
  • Trapper John's
  • Bridie Molloys
  • Lotties Place
  • Martini Bar
  • O'Reillys
  • The Dock
  • Christian's
  • Kelly's
  • The Fat Cat
  • Turkey Joes


The Sundance, Club One, The Beer Market, and Dusk Ultralounge are attached so one cover charge gets you in to all of these bars. Great for all ages (as long as you are legal of course). The Sundance is a dance bar, Club One has live music, The Beer Market is laid back with live music on selected nights, and Dusk Ultralounge is a classy bar with a slight dress code and great lighting.

The Martini Bar has 2 levels. The lower level (once called Peddlers) has a DJ for entertainment while the upper level usually has live entertainment. This bar has a dress code but isn't as strict when entering from the lower level.   

Christian's and Trapper John's are great places to go if you want to get Screeched in (a great experience for tourists). See for more information. O'Reillys, Bridie Molloys and Greensleeves along with Christians and Trapper John's focus on the Newfoundland music scene more than other bars and pubs on the street.  

One cover charge gets you into Konfusion and Rob Roys. Konfusion is a dance club that the barely legal kids tend to go to. If you love hip hop music, and are younger than 25 then this is a great club for you. Rob Roys is generally a mixed age population with live music.

The Rockhouse has a great layout that features live entertainment (Alternative Rock) most nights and DJ music on other nights.

The Fat Cat has live entertainment of blues and jazz.

Turkey Joes and Lotties have the same feel to them. Both have DJ music which consists of alternative, hip hop, classic rock, etc. Something for everyone to enjoy. The big difference in the two...Lotties has free cover! The Dock also attracts the same type of crowd as these two bars.

Karaoke Kops...the name speaks for itself :) If you love karaoke you will have to drop into this spot.

Weekly Highlights!

  • Monday Nights - Turkey Joe's (Happy Hour All Night)
  • Tuesday Nights - Rob Roy's and Konfusion (2 Dollar Beers and HighBalls)
  • Wednesday Nights - O'Reillys and Shamrock City For Live Newfie Music
  • Thursday Nights - 3 for $5 beer and highballs at Konfusion, Rob Roys and The Dock!
  • Friday and Saturday Nights - EVERYWHERE on the Street is Goood!
  • Sunday Nights - Turkey Joes (Ladies Night)

To find out what is happening on George Street tonight, check out the following website 


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    • profile image

      Joney Berting 7 years ago

      Had the best time ever, no matter what your age, I suggest you take the time to stop in there.