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George Tsoukalis: "Just Another Einsteino-centric Star-Trek Geek--Or Is He A Frig'n Alien"?

Updated on May 18, 2012

"Tsoukalicious" or just "suspicious"?

Crack-head Or Crack-pot...But Is He Right, After All?

By now, we've all seen him: late-night on "Ancient Aliens", sporting his ironically trademark "Einstein-Suits" on the History Channel, his curly hair swept up in a cliche mushroom cloud. George Tsoukalis appears to be an intelligent man with a lot of insightful answers, and the purpose of this article is not to knock his work--but to ultimately try and figure out exactly what the f--k he is! He appears human, but is he? Is he really? And from where in the hell in the United Federation does he glean his four-one-one? Hmmm... Let's think about this for a moment.

At first glance, one assumes the "crack-monster" paid a visit and never left--I mean the hair, the bug-eyes, the sometimes "Unshaven-Yak" face, it all takes a toll on ones' character. It's sometimes hard to place stock in the words of a man who looks like he just crawled out of the ass-end of some crack-shack! I dunno...and then to try and convince the world that little, gray, men, and other space-farming species, engineered man to be their finest "home-grown"? Okay...I can even buy this crap, I mean, you offer some good supporting, (evasive) evidence, all twisted together into the grand scheme of all things...and it all sounds pretty-good, I must admit. And as far as 2012, well, what in the hell can I, or anyone else, do about it? But since you seem to have some connections, why not just beam down some of that terrible, ass-rattle'n, Kling-on, Kung-Fu, crap from the mothership, and help us all out a little? Hit that ''ol butter" a few more times and the little green bastards will probably be leap'n out of the dam TV! Who knows?

Anyway, about all this alien crap--I mean, what is up with all that? We get the point. As a species--we're pretty-much screwed! Whether it's a meteor, a messiah, or a martian, or solar flares from the anus of some pissed-off deity, it all pans out about the same--we're screwed. So, what else 'ya got for now us now? I mean, I liked the piece on the disappearing Nazi space-gizmo, and all the bass you played over sonic horn-weapons--but seriously man: "you need to adjust your medication, a little, so we can tune-in to whatever mind-waves you're receiving (cause they're definitely not from public broadcasting)"!

If you don't mind, I ask that you please take a moment to honestly answer the following question--it will only be used to prove a point...

Thank you.

An Honest Vote:

How much credit--if any--do you give Dr. Tsoukalis's work?

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The mother-ship?


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    • Alvis Woodall profile image

      Alvis Woodall 4 years ago from Hico, Texas

      First dude FIX YOUR HAIR! Next your way outside of the box ideas have fallen completely off the table. Not every little thing you can't easily explain means there alien intervention somehow sometimes things just happen. Next I want to know who it is that pays you to sit and think this stuff up because I have some really good ideas and I think someone would love to pay me for them if they heard them.

    • ptosis profile image

      ptosis 6 years ago from Arizona

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    • ptosis profile image

      ptosis 6 years ago from Arizona

      I have no idea who George Tsoukalis is - but if you google images - YOUR profile image is on the top line! Whoah! And this url is on the first page!

      Great SEO.

      Does this guy really exist? Give me a link.

      All I get is "Giorgio Tsoukalicious"