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Georgia Films: The Fast and Furious

Updated on September 5, 2019
Ryan Cornelius profile image

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, copywriter, and song writer.


Craig Miller of the Georgia Films, Music and Digital Entertainment Advisory Commission said that Atlanta is now ready to take advantage of the opportunities presented to their city. In the 20th century it has been proven that they are. Filming some of the biggest movies with scenes there. To name a few there was Selma, For Colored Girls, Thor: Ragonrok, Spiderman: Homecoming and many more. Recent ones done these year Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, and Ant-Man and the wasp. One of the biggest franchises in the film industry wanted in on the deal shooting scenes in ATLANTA. Fast 5, Furious 7 and the Fate and the Furious.

Fast 5

The fast and furious franchise wanted to make the franchise about more than just racing cars so in this one they put a little spin on it. In the start of the film they stole an important set of cars. One was more vital than the others. This scene took place in Rio, Brazil named Hernan Reyes. That more important vehicle held something that the biggest drug lord in Rio wanted. While Dominic Toretto, Mia Toretto and Brian O Connor were together in hiding with the car they find that they are not only being hunted by the henchmen of the Reyes. The other hunting them was a secret federal agent named Luke Hobbs. After they were tracked down they became fugitives on the run. They left the car behind but took what Reyes wanted with them. That was a simple chip. The Chip held all of Reyes accounts which was all his money. So, they decided to put together a team. Not just any team but their former team in the other movies. The final phase of this film was filmed in ATLANTA, GA. There, they transformed a defunct train yard into an abandoned auto plant that became the team’s headquarters. Reyes knew who they were and knew they were coming so he doubled the security to guard everything. It looked to work but the practice paid off. They took his money. They also killed him.

Furious 7

There were little to no scenes of the next film in the franchise in Atlanta but they made sure to come back for the 7th one. Agent Luke Hobbs has seen them to not be criminals He saw them hunting down the bad guys and giving them what they deserved. Hobbs hunting skills will be a great factor on their team so he decided to help. In this film the brother of the bad guy in the last film named Deckard Shaw was hunting down the team to avenge his brother. He started off at agent Luke Hobb’s office after hours. Obtaining the data of the team that almost killed his brother. Unaware of what is getting ready to happen Dominic, his sister Mia and Brian are enjoying family life. While they were at their home they get a suspicious package. That package was a bomb. A bomb that was delivered by Deckard Shaw. Dominic knew what he needed. He went out and put together his old team. Together, they defeated Shaw.

The Fate of the Furious

In this most recent one of the franchise the team suffered a lost in real life. The Loss of Paul Walker. Walker played Brian o’ Conner. He lost his life in a single car crash during the film before. Out of respect, His role as Brian was never filled. In Fast 5 it the team visited Rio, brazil, in fast 6 London, in furious 7 Dubai and now they visit Cuba in this one. There were scenes filmed in exotic locations most of the movies. In the states, ATLANTA was one of the locations for the film. At this point, Toretto and his crew are more of a family than just friends. Their love for one another showed in the movie. Those films of the past had male bad person that the team always defeated but in this one wasn’t so much the same. The bad person in this film was a female. Her name was Cipher. Cipher was a cyberterrorist. She knew something that Dominic Toretto did not know until Dominic was shown it. He had a child. Cipher had the child and the mother of it in her custody and she used it to get his attention. She wanted Dominic to work for her. Dominic did what he needed to for his family. While doing so, his relationship with his friends seemed to be deteriorating. Before it was all over he turned around. He got the help that he needed to defeat cipher.


The film industry in Georgia became the largest among the united states. While producing many of the major films ATLANTA was one of the places. The history, culture and charismatic part of Georgia’s state capital speaks for it loud and clear. Last year there was a huge economic boost because of it. Currently, films are filmed all over Georgia but ATLANTA is the center of it all. It does not look to stop anytime soon. Atlanta wanted to be the Hollywood of the south and it has earned the right to have that title.

© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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    • Charles S Frank profile image

      Charles S Frank 

      21 months ago from LOS ANGELES

      I am telling you! I live in LA, and I'm thinking of packing my things and moving to Atlanta. It's too saturated and the taxes are way too high.

      I actually work with a production company. Lucky Frank Studios. We only make demo reels for actors in LA but one day, we want to make movies as well.

      Great Article

      Charles S. Frank


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