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How To Get A Break In Acting

Updated on May 22, 2013
Breaking  into  the  acting  business
Breaking into the acting business | Source

Where To Find Acting Jobs

If you are new to acting or if you have been doing it for a while,

You should get to be about ready to know the stress, and rejection

That comes with the acting profession,

If you have been acting for 20 years like me

Then you should already know a lot about the industry,

I started acting in early 1993 at a youth theatre,

The youth theatre is a good place to start acting

For children and teens,

If you have been acting for a long time,

Maybe you have come a long road with trying to find acting roles,

Or the right acting role, or a production that is suitable for you, along the way

You learn about auditions and dealing with rejection,

It's all part of getting a break in the acting profession, actors face more rejection

Than people in other professions,

Talented actors and actresses do go through the rejection process,

It all depends if they are right for the role or not,

Actors access is one of the best acting websites around depending

Where you live, and how many jobs are available at your location,

They list about ten productions per day in the los angeles area,

it costs $68 a year, or $ 2.00 per submission to submit to a project, it;s better to pay

A yearly subscription, you could cancel at any time within the year

So you wouldn't have to pay for another year,

If actors access is not available in your area they should be

Some other acting websites that list acting productions,

That you would find helpful in submitting to acting advertisements,

Searching the internet for acting opportunities is a way to find

Acting jobs in your area,

The backstage west paper has a lot of opportunities in

Finding acting jobs, or any other stage paper would usually have

Casting advertisements, and casting calls,

You would usually be required to email a photo called a headshot,

And a resume with your information on it, age range,

Hair color, eye color, weight, height, ect,

Along with your credits what you have done,

If you are starting out as an actor or actress,

you might not have done much acting, you would need to put your

Training, acting classes, on your resume aswell,

Your resume usually needs to be typed on a computer,

if you have an acting demo reel you could email that aswell,

Criaigslist is a free website to submit to acting advertisements,

It doesn;t cost anything to email a photo, resume through criaigslist,

Acting jobs on criaigslist can usually be found on the tv/film/video

Selection and the talent category.

Submitting To Acting Advertisements

the  backstage  west  paper
the backstage west paper | Source
criaigslist  is  a  free  website
criaigslist is a free website | Source


An acting headshot is a professional photo

That opens many doors in the acting industry,

It is usually taken by a professional photographer,

Searching the internet for headshot deals is an idea that you might consider,

They are a lot of photographers on criaigslist that charge beween $100-$200

Some cheap headshot photographers cost under $100

Other photographers sometimes do free photo seasons

If they are looking for new faces for there books,

You don't need to go to an expensive photographer,

I have been to expensive photograhers years ago,

These headshot photo seasons don't always get you the acting gig,

What gets you the acting job is how confident you look in your headshot,

And how you do at an audition.

Audition Books


Going to acting auditions is a process that

Every actor and actress has to go through to get

A break in the acting industry,

Most of the time you would be getting rejection,

Sometimes you might get the part in your first few auditions by chance,

At the audition you'll read from a script sometimes on camera.

Acting Class

there  are  a  lot  of  acting  classes
there are a lot of acting classes | Source

Acting Video Demo Reel

Considering making a video of yourself acting

A script saying lines is alright,

It is a good idea to display your acting talent,

And emailing your performance to acting advertisements,

If you are asked for an acting tape,

I have made a lot of acting video demo reels,

Of myself acting a script, saying lines,

Uploading acting videos to youtube is excellent to display your talents.


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