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Get Out (2017) : Movie Review

Updated on November 12, 2019
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As an avid movie watcher with a Bachelor's in Creative Writing, Aurelie is uniquely qualified to review and give opinions on Movies.


Get Out Introduction (2017)

Get Out (2017) is a horror movie directed by Jordan Peele in his directorial debut (super awesome at that.) We follow Chris Washington played by Daniel Kaluuya who is invited to his new girlfriend's, Rose Armitage played by Allison Williams, family home for the first time. Rose leads Chris to believe he is the first African-American partner she's ever brought home. Despite Chris's best-friend's concerns about Chris attending this weekend getaway, Chris goes anyway.

Produced by Blumhouse Productions, QC Entertainment, and Monkeypaw Productions

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Get Out (2017) Breakdown

I am certain a lot of the excitement came from the fact that the director is Jordan Peele - but another part of it probably came from his seriousness in directing this movie especially coming from such a comical background (by that I mean all of his previous stuff was comedy) so this was such a drastic turn and it came out so well. He really did a great job on this movie, and how it opens a lot of issues and brings it forth to people who are blind to problems going on right now.

I can appreciate the fact that there was only one kind of jump scare in the movie, but it has a deeper meaning behind it.

The scariness of the movie is the subtle strangeness throughout until it is too late to do something about it. They appear to be a normal family, normal girlfriend, in a giant house, in the middle of nowhere.

There's also subtle hints to racism throughout the movie that Peele explained, most of them I did not get until I heard his interview, but then it all made sense. The Buck at the beginning, the cotton from the chair, just winks to real history and pain African-Americans had to experience/some still do.

It becomes a certain type of irony, that finally, the black guy survives the horror movie. But I get ahead of myself. I honestly did not know what to expect when watching this, I did not know how dark and creepy we would delve until all of the events began to unfold.

One of the most chilling scenes as confirmed by everyone would be the moment the maid cries while smiling broadly. It is a haunting view, because you can see and feel the struggle she's going through. In that moment you think oh no, it couldn't be what I think it is, this movie isn't going in THAT direction is it?

Another chilling moment is when he gets hypnotized, and falls into basically the abyss. Just floating in the space of nothingness. The tears running down his face but involuntarily, no sobs just the nonstop flow of liquid from his eyes as the room falls away and he's enveloped.

Another moment that makes your heart drop is when Chris asks for the keys, and we all realize that whatever is going on, the girlfriend is in on it. That moment really got me, the pure panic Chris was exhibiting only to be betrayed by someone he thought he could trust. Now he's at the mercy of this family, this group of strangers.

That type of terror really catches your breath, because it is something we could all understand. This movie does a great job making you feel for the character while feeling like you are the character.

This movie really was an amazing start for Jordan Peele to have as his first movie. So much so that other movies coming out after already reference Get Out as a part of culture now.

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Get Out (2017)

You appreciate the way this movie just... completely unnerves you. It makes you uncomfortable from the get go, but you don't know why. You just know there's something bad that will happen at the end. However, of course, if you've seen the movie you know how it ends. A barely escape kind of ending. And after you're done, leaving the theater, or turning off the TV it leaves you with a lot to think about doesn't it? If you were paying attention then you're left with a lot on your mind, racism in the past and the present. How we treat people, how so much is missed when we give people the benefit of the doubt only for them to betray us in the worst of ways.


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    • Sila Ozgoren profile image

      Sila Ozgoren 

      16 months ago

      Jordan Peele is a genius for writing this screenplay.


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