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Get Out Review:

Updated on March 1, 2017


1 star for Get out:


Warning. I'm not posting this review in the hopes of hatting on something that people like. I'm one in a few that couldn't understand why people liked this film so much and why critics are praising the hell out of it. I'm not trying to be "the only person" to hate *insert movie*. I'm simply stating my opinion on the film and why I didn't like it.

Get out is one of those films that comes along every year and gets fantastic reviews. However, it is extremely disappointing to me. Maybe it is the fact that people have rated it so high that it just can't live up to the hype of the film. However, Get Out is a whole different bread of animal. This film is like a Good, the Bad, and the Ugly to me. I don't understand the hype around the film. The borderline "pathetic" attempt at showing a social commentary was so laughingly bad that I broke out laughing as others were cheering or were freighted. The film tries too hard to give the audience these hard hitting situations that have plagued the United States ever since Obama came into term. Some of them do land and they seem to be comically powerful. However, a lot leave you wanting something more and don't ever fully develop or hit the way it should.

Chris Washington is visiting his girlfriend's parents for the first time. The only problem, they're awkwardly white. Though Washington goes along with it to support his girlfriend.There he finds strange things happening. People are acting very suspicious while all the black people are acting very weird. There's a darkness lurking in this town. Washington has to find out the problem and solve it before all hell breaks loose.

The film starts off with a fantastic approach on the social issues that have been consuming the U.S. There's a great scene with a cop that shows that racism, in certain areas, still exists. The mystery behind the film is what kept my attention and everything was quite fantastic. By the trailers you know what the film is going to be about and the film does a great job at giving little pieces of information for you to try and solve. It's like you're stuck in the same space he is and it's getting tighter and tighter as things start to not add up. The whole time you're hopping that it never consumes our main character Washington.

This is where the Get out shines and where it doesn't become so preachy. Though the twist comes and the message shifts. The message in beginning seemed to be a powerful black man that doesn't die at the beginning of a horror movie. He can spot the inconsistencies and the strange behaviors very quickly. The troupe that "the black guy always dies" in movies is completely turned on its head and changed into "he's a smart character that knows somethings wrong". Though things keep getting stranger and stranger, he keeps on staying. There is a sense of fearfulness but he's still wondering what's going on. This is great and all until the twist happens.


It is hard to talk about the things I don't like in the film without diving into a little spoiler territory. So jump to the last paragraph if you haven't seen the film.

The big twist in the film isn't that big of a twist when some puts a minor amount of attention on the film. Throughout the film Peele gives you hints at what's about to happen. It seems at first that everyone is in on it besides the girlfriend. Though there are too many things that seem out of place. Her lack of taking things seriously and the lack of emotion throughout of film was very telling.

The twist with her actually being in on it the whole time was one thing I told myself I would hate if the film went that route. It did. Look. I'm not trying to sit here and tell you that the film is trying to say this. However, it's very hard to deny the fact that every white person in the film is a villain. Now does this work in certain contexts? Of course. Of course a slavery film is going to show the bad things about whites. Of course a movie about an all-black group is going to show the bad things about whites. However, there is no emotional connection at all to the film after the twist in this film.

This small little idea wouldn't be as bad if the characters in the film if the film wasn't hitting you on the head that they don't really like white people. The main character obviously cares for his girlfriend but the whole social commentary just falls apart when you realize she's in on it. It would be absolutely more impacting if she grew up in the culture and learned to move past it. The bridge between the two cultures would have been made and the emotional weight of her having to fight her own "race" would have left a more of an impact on me. However, they wanted to trick you and ramp up the suspense. They wanted this situation of "white vs. black" and it just fell on its face. All the ending(after the twist) does is throw in troupes and cliches that get very tiring very quickly. Troupes where the good person is ultimately bad, where someone should have died but didn't, an ex-machina is thrown in, and even unexplained behaviors.

Why was the black people acting strange again? It turns out that they were being controlled by white people the whole time. They were surgically transferring people into different bodies. Why were the others acting strange for some reason? Was it to build tension and suspense that the movie didn't need? Was it to make it look like the people inside were crazy? Then why weren't the others at the party acting weird? It could be the fact that each one of the people were going a little insane from the procedure, but some of those that went under the procedure weren't acting crazy. It was quite confusing and the movie never addresses it. This might be a nickpick but it is a nickpick that deconstructs the whole film. All of these troupes turn what could have been a mysterious well constructed thriller into a cliched mediocre film.

Overall, the film is down right bad. People can like it and I respect what they are coming from. There are a lot of awesome moments in that first have and a lot of the second half got a lot people out of their seats. Though the parts that weren't funny were to funny and the parts that were funny just seemed forced. The films critique on social norms was quite amusing and relevant. However, those same critiques are deconstructed as soon as the twist happens. It makes the film into just another horror film for general audiences to like and critics to praise.



I am more interested in seeing this actor in more films. He was fantastic.
I am more interested in seeing this actor in more films. He was fantastic.

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