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Get Your Master Sounding Great With Mixing Services From True Professionals Of The Music Industry!

Updated on February 12, 2013

The internet and technology wave of the last decade has changed the way many things work, and one of the industries that is going through huge revolutions is the music industry. This is not taking place just in the area of people downloading and streaming music instead of buying CD's.

These shifts have happened in the past, and the music industry has always figured out how to keep going.

Audio Mixing

What is different about this revolution is the fact that the way music is being made is also shifting at groundbreaking speed.

For people who use samplers and drum machines to create their band and lay down nothing but vocals live to small jazz combos who lay everything down in one take, the modern digital recorders are very good at capturing truly first rate audio tracks.

In addition, there are some really nice microphones out now that capture great sound but don't cost nearly as much as the studio mics from 15 years ago.

Then people realize something that they didn't know. It is not enough to have great tracks on tape - it is essential that the tracks be clear, with as little noise as possible and there are types of technical data on microphones and mixing different instruments.

After the tracks are on 'tape' though, the real magic begins - that is mixing of the tracks into a 2 track stereo master. This is the really tricky part about getting a great recording, and which the salesmen of the new digital multitracks always leave out.

Truly Professional Mixing Service

Do your mixes always sound a bit off? The guitar is not loud enough or it overpowers everything, the vocals aren't clear, you can't hear the kick drum but the snare drum is excruciating?

The equipment is a big deal - the way a really nice board sounds, or the way classic tube compressors focus the sound of the mix.

Even more important than the equipment, though, is the skill of the person doing the mixdown and mastering of the tracks. mixing Audio Pros, thanks to computer technology and the speed of the internet, can now deliver a truly professional mix from the tracks which you or another studio has laid down.

The tracks are transferred via the internet - it is not hard to prepare them, and the mixing engineers want the tracks with as little manipulation as possible. They should be the tracks that were originally laid down with no EQ, no effects, no tweaking of any kind.

This will give the professionals at mixing Audio Pros the most to work with - they have a dedicated group of audio engineers who have been award winners in the business for years, and a customer can pick the one that they find best.

Once the tracks are assembled where the engineer is, some consulting will take place and the mix will be done. There are two minor revisions that are available for any mix - for instance, pull the second half of the guitar solo up a bit louder.

Your demo tapes no longer have to have a mediocre sound - now you can have true professional help with mixing down your master at a price that won't break the bank. Contact mixing Audio Pros to find out more info!


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