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Promote Your Band: Get Your Local Band Music Heard On Hubpages

Updated on February 16, 2009

Share Your Local Band Music On Hubpages

Your a local band and you want to promote your band and get your music heard on the internet. Hubpages is a web 2.0 site that allows anyone to write articles and share something with the world. Here is your chance to use hubpages to share your music with the world.

To Promote your band by getting your music on hubpages is just another way that you can spread the word about your local band and gain more loyal listeners. You want to be big someday right, getting your name out in lights, or at least in articles, is a step in the right direction towards becoming well known, maybe even famous

Local Band "One Fry Short"
Local Band "One Fry Short"

Step 1. Get Your Music On Youtube is a video based website that lets users upload their own videos. You can use this to your advantage to promote your band. Either by recording a live recording of you and your band playing your music, or by creating a music video of sorts and putting your music file to play against it.There are many ways to promote your band using youtube.

Get Your Music Online With Recording Software

2. Write An Article About Your Band

Use hubpages to promote your band by creating an article about your band, your music, or something related to your music. Your article will promote your band by reaching interested new listeners who love local bands. Using tags such as new music, garage band, local music, and incorporating these tags into your article will trigger search engines to lead listeners seeking local band music to find your article.

While reading your article, listeners who love local bands will be able to listen and watch your youtube video and become better acquainted with your music or your bands music.

This Could Be Your Band

How To Get Even More Listeners To Your Music

Once you have written your article that includes your YouTube Video, now go out and spread the word. You can do this by utilizing word of mouth, and more web 2.0 resources

  • Promote your band by posting on,, and other social bookmarking sites
  • Send out an e-mail to all your friends and ask them to forward on the link
  • Add a link to your article to your Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and all other Social Networking accounts.

Let Listeners Know Where To Find You

Now that interested music listeners who love local bands have found your article, you, and your YouTube video, you want them find you and remember you. Consider including the following into your hubpages article

  • Include links or Usernames to your MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Networking sites and encourage your new fans to add you as friends
  • Include links to more video's, or where they can find more of your videos.
  • Your point was to get noticed right? So now you've been seen by a producer and he wants to get in touch with you. Do NOT include your phone number, but a e-mail address and an inviting but not desperate line encouraging contact is a great start.

Did You Make A Local Band Hubpage Article? Share It Here

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    • profile image

      Debbie 6 years ago

      I have a page on FB promoting bands could ya ck it out and send some info on your site I may post about you guys for all the up & coming bands:)

    • profile image

      conners 6 years ago

    • profile image

      Jason Rogers 6 years ago

      Try out , you can link your bands facebook page and pull in all your upcoming shows, they are then presented to users in a combined list of "local bands".

    • Island Summer profile image

      Island Summer 8 years ago from MA

      I just posted a hub about four local New England bands I enjoy. I will recommend your ideas to each of them the next time I talk to them! Thanks.

    • profile image

      WHiSH 8 years ago

      I am a emcee from alaska.....

      Checkout my music @

      Enjoy listening to "WAIT" & "HELLO"

    • profile image

      Devils Gurl 8 years ago

      Before I saw your Hub...I submitted 3 Hubs of my own...each about a band I promote...Skumlove,Dead Rites, and Dark Hubs are still waiting approval...I can't wait to send links to my lead singers about my Hubs...I have been browsing this site for sometime, and from what I've seen so far,I have found another good place to promote them...