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Get inspired by Yuri from the best action movie Undisputed 3

Updated on September 30, 2015

Yuri Boyka

Yuri Boyka will shake your fears and doubts away into the hell for sure. That is the resonance in this film where you learn how to stand tall in a cruel blood thirsty world.

When a man loses everything he ever loved including his boxing title, he becomes a beast who would do anything to survive. With 75 % rating in rotten tomatoes according to Wikipedia Undisputed remains unharmed among online action movies and dvd list of action movies.

Eight imprisoned boxers contest for their independence in a secretive fight to the death financed by an influential underground betting ring. The boxers start training fiercely to secure their freedom at all cost. As our hero Boyka steadily fights his way up through the boxing grades, his adversaries become further powerful. Upon comprehending that his mysterious benefactors i.e. the betting ring, have no intentions of permitting the winner secure their rightful reward. Boyka unveils brutal battles to bring the warped syndicate collapsing to the ground. He also bares their inhumanity to the world in the procedure.


Boyka played by Scott Adkins has lost his title to ‘Iceman’ and so is locked up in a prison where plans of a boxing match is brewing thick. He befriends Turbo played by Michael Shannon Jenkins, who is another imprisoned boxer. They train maximum to win the boxing title.

Turbo meanwhile goes missing for which Boyka is found responsible. Therefore the prison plans to allow Turbo roam free while Boyka will be shifted back to the prison he came from. However, the seedy officials plan to take away Boyka to be shot, but he is saved at the last minute by Turbo.

The two get into a waiting car where they find a beaming Gaga inside with a suitcase of money. Here the inevitable ultimate victory of Yuris hard work is announced when he reveals that he always recognized Boyka as the best fighter in the world, particularly when he was angry, thus he bet his money entirely on him all along and betrayed the other greedy managers.

The secret benefactor Gaga also discloses that he went so far as to save Turbo when he ran away. Jovially Boyka confesses that his first name is Yuri to Turbo and decides to part ways while Turbo declares that his real name is "Jericho," not grasping that Boyka has a special obligation for religious mentions. In gratitude, he thanks Turbo for "bringing down the walls" and setting him free. Turbo then requests a match with Boyka in future and Boyka accepts. As the car leaves, Boyka thankfully walks with the money packed briefcase marching strongly toward his independence giggling ecstatically.

Undisputed 3 Trailer - Inspiring


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