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Getting into The Big Bang Theory

Updated on March 9, 2013

Who would of known that the Big Bang Theory was good to watch. When I first heard about the TV show, I always thought it was just about science and didn't think that it would interest me. Then one of the ladies at work said her husband got her to watch it and now she realized that when she started watching it, she really enjoyed it. Then I decided to watch one episode and I kind of got hooked to it.

The characters of the show are really funny, geeky and are very interesting. They each have their own personality and seems to add more humor to the show. Sheldon is funny in his own obsessive compulsive way, the way that he knocks the door of Penny's apartment and especially how he doesn't like to be around germs. Then there is Leonard and Howard and Penny, and it seems they add others as they keep on adding more seasons.

On the TV they mix up the episodes sometimes so I am watching different episodes and different seasons but either way they make me laugh, no matter what episode it is that comes on. It is said that most believed that this show wouldn't make it because of maybe the title of show, but they have seemed to prove those people wrong.

Are you a fan of this show for the most part? Have you ever heard of this show before? Sometimes as I am watching this show I start to think which character I would go with more. I still haven't figured it out yet. Is there a character of this show that you would relate yourself more with than the others?


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