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Ghostbusters (2016)

Updated on July 14, 2016

Right on Progressive movement, right on! Those looking forward to watch men bashing (because its new times), poor acting, cringe worthy dialogue, cringe worthy comedy, and a cast that seems like they're ripped from the show ED, Edd n'll have a great old time. For those more educated people/mature/less childish/fans of the original/people with an IQ above 90...will hate it. Now that last statement might not be entirely true (or maybe it is, you be the judge). Ghostbusters is a disgrace to movie film-making and every good movie that comes out. To put this film in the same context of even Jack and Jill is wrong. The film starts off to a rocky start and dive bombs its way to fame. The existence of this movie even being considered good has baffled the very senses of my reality. It's as if someone has truly played a joke upon me and somehow believes a lie to be truth. The sheer reasoning this has a 75% on Rotten Tomatoes at the point and time has deserted any reasoning’s from my brain. I thought the trailer/campaign for the film was quite bad. However, I wasn’t aware of what was to come.

This Ghostbusters is a reboot of the original 1984 Ghostbusters of the same name. Erin Gilbert is a professor at a prestige college in New York City. Her dream is to get to the Ivy League schools to teach the young minds of today. However, she is pulled into the business of the paranormal again by her long lost friend Abby Yates. Gilbert and Yates encountered one of the most mind-blowing paranormal incidents in recorded history with another scientist, who Yates knows. They must now band together to fight a threat that’s triggering in the shadows. Will these four group of ladies be able to take down the threat before it takes out the whole city?

The whole campaign to call people “sexist” who disliked the trailer was actually a good move by Sony. It got all of the feminists to scream with them and created buzz for the movie. People will go see the movie to determine for themselves if the movie was as bad as people were thinking. Going in I had a low expectation. Maybe Paul would be able to turn the trailers into something that was great. Maybe he would push past the overabundance of men bashing, false sexist allegations, the in your face women and race “jokes”, and the pitiful comedy that layered the trailer. Though my initial reaction has definitely come to fruition and then some. The last of comedic parts in the movie bafflers me and the amount of people thinking it was has baffled me even more. Majority of movies will get at least a small chuckle at one scene in the film. This film is one of the only films I couldn’t even crack a smile. The “laughter” I oozed out of my body was a small sentence. “Wow, that didn’t suck like everything else”. The comedy is of that a child that simply isn’t cute enough to be interesting or relevant. However, it will cling onto dear life for that one real person to laugh just once as the childish behavior its expressing onto you.

Overall, the movie is pitiful. It’s a sad existence for a film and I can’t believe a film like this could be made; let alone have a shared liking for it. Once my anger and headache die down from experiencing the film (trust me it’s an experience alright), I might not hate on the film as much as I’ve said in the film. However, either way the film doesn’t even deserve a 1 out of 10 for me. It’s the worse film the 2016 and one of the worse films of all-time. Those who can laugh at uneducated jokes might have a good time. However, those with a taste for quality, will soon discover that the ghosts are the heroes of the film.



It’s like if Jack and Jill went on a ghost adventure with the idiots from Bio-Dome.


It seems like the Critics have come out to praise the movie for its use of women in the lead role. Majority of the films reviews are solely related to this. Majority of actual critics, like the top critics on Rotten Tomatoes, seem to be panning the film. They seem to be stating the lack of comedy and the pacing issues the film has throughout the film. I understand that having a female cast is a progressive and unique this to do. However, they've done it for the sheer fact to put money into the pockets of people at Sony. This is also served to us with a somewhat lackluster and childish attempt to bash the opposite gender for the sheer sake of creating a laugh or setting up agenda. In this retrospect, the film falls into the pitiful decay the main antagonist have become.

Progressive you say? Let's make all the white characters educated scientists and have the black girl an uneducated loud mouth stereotypical black person.
Progressive you say? Let's make all the white characters educated scientists and have the black girl an uneducated loud mouth stereotypical black person.

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Ghostbusters Double Feature Gift Set (Ghostbusters / Ghostbusters 2 + Commemorative Book)
Ghostbusters Double Feature Gift Set (Ghostbusters / Ghostbusters 2 + Commemorative Book)

This film set is actually really good and should be great for those who want to catch up on the originals before seeing the reboot.



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