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Gideon Raff’s Obsession for Middle East Created Tyrant, and it Worked!!

Updated on January 1, 2016

Tyrant has a gripping storyline with unpredictable twists

Two brothers, one, the ruler, with some seriously maniacal tendencies and the other, a peace loving soul as good as a white pigeon. Characters Jamal Al Fayeed and Bassam Al Fayeed have sunk into the minds of the viewers all over the world. A gripping story of power, fanaticism, meaning of religion and a theatrical representation of the present Middle East – all these seemed to have gone down very well with the audience that is stuck to the Raff kind of TV series.

While the entire world seems to be waiting with a bated breath to catch the next season, it cannot be overlooked that the series worthy of Emmy nominations in future has not been packaged and sold well. Let us take the very example of the so called ‘third world’ country called India, from where I belong. Star World and Premier rule the roost here, grabbing the attention with the central theme, ‘Now watch with America’.

While How to Get Away with Murder and Castle seem to have captured into the prime segment called the metropolitan market rather well, Tyrant seemed to have vanished into Colors Infinity. This despite the fact that there are not many hotshot real time TV series going on except the above two. Keeping the inside stories of TV channel warfare and speculative money controversies aside, Tyrant for one deserves a full nine yards. Showering parade and a red carpet, if that doesn’t sound too overboard.

There have been very few TV shows in the recent past that have really made an impact with the global audience. Be it the storyline, production values or the depth of the main characters, Tyrant has definitely made itself worthy of adulations. After Homeland, Raff’s experimentation with lives in the Middle East (I’m guessing all those Pakistani episodes must have made the place enter his mind) has proved both the pros and cons of few prime issues that are prevailing from the region. Not many creators have the panache to understand the two sided inner battles that go on with select communities in the world. Raff has clearly got this stuff right from the first season. The confusion, the willingness to change and the inherent monstrous abilities that wage a silent battle with the good. Exceptional writing this.

It remains to be seen as to what Bassam Al Fayeed is going to do next. Whether Jamal will survive the surprise gunshot attack made on him by his own daughter in law Nusrat. Whether the Rashids will get their share of power in the form of fair elections despite the hideous bloodshed. And most importantly, whether the tyrannical rule of the President will ever see an end.

So many questions and no clue about the anticipated next opening. A huge request to Gideon from the stressed out Indian middle working class that needs the after-hours therapy with US television – bring it on already!!


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    • emge profile image


      2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      An interesting review. Enjoyed it


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