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Gig Review - Dylan Rhythm Band

Updated on August 11, 2016

Brasenose Arms Cropredy - 9 August 2016

A friend invited me to a night out at the Brasenose Arms, an excellent pub just outside Banbury. What he didn't tell me was that there would be live music on. The band performing was the Dylan Rhythm Band, and the type of music they play is hinted at in their band name.

Now, anyone who knows me will tell you I am not a fan of tribute acts, but Bob Phillips, who fronts the band, made it clear they are not a Dylan tribute. He is a huge Dylan fan, and he loves Dylan's lyrics, so he started this band to keep Dylan's music alive and hopefully to bring it to younger audiences.

The band gets through their set competently, and they are exactly as you'd expect. The songs are delivered professionally, with a well rehearsed quality. If you like your folk rock, then it is worth looking the Dylan Rhythm Band up if they're playing at a venue near you. Accomplished players, delivering a nice set of easy listening.

Now a bit about the venue. The Brasenose Arms hosts the annual Fairport Fringe Festival, which runs alongside the Fairport Convention Festival that happens nearby. The festival is on from 11th through 14th August this year, and they have a good lineup of bands playing. Should be a good buzz. The pub also has regular live bands on, and they do a lot to give musicians a platform to showcase their talents. Their beer and food is great as well. My kind of pub!!

The Brasenose Arms

Dylan Rhythm Band


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