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Gil Scot-Heron.Rest in peace. April 1, 1949 – May 27, 2011.

Updated on May 25, 2014

Gil Scot-Heron

Gil Scot-Heron, passed away May 27 2011 at the age of 62
Gil Scot-Heron, passed away May 27 2011 at the age of 62 | Source

Message for the Messenge video

Gil Scot-Heron will be sorely missed

The revolutionary author, songwriter and performance artist, Gil Scot-Heron, passed away on the 27 of May 2011 (source: The world and the art community will miss this great mind behind such famous lines as “The revolution will not be televised” (1974) the title song to his album of the same name.

The Spoken Word artist ‘s influence in the poetry and music fraternity is evidenced by his popularity across generations. From young Rappers such as Eminem to the older members of the rap game such as Chuck D (formerly Public Enemy), tributes have been pouring in. With such a cross-generational influence, Gil Scot-Heron certainly deserves a place in the hall of fame, problem is, which one? He was a multi-talented artist. Ranging from Spoken word, song writing, singing and rapping. More importantly, for his strong conscious messages. A fine example is his spoken word piece” Message for the Messenger”.

Political Motivation

Gil Scot-Heron grew up in an era of racial tension. He is one of the voices that stand out when it comes to issues of race and introspection from a gestalt perspective, that is, people of colour on people of colour. As signified in the video interpretation above, his music is relevant to social issues of the day he spoke about and also the present day.

Far reaching effects of the artist as poet

Back home in Zimbabwe, we initiated a poetry slam in 2005.Titled “The house of hunger poetry Slam” after a novel by one of Zimbabwe’s best poets (arguably top ranking in the world too) ,Dambudzo Marechera, Gil Scot-Heron’s poetry quickly became a favourite to those who were un-aware of him due to lack of media resources. Gil’s voice echoes the struggles faced by Zimbabwean youth albeit from a different geographical perspective.

As mentioned earlier on, Gil Scot-Heron was a multi talented and humble being. His work inspired and continues to inspire the poet and the poetry lover alike. From hip-hop to Jazz, his lyric genius is something to be inspired and educated by. The world has lost a gem, but not all is lost. We remember him through the work he left behind and thus continue to be nourished until our time comes.

Take a moment to view his work on and also his website, . His new album “I am new here” is definitely worth acquiring. Watch the official video below.

May his soul rest in peace as his words and music continue to inspire us.

I'm new here-Official video


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    • Alladream74 profile image

      Victor Mavedzenge 6 years ago from Oakland, California

      @Epigramman, you know, its when one gets support from great writers and wise people like you,that one begins to write what they really feel.I am lucky to know the hubpages community. I love your work too.It is really from a special place.Thanks for the support

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 6 years ago

      ..thank you so much for this fine and moving tribute which says as much about the man behind the music and his art as it does about the man who wrote it.

      Pressing all of the buttons on this one like the late great Billy Preston and another cool cat you should check out from New Orleans - the legendary James Booker.

      Your hubs are pretty legendary themselves ......

    • Alladream74 profile image

      Victor Mavedzenge 6 years ago from Oakland, California

      Thanks justom, you lucky man! You have certainly been a lucky man seeing all this and being in places! Thanks for the constant support

    • justom profile image

      justom 6 years ago from 41042

      Awesome hub Victor, I loved Gil and was saddened when I heard the news. Strangely (or not) I got to see him at the Reggae Sunsplash in 1983. He and The Last Poets were some of my favorite folks to listen to back in the days when there wasn't a lot of hard core revolutionary stuff going on. He was born only 7 months before me so that part is always hard to believe too. I've not listened to his new album, I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the tribute to the guy I called Gil-Scott Heroin because his lyrics had that heard core heroin effect on me! Peace!! Tom