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Gilmore Girls Trivia

Updated on August 23, 2012

Hello everyone! If you are here then you must be a Gilmore Girls fan. Lets see how big of a fan you really are. You will be pleased to find many trivia quizzes on this page. Grab a pen and paper and keep track of how many you get correct! When you're done, if you have guessed more than half correctly give yourself a pat on the back! However, if you guessed less than half correctly you may want to go back and watch the show again - and what a treat that would be!

General, Easy Questions

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Loralai Gilmore

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Christopher Hayden

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So how did you do? Add up your points and lets find out below:

100-150 points: You are a Gilmore Girls expert!

50-99 points: Good job, you've seen the Gilmore Girls a time or two.

0-49 points: You might want to watch the Gilmore Girls again.

Thanks for playing!!!


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