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Gimik TV Show (1996)

Updated on July 7, 2013

The Cast

Gimik Cast
Gimik Cast
Gina - Bestfriend of Dianne, Loveteam of Gary and sister of Carlo.
Gina - Bestfriend of Dianne, Loveteam of Gary and sister of Carlo.
Gary - bestfriend of Ricky and Gina's love.
Gary - bestfriend of Ricky and Gina's love.
Joey -  teaser , bestfriend of Ece, has a crush on her.
Joey - teaser , bestfriend of Ece, has a crush on her.
Melanie - shy girl, nurse, has a crush on Brian.
Melanie - shy girl, nurse, has a crush on Brian.
Dianne - bestfriend of Gina. love of Ricky
Dianne - bestfriend of Gina. love of Ricky
Ricky - bestfriend of Gary. Love of Dianne.
Ricky - bestfriend of Gary. Love of Dianne.
Ece - sewer, funny and happy person, Joey's love and crush of Brian.
Ece - sewer, funny and happy person, Joey's love and crush of Brian.
Brian - loveteam of Melanie.
Brian - loveteam of Melanie.
Carlo - younger brother of Gina.
Carlo - younger brother of Gina.

Short Description

The story revolved around the 10 teenagers from the Philippines. The ten teenagers are all trying to cope with the trials and tribulations of being adolescence. The teens as the series moves along get to know each other and become a big group known as a click as their lives intertwine with one another. According to some sources the word “Gimik” supposedly is a teenage slang word for casual or leisurely activity that is done away for the home, mostly in malls.

The Cast

•Judy Ann Santos played Dianne Villaruel

•Patrick Garcia played Carlo de Leon

•Rico Yan played Ricky Salveron

•Diether Ocampo played Gary Ballesteros

•Mylene Dizon played Melanie Suntay

•Marvin Agustin played Joey Fajardo

•Kaye Abad played Kakai Marquez

•Giselle Toengi played Gina de Leon

•Diego Castro played Jigs Mercado

•Andrea Blaesi played Andy Cuyugan

•Kristopher Peralta played Toffee Sanchez

•Jolina Magdangal played Ese Aragon

•Bojo Molina played Brian Ledesma

•L. J. Moreno played Cathy Dominguez

•Dominic Ochoa played Eric Abesamis

•Rica Peralejo played Jersey Salveron

•Laura James (2) played Cindy Trinidad

•Carlos Agassi played Marco Trinidad

•Chesca Garcia played Corrine Apostol

•Kristine Hermosa played Tintin Fernandez

•Andrea Del Rosario played Samantha

•Don Laurel played Dondi Arenas

•Gerard Pizzaras played unknown

•Diana Enriquez played unknown

•Bernard Palanca played unknown

•Vanessa Del Bianco played Daphne

•Anna Larrucea played Yanna Cortez

•John Lloyd Cruz played Junie de Dios

•Paula Peralejo played Pauline Salveron

•Baron Geisler played Choy Ledesma

•Kathleen Hermosa played Melanie's Sister

•Boom Antonio played Migs

•Nikki Valdez played Jek-Jek

•Julia Clarete played Jules

•Desiree Del Valle played Dette

Dianne and Ricky's Secret Date

Joey is teasing Brian about his secret girl but Jigs does the kidding back to Joey about Ece. They are having fun when Gary and Gina arrived looking for both Ricky and Dianne. Minute later, Ricky arrived with the "pasalubong" to them from Hongkong. He is also looking for Dianne. Dianne is coming and as soon as she gets out from the car she informs them that she is going to her family friend. Then, Ricky asks her if it's ok to go with her coz he is also going to Makati same way with her. The group are having suspicious questions because they arrived and left together. Especially Gina, bestfriend of Dianne.

When Gina and Gary are walking together going back home, Gina can't help to ask Gary about the suspicious actions of Dianne and Ricky. If they are lovers already why they need to hide it from them. Gary assures her not to worry about them and give them privacy because if they are really in a relationship for sure they will announce it to them.

Inside the car, Dianne is really worried about their date. She says to Ricky that she is nervous and maybe they need to postpone it. Ricky tried to convince her nothing to worry about. So, they go out from the car to watch movie but in their surprise Tito of Dianne saw her. Ricky immediately hides behind the car. Then, Dianne greets her Tito. The Tito asks if she is alone. She says yes! So, the Tito asks her to convoy going home together. Poor Ricky left behind! The date is cancelled...

During that night, Ricky called Dianne about what happened. Dianne says sorry over the phone. They are planning to continue their date for tomorrow in cinema but someone picks up the phone on the other line. Dianne knows that his dad is on the other line listening so she pretends that she is talking with Gina. So, Ricky tries a woman voice over the phone until they say goodbye to each other. After she hangs up, Dianne can't help herself but to laugh!

ECE and Brian

Brian called Ece that day to ask if she is okay. Joey is with Ece at the moment at Ece's house when she answered the phone. She is very excited to talk to Brian not because she has a crush on her but because she wants to know his crush name. Since Ece is busy, Joey leaves the house but left a note on her forehead stating " I miss you". While talking to the phone, Ece is a bit excited because of Joey's sweet note to her.

On the phone, she is asking Brian who the girl is. But, Brian can't answer her because the girl is the one talking to the phone now, Ece.

Ece thought that the crush of Brian is no other than Melanie but she does not know the truth. Only Brian knows. So, Ece suggests that he needs to court his crush. Awkward? How can he tell her that she is the one?

More Episodes to go

Watch out for more episodes.

Check the remaining episodes of GIMIK here.

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Grown Up Cast
Grown Up Cast


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      3 years ago

      On Dianne and Ricky's secret date, it wasn't her Tito that saw them, it was her dad.



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