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Enchanting classic melody

Updated on June 24, 2011

Improve your singing

A great way to become better at singer is to be a versatile listener, music we hear nowadays have a kind of a formula. "If you've heard one, you've heard them all", it all falls under effortless singing, now, I am not saying it doesn't sound nice, but there is no extra to it! Its quite blunt. I suggest everyone to listen to classical music, the root or the origin of music of nowadays. You will start to see its inner beauty soon. Classical music is bound by rigid rules and ways to produce the right tone, getting the right tone itself will take a lot of time to achieve. Once your ears are tuned to cherish this music, you can try singing singing it, try to get the tone, then start to hum along, keep at it, though progress will be extremely sluggish initially. You will get a wonderful voice at the end.

Experience of singing at a choir: A choir is a beautiful experience when you are really into it, but, though you may be a good singer, choir is all about collective performance, don't be discouraged by it, the sound produced will exceed your expectations, a choir is like an instrument, play it long enough and you will get the hang of it. Keep a regular voice training if you are not that into choirs and stuff. Train your voice, take a lot of breathing exercises, keep at it always, have some goal, and always work towards it. You will find that you reap a good many benefits from voice training. My personal interest is singing, so I think singers will understand and agree with me, for singing is all about taking it to the next level, there is no final level, no 36th chamber in singing. It's all about improving day by day. As classical singing is not so very popular among singers nowadays, I want you all to be inspired by early singing, and you will soon learn to appreciate the beauty. Just share the glories of the past to build a perfect tomorrow, in every art, never let the roots of a great art die. Save classical music!!!


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